5.Destiny bought them..

George talk to himself, ”Both child Grow in two opposite sides of the world.Lets wait to see how the destiny bought them together. ”

Michael Lynn and Rosy Lynn named their baby girl as Lena Lynn.

where Mero Fan and Miranda Fan named their baby boy as Zane Fan.

Both the child Grow in two opposite sides of the world.

George and Ronald watch their growth through the magic portal tv.They feel peace and happy by seeing the child happiness and growth.

Both of them turned 5.They suffer the same burning skin every full moon day in a month.their parents tried many ways but they could not find the reason and cure their sufferings.

On Lena Lynn 5th Birthday,Mr and Mrs Michael wants to celebrate her Birthday in country B.They take Lena Lynn to country B.

Unfortunately,It was full moon day on her Birthday.

In country B as Zane Fan is the son of country president Mero Fan,the whole country was decorated with flowers,ballons and other decorating items.Mero Fan celebrate his son Birthday like this every year.the whole city will be filled with joy on his birthday.

when Lena Lynn arrived at Airport one day before her birthday,she thought those decoration are for her birthday.She was very happy to see all of them,she dance as soon as see that.everyone in the street take her pic and said, ” wow,such a cute girl ”.

Their Birthday came,Lena Lynn mother and father forget to note the full moon day.They dress Lena with beautiful dress she look like a goddess in the beautiful dress.They took Lena to amusment Park in country B.

President also dress her son as a prince and take him to the place where he want.Zane Fan is quite naughty he wants to go amusment park so his parents take him to the amusement park.Both the childs are taken to amusment park by their parents.

In the Sorcery city, People celebrate their king and queen birthday as a festival.George note that full moon day is going to begin in 2hrs,he feel very sad as they are going to suffer during their birthday.he wipe his tear and went to read the books in library.

In the amusment park both the children enjoy their day with parents.The full moon day begins,both of them start to feel itching unfortunately the crackers boomed everyone eyes were busy in seeing the crackers and dances that were arranged for Zane Fan birthday.

Lena Lynn left their parents when their parents are talking to one of their friends,it was crowd every where Lena was crying due to her burning skin,she even cried more because she missed her parents.

Their parents didn note Lena missing as they were keep on taking.

Zane Fan was scratching his skin due to his skin itching but he didn cry as he is a strong boy from birth.He was looking all the people around him.He was sitting in his mothers lap.

Suddenly his eyes falls on the Girl who was crying in the crowd.Seeing her crying makes his skin burn even more.he slip from his mother lap.

His mother asked, ” baby boy where are you going?its crowd every where what if you get missed? ” she asked with lovely face.

Zane Fan with fake smile on his face, ”Mommy I am not a baby boy.i am a grown up boy.I can keep myself and my peoples safe,let me go Mommy I need to go Restroom. ”he lied with smile.

As his mother knows he is familiar with this place so he let him go and ask him to come quickly.She didn notice him scratching skin due to her full attention in celebration.

Zane Fan went to the Small girl.the more he goes close to the girl the more he feels the skin burning but he goes near her.

When he go and touch the girl both of their skin burning start to decrease.

He asked the girl, ”Hey you little cutie,why are you crying in the middle of the street like a pig. ”he asked with funny smile on his face.

The girl with golden eyes full of tears,look at him and said, ” Little brother,I missed my Mommy and daddy.i want to go to them. ”with her cute face.

After hearing these Zane Fan look at her and Laugh ” ha ha ha ha You are grown up still crying like a small girl. ”

Lena Lynn look at him, ” little brother I need to see them,my skin is burning,I miss my Mommy I need to go back. ” she weeps very hard.

Zane Fan look at her with sympathy, ” little cutie don cry let me find them for you. ”he said with smile on his face.

Lena hug Zane suddenly the burning skin of both the child completely gone.

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