5.Destiny bought them..

es far from her,his skin starts to itch,he tries to open the door but it was closed from outside.

He goes near her and hold her peace her mind.

Finally the full moon day ends their burning also gone.this was their first full moon day which was without any sense of burning skin.

For Few hours Zane was trying to get out of the room.

Lena was shouting, ”Someone Open the door. ”

looking at her shouting Zane with disguised face, ” Hey stop shouting,My father will find us soon I will sent you to your parents. ”

Lena come close to him and sit near him and said, ” ok little brother. ”with her tears in golden eyes.

Finally their parents wake up and started looking everywhere.

Lynn Filed a case in police station about Lena missing.President also ask his cops to search his son.

The room was opened,the children run outside the room,seeing president son,he called the president and informed.

They came to pick his son,they saw the baby girl near him.

His mother with eyes full of tears hugged his son.his father carry him in his hand and kissed all over his face.they feel like finding water in a desert when the found their son.

His mother with soft voice, ” Darling who is this small cute girl. ” she look at the baby girl and smiled.Lena was looking at her with her mesmerizing golden eyes.

Zane stared Lena with his blue eyes, ” Mom she is small pig who missed her parents,help her find them. ”he say softly.

He goes near Lena and hold her hand, ”Don worry little pig,my father will found them. ”Lena look at him, ” ok little brother ”said with innocent smile in her face.

Zane mother and father were mesmerized by the cute girl face,they are also surprised to see Zane being very close to her in one night

president inform the police and found their parents.Lena parents where filled with joy in eyes they hugged her and kissed her face.His mother cried hard, ” sorry baby Mommy missed you,forgive Mommy. ”she said with her weeping tone.

Zane look at these even though he is happy to go back to their parents but he feels little sad.his eyes start to tear.his blue eyes were filled with water.

Lynn Thanked president and are about to left.Lena run towards Zane.

She hugged him with her small hand and kissed with her soft pink lips in the smooth cheek of Zane.Zane stared at her with his blue eyes.

Lena said with cute smile on her face, ” little brother you found my Mommy daddy,thank you. ”

Zane stare her leaving with his blue eyes filled with tears.

They were left the place but both Zane and Lena was little bit sad on their seperation.

Rosy Lynn looking at Lena sad face asked with soft tone, ”baby girl are you sad on leaving little brother. ”

Lena stared at her mother and nodded her head like yes.

Lena mother hugged her and deviated her from her sadness.

Here Zane tells his mom and dad, ” Mom my skin itching was vanished when I touch her,why is it happened ?.he also said he wants to keep her with him as he like her very much. ”

Miranda Fan and Mero Fan look at their son and Laughed.Miranda Fan asked, ” ohh you like her then let me send you to her house ”she said with smile.

Zane with cold face, ” no I don want to,I was just kidding,who likes to be with crying pig even If it is cute. ” he said with fake smile

His mother know his feeling and Change his mood with some other thoughts.

but they were thinking why their son itching stopped.

From that day Zane dream about the small girl Lena every night.They both remember and wish to be together whenever their skin burns.

George and Ronald watch all these things.they felt the love that blooms in their heart.

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