Lena, Bubble,Zane and Booba were excited to learn in Wizardry school.

After they accept to Join,the Wizardry school send them the list of materials they need to buy.

They got the list through a magic envelope.

It mentions,Magic wand, flying broom,Barn owl,running pen,Magic books etc along with the store were they can buy these things.

”tonny Tonny magic store ,Abracadabra city at country z ”

Lena and bubble were taken to Country Z by Mr.Michael.

They went to the Tonny Tonny magic store.

Lena and Bubble were amazed by the store,they saw firing dragon,Flying little fary toys,dancing snake,many types of barn owl,magic wand etc.the store was completed filled with magic.it was like a dream for them.

Lena and Bubble watched everything with eyes full of excitement.

Lena went to the Store Keeper.The store keeper was an old man with silver coloured hair.his beard was running towards the floor.he has an innocent smile in his face.

After seeing Lenas sparkling golden eyes and cute face,the store keeper was mesmerized by her look, suddenly his eyes fell on her twin mole,after seeing the twin mole on her right arm,the shop keeper found it was one of the child who is going to save them from curse.

Tears dwelling in his eyes,he really want to hug her queen but he restain himself Inorder to protect her and honour the rules.

Shopkeeper with eyes full of happiness he asked, ”my child,do you want to get Magic wand. ”with his soar throat.

Lena stared with her golden eyes and replied, ” Grandpa ,I need the most wonderful magic wand,the wand should exit everyone pain. ”she asked with her soft sweet voice.

shopkeeper was buried in the word grandpa,he can talk,his happiness stuck his throat.he was happy about the way she thought about everyone.

He look at her and smiled then he went inside the room and took a golden box which is embedded with ruby in it.

He opened the box, suddenly the magic wand in the box fly into Lenas hand as it was waiting for long time to return to its mother.

Lena touch and look the wand with excitement,the magic wand was embedded with ruby stone.

She asked the shopkeeper, ” what it is made up of ? whats its speciality ? ” with eyes full of excitement.

The shopkeeper with smile, ” it was made up of branch rare wisdom tree with the hair of rare golden unicorn.It can help you to lighten up everyones life.he said with words full of joy.

Lena look at the wand again and again,Her hand hold the wands perfectly,it was like she already know how to hold.Bubble also choose chose the wand which is made up of teak wood with the hair of mountain black wolf.they took the wand and were about to exit.

Suddenly Lenas hand touched someones hand,her twin mole Was sparkling and her hand feels like touching an electric current, suddenly her heart feels like filled,she feel very protective.She look at the person.

His eyes were blue,he look very handsome,his face was perfectly sculptured,He radiate strong energy from his body,it was Zane Fan but Lena don know him she was looking at him without conciousness.

Zane also felt the same shocking effect,he was also mesmerized by her golden eyes and cute face,he feels like dwelling into a swt dream,Daisy odour from her body make him reluctant to move.her cute face remains him his childhood sweetheart.They both stared at each other without any conciousness.

Then Lena was pulled by Bubble,Zane who is mesmerized by her beauty stared untill she left the store.after she disappear he regain his conciousness,he run towards the door but she left in a red car.

He was disappointment and thinking about why her face remain him his childhood sweetheart.He was thinking.Booba suddenly asked him with smirk in his corner of lips, ”Are you fall in love with her at first sight,it was like you are eating her with your eyes. ” he laughed.

Zane look at him with disappointment, ” its nothing,she remain me about someone special so I stared at her. ” he said cold face and try to change the topic.

Booba understood him and go along with his flow.

Shop keeper after seeing twin mole on Zane,he was happy and thought, ”is this my blessed day,I saw both king and queen on same day. ”

After looking zane he feels like a king who can kill people with his look,Zane ”s sharp blue eyes stare at him,he feels like piercing into his heart.he stared at zabe for minutes and went inside without saying anything.

Zane and Booba was confused by his leaving.Zane ask Booba with doubt in his face, ” am I look terrible today ? why he left without saying anything. ”

Booba can control his smile, ” ha ha ha ha may be,finally someone in his world found you terrible. ” he said and laughed even hard.

Zane with cold face, ” Shut up. ”

suddenly the oldman came with silver and wooden box.the silver box was fully decorated with diamond,it was shining in sunlight.

He open the silver box and the magic wand went to zane hand like it was longing for his touch many years.

he gave the wooden box to Booba

Zane was shocked at the same time he was also astonished.Before Zane start to talk,the Oldman start to talk with his eyes full of happiness

”it was rare wand not everyone can get this,it is made of tree of coyato with magic lion hair,its also filled with love and care of its wife wand which protects you and help you to damage your enemies,it can achieve everything you need. ” he explain with excitement.

Zane with his handsome face. ”thankyou sir. ”

Booba also got wand made of teak wood and owl hair.they both left the shop after buying all the things.the oldman look at him untill he disappeared from his eyes.he feels like as his life is fulfilled.

Zane was thinking about the girl all his way.he keep on thinking those scenes that happen in shop.

his face was blushed he smile by himself without his knowledge.

on the other side Lena was also thinking why she feels like that when he sees the boy.both of their mind was occupied by each other.

The whole Sorcery city was happy but Wizardry school professor are afraid.

they asked to themselves, ” whether she knows that they are born ”.with eyes full of fear

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