e of 5.i dont have heart to give someone. ”he said with his sexy and lovely tone.

Booba without lisenting pushed him out off the door.he fell down the floor.suddenly all the girls stopped at their place and looked at zane.

Zane lifted her face up, everyone where Impressed with his handsome face,his blue eyes caught everyones heart.every girls rushed towards him.they surrounded him and start to say hi and fighting among themselves to talk with him.

Zane suddenly went inside the room and closed the door.every girl outside the door is tapping the door,they were shouting outside.

Zane shocked,his body was washed with sweat when he try to escape from the crowd.Booba look at him and laughed too hard

” haha ha ha, looking at the situation,I think you can even go Restroom peacefully. ”he laughed too hard.

Zane beat him,with cold face, ”you jerk its all happened because of you. ”

they both laughed by thinking about the beahviour of the girls outside.

Zane went to his bed and start to think about his sweetheart,he talk to himself

”I don know why,the girl I saw in the store remains be about you.she has the same golden eyes like you.i think its you if it is you I won let you go this time. ”He blushed with eyes full of love.

”everyone thinks I am handsome,all the girls around me loves me.Will you too love my face and love me like as much as I love you.Are you thinking about me like I thought about you everytime ”he talkes to himself and look at the dark sky.

Lena gots niccups.She also think about The boy in the store and the incident happened when she was 5.

Bubble said, ”someone is thinking about you,may be its your prince. ”she said and laughed.

Lena look at her and smiled.She said goodnight and lied in the bed.

She closed her eyelid but She still thinks about him.

Both of them thinks about each other and fell into a deep sleep.Zane as usual dream about her sweetheart and blushed in his dream.

After having dinner all the students went to their room and sleep.

All the smurfs in the bus gathered in a big room,they talk amoung themselves, ” did you saw them. ” ”did they eat ”. ”did you talk to them ”, ”how are they ”.The room was full of whispering sound.

Smurfs that saw them were happily answered to others,those who didn saw them left little disappointed.

The head of smurf,Takko,listened all of these murmers and said to everyone in the room

”They look very beautiful like star in dark sky,they didn had their dinner may be they eat before they left.dont worry you can see them very soon.they are going to live among us. ” he said and dispersed the crowd.

In Sorcery city everyone are eagerly waiting for their arrival

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