Its been 3 months since Jahn arrived in kerttu city where his relatives are living. Jahn was inside of a baby crib located inside his uncle Rex and Aunt June room. Jahn was comfortably laying down to the bed of the crib.

”Asami can you display my status ”,

”affirmative ”.

after her response, the system follows Jahns order.

Inside Jahns mind, a status board that you always see in video games appears. like a status board of a mmorpg. It shows my name, Race, Gender, age, rank, strength, endurance, dexterity, agility, intelligence, magic, spirit, skills and finally my titles.

”Host remember this, status board is an accurate ability to measure strength and for gathering information, not an ability that guarantees victory just because you have a higher stats ”.

”Okay thanks for the advice Asami, I will keep it in mind ”.

Asami was a system support ability of the unique skill replica, this ability was one of the infinite number of abilities of the replica skill. This unique skill that master Alucard gave to me was very powerful.

I don even know what to do with this skill. After his thoughts he changed his attention to his status and read its content.

Name: Jahn Nova Narkwel

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 3 months and 19 days

Rank: Not Available yet

Strength: 0.2

Endurance: 0.5

Dexterity: 0.4

Agility: 0.1

Intelligent: Infinite

Magic: 0

Spirit Energy: 0


Unique skill: Replica

Skill description

Replica- a skill that have all

Title: Chosen one by the Primordial Progenitor Of All, Strongest Being Of All.

”Sigh my stats were too low, I guess that is normal for a baby like me, I said inwardly ”.

”That is not the case Host ”.

What do you mean?

”Remember Host the Unique Skill Replica has it all, everything is already in your possession ”.

I nodded my head in understanding, I almost forgot the power that my skill possesses, My status already gave a hint how strong I am. while I was thinking that.

The door of the room opened slowly and then Aunt June entered while holding a baby bottle. Aunt June was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, but even tho she was in her thirties her appearance was in twenties. She has a brown hair that ended on her waist and brown eyes.

She wear a normal and comfortable clothes similar to the commoners clothing. My family is a very simple noble family that doesn behave to the status that they represent. They only do what ever they want and never meddle to the affaire of the nobles as long as they didn not offend our family.

”Neh, nice timing I am hungry ”.

”Its time to eat Jahn this is your favorite milk ”.

While saying that she carried me on her hands and feed me.

What favorite milk isn all the milk that Aunt June feed to me was all the same. I thought inside my mind.

After feeding her nephew, June left the room. Jahn continue to speak with Asami.

”Ive decided I want to pursue engineering, blacksmith and alchemy ”.

”Asami brings out some books related to magic, blacksmith, engineering and science ”.

”Yes, Host how many books do you want ”.

”At list bring out one of each types ”.

After saying that the system brings out three books related to magic, blacksmiths, engineering and alchemy. He read all the books with excitement, Jahn decided to pursue this knowledge so that he can create some sci-fi tech and powerful magic items using the combination of magic, and science.

The first subject that he focused on were enchantment and rune magic, after he finished learning all the basics of enchantment and rune magic for a year, he tried to apply this knowledge in reality, at the age of one year and three months, he successfully apply a rune and enchantments in a simple spoon giving it a overpowered abilities.

He named this spoon, super spoon. Yeah, he already knows that his naming sense was the worst, he never good at naming things at all.

Name: Super spoon

Rank: Aeon

Attack: 1,200,000

Defense: 1,120,000

Durability: 1,140,00

Type of attack: Physical


Ultimate Skill: Unbreaking

Ultimate Skill: Vanish

When Jahn saw the stats of the super spoon for the first time, he got dumbstruck and he stare at the ceiling of the room for a whole day, He continued to study and study.

”Hello my handsome grandson I have good news for you ”.

”Ba aba ba ”, translation, quiet down old man and go away I am studying, I said that while pushing his face away from me.

His grandfather Leonard was talking to his grandson without understanding his Grandsons words, but still he continued to talk to him.

”My friends agreed to marry their granddaughter to you, right now you have ten fiance, you will be going to meet them when you are 15 years old at the coming of age ceremony of the second prince Fredrick.

When I heard my grandpas words, My head went blank, then after that I gave him a thumbs up.

Just like that 6 years and 9 months past like a passing breeze.

Bang! Bang! The sound of a gun fire can be heard in the middle of a forest near Kerttu city. at the same time the gun fired, a body of two giant birds fell down from the sky towards a clearing at the center of the woods, this bird has a 30 meter wing span.

Tad! Tad! the two bodies of the dead giant bird landed on the ground with deafening sounds.

A few seconds passed after the giant birds fell. A silhouette of a kid appears under the covering of the trees, it walks straight to the clearing where the two dead bodies of the giant birds fall. After a few moments the figure of the kid can be seen clearly because of the brightness of the clearing.

This kid is handsome, has a black hair and golden eyes. Based on his appearance his age must be 7 years old. This kid identity is Jahn, He has already reached 7 years old this year. Jahn calmly walks towards the two giant birds.

This is the 109th Wind gale bird that I caught today, Why are there so many monsters in this area of the forest. Usually you can only find monsters in the deepest part of the forest, and yet I am just on the outskirts of the forest, I already encounter a lot of monsters.

”This is enough for today, I need to return home before evening, Aunt June will chew me out if I did not make it home before evening. also I need to report this to grandpa ”.

Jahn opens his inventory and throws the corpses of the two Gale birds inside, after that he puts out a military vehicle from earth known as Humvee. He rides in it and drives the Humvee toward the Kerttu City. The moment he arrives in the city he immediately goes to his workshop to drop the copses of the monster that he hunts today inside the inventory of the workshop, and then he reported his findings about the monsters activity inside the Forest Of Jaltey.

”Wait a minute Jahn, can you repeat what you said earlier ”.

”Ok, grandpa ”.

I decided to tell what I found inside the forest of Jaltey to grandpa during dinner, so that all of the family members will be informed.

But the moment I tell them my first word, Uncle Rex and cousin Greyden were choked by their food, they immediately reach out to the wine and drink it to flow down the food. While Aunt June and sister Sasha Just froze on the spot in shock, on the other hand Grandpa and Grandma spat out their tea that they were drinking.

I scratched my head in embarrassment and said.

”While I was hunting in the woods, I encountered some monsters and killed them ”.

Aunt June asked me worriedly. ”What type of monster do you encounter ”?

I answered my Aunt question calmly. ”Gale Bird ”.

A deafening silence descended throughout the dinning room, but the silence did not last long because of the loud laughter of my Grandpa.

HA HA HA! Thats my grandson, At a young age you can already kill a Millennium Rank monsters ( also Known as Thousand men Monster, a monster has a strength equivalent to a thousand men).

Grandpa continue to laugh and at the same time the others also broke out from their stupor and laughed with him. Brother Greyden slapped my back while laughing and said.

”It looks like you already surpassed me ”. Greyden was my cousin, he has a handsome face, black hair tied in a low ponytail, black eye, light brown skin, lean and athletic figure, and he wears a simple red shirt and black pants.

I laughed with him and said, ” Thats not the case brother, I only managed to kill them because of my weapon here ”. While saying that, I pointed to the magic gun located at the corner of the dining hall.

This has the same appearance as the Sniper Rifle Barrett M82, to recreate this weapon I visited Trian, by the way I decided to name the infinite number of copy of all existence that existed inside the Replica Skill, after hours of thinking I gave it a name, Trian.

With a hint of hesitating on her voice my big sister Sasha asked me. ”Jahn when you say Them, are you referring to the Gale Bird right ”. I nodded my head while displaying a confused face, but when I think a bit I discovered the reason why she was asking that. When I was talking to Brother Greyden I implied that the Gale Bird are not alone.

When all my family at the table heard my sister question they all quieted down and waited for my response. I sigh and said the number of Gale Bird that I killed and my prediction about the incoming danger that will fall to Kerttu city. After finishing my explanation my family shows a different digress of shock on their faces.

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