Tons of news report were made that night about Harley Quinns supposed death and how a female corpse burnt beyond recognition was found, Batmans body wasn found so it could be said that he survived the fire which brought relief to the citizens of Gotham.

In Arkham, a certain red head in a straitjacket was standing and staring blankly at the wall, she really missed the plants and a certain someone who was obsessed with Joker, ”Joker ” Ivy gnashed her teeth as she thought about the reason she was here ”Youll pay for this ” she was pushed back to reality as her metal door opened and a warden, two guards with Tasers and a nurse carrying a food tray came in ”well nice to see you miss Ivy ” the warden spoke.

”If it isn warden Wilson can say I derive pleasure in seeing you today ” he smirked evilly and she looked over the food tray, ”The same thing? I wonder why the government funds this place if it can feed its own patients different and three square meals ” then she acted like she realized something ”oh thats right you are all embezzling the funds ” she smirked while he frowned and looked at the two men with Tasers who wasted no time in using it on her, she fell on her knees as Wilson pulled her by the hair, got a spoonful of the food and forced it down her throat, ”Lets see how you talk after dinner ” she knew what was added to the food, drugs to weaken her was already in it, she spat on his face and he slapped her.

”It seems you are full of energy miss Ivy, waiting for someone? ” she gave him an angry look as he grinned evilly ”pity though poor Harley won be coming over ” Ivy looked at him shocked and stood up with anger but was held down by the two men ”What happened to Harley you bastard?! ” he ginned harder ”Poor Harley is dead, Died in a fire at Lyncolns corporation, such a death befits her and as it would turn out Joker left her there and ran off with cases of gold it would seem, after all whats love when you have money at your disposal ” he chuckled and Ivy only saw red ”no it can be Harley isn dead you bastard ” ”Shes dead, had a bright future here but ran off to join the circus causing havoc, she even broke my brother nose while he was here I personally hopes she rots in hell ” ”Your brother tried sexually harassing her bastard! ” she began to attack and put up a good fight but with her being already weaken she was easily overpowered as more guards with Tasers came in, electrocuted her and injected her with some sedative and leaving her to wallow in sadness as she blacked out.

While all these happened I was in sitting in a motel watching tv and eating Chinese noodles I ordered, I moaned at the delicious taste I still couldn believe I was free I took a cold soda took a gulp, I laughed while kicking my legs happily, ”Finally Harley we are free ”

i survived the explosion obviously but it wasn easy, the fire was started by Frost when he left the meeting room, setting a bomb close to electrical appliances and letting it explode really did the trick, of course Bat and I escaped, I had thrown his body out the window I had already prepared a soft bed for me to land on, thus we were both saved, he did try waking up but I pricked him with one of the many sleep darts I carried along with me and he blacked out again, as it was still day time I couldn causally walk around carrying Bruces body, the building had collapsed yet still burning as soon as I stood at the back of the building with his body, I quickly stole away to the planned dark alley near the company, on cue one of Vipers men came with an electricians van and we left the scene before the fire went out, we had gone straight to the motel everything else was delivered to me including my Bud and Lou, as for the corpse it was already planted after I left by two of Vipers men disguised as one of the fire fighters, a real corpse but of a lady who died naturally and was just buried.

I smiled again, cleared takeout and cans and changed channels, at the moment I sensed Bruce waking up, he sat up straight and looked around immediately he saw me he began to move roughly obviously to fight he groaned in pain ”I bandaged up your wounds try not to reopen them again ” I honestly had a rough time tending to his wounds because he had the body of Adonis, he was a walking time bomb to any ladys heart, best part of me admiring him was the fact that he wasn going to kill me.

At that moment, the news was on and the newscaster started with four words HARLEY QUINN IS DEAD that sounded like music to my ears I grinned, Bruce looked at me again with odd eyes ”You died? ” he finally talked and boy could I get used to waking up to a voice like that, ”Thats what the news says Bruce ” he touched his face ”you took off my mask ” ”I had to darling how else would I have been able to treat your wounds ” ” what are you playing at Harley? Wheres Joker? ” he said a bit annoyed ”in case you didn hear the news genius I died! And if it isn obvious enough to you I ran away, I needed a fresh start ” ”so you are going to give up your life of crime? ” I smiled ”well I don have a plan yet though I plan on settling few things ” ”you don seem to care that I could take you to Arkham right now ” ”B-man if you wanted to you would have done so rather than talking with me, besides I did save your life you owe me one ” there was silence ”well why did you? ” Bruce asked ”Lets say you have a long life ahead of you itd be a waste to let you die, besides I might need to be entertained once in a while, with you gone itd be crime everywhere and that might be boring with time ” ”Ill let you go this once because you saved my life Quinn, don think there will be a next time, next time Id make you wish you didn save my life ” I smiled at that moment there was a knock on my window, ”seems your ride is here Bruce ” ”My ride? ” he asked puzzled but on alert I nodded and picked up his Bat suit and handed it to him ”here ” he took it, went to change in the bathroom, I opened the window and Robin came in, ”Well if it isn Gray Dickson nice to meet ya ” I said with a smile, he looked surprised and frowned ”Harley? ” ”The one and only ” I bowed ”I thought you died ” ”Well I did ” he clenched his fists and looked alert ”I don know how you got to know my identity but I won hold back, Where is Joker? ” ”he is not here Robin ” Bruce said as he closed the bathroom door, hardly looking like someone who was injured ”Batman! ” Robin exclaimed ”How did you get him here? ” Bruce asked me ”oh it was simple really; I simply put a letter in a box and dropped it at the Wayne mansion in form of fast delivery ” Bruce didn say anything, he walked towards my window and said to Robin ”Lets go kid ” ”But Batman– ” ”Ill explain it on the way ” and with that he flew out the window with Robin, I closed my window and went to sleep, Bruce sweet scent lingered on the bed and I didn want to stand up, I decided to burst Ivy out as soon as possible and with that I slept quite deeply.

Few days later after settling in, I was making breakfast for myself while I gave Bud and Lou some raw beef, I was thinking of where to move to after bursting Ivy maybe the outskirts of Gotham, but where to? Metropolis? But then Id have to deal with Superman and the Justice league, speaking of which Batman is part of the Justice League, Id probably meet him sooner, or to just move to an island and live there peacefully with a simple job and no problems I have enough money in my new bank account Viper had opened for me under the name of Maggie Hathaway so it would be pretty simple for me, as I thought of leaving I felt a sting to my chest, I sighed seemed Harley doesn want to leave, I removed my eggs and sat down to eat, seemed like Id have to settle scores with Joker before I think of leaving, but to do that, Id have to make a grand entry again, do something big and show everyone I was alive, but if I want to make a grand entry, Id have to be leading a formidable gang or be formidable myself, I groaned again it wasn going to be easy but Harley deserves this, I left Jokers side despite her reluctance I at least owe her this much. I really have to break Ivy out of Arkham, she has a grudge on Joker which is already a win for me so gathering a gang or being formidable should be a piece of cake hopefully.

I cleared my plates and settled quite nicely, I was really thankful to Frost he had prepared everything down to my clothes, he wouldn help me again so the help he gave me now was to the best of his abilities, for the past few days I had thought about Bud and Lou, I couldn keep them here, I might go out for days they will get hungry and who would want to babysit two full grown hyenas, I groaned but knew what to do, I rubbed both their heads and called pet services for a simple deal.

It wasn long before I got the expected call and went outside the motel with them, a pet van opened and out came a young man who smiled at me, and luckily for me I wore a cap and a mask so he didn recognize me, ”Maggie Hathaway right? ” ”yeah ” ” Im Peter Gates from pet services here to take two hyenas? ” I nodded, he looked at the hyenas who growled at him, ”Babies no, this nice man is here to take you to where youll stay temporarily, Mommy has to do some things I will come and get you later, so don cause trouble ” Like magic they understood and stopped growling, Peter smiled ”its okay theyll get used to me and the system pretty soon ” we placed the reluctant hyenas into the back of the van and I petted them ”Mommy will come visit you soon okay? ” I closed the door and looked Peterson ”Well this is my first time seeing someone raise hyenas ” I smiled and said ”well I like to be different ” ”come to think of it Joker and Harley Quinn did raise hyenas too ” he said as he stroked his chin ”did they? ” I said as I adjusted my clothes and making sure I was not revealing anything that would connect me to Harley since I had makeup on to cover up the tattoos there and a scarf on my head to cover the Blue and Red tips ”Well yeah, but Harley died few days ago, you are new around here aren you ” ”yes ” I said quickly ”I came from Metropolis but I heard the news ” I added he believed me and shrugged ”anyways I should get going, you can visit your pets anytime you want ” ”thank you, payment will be made every month ” he smiled and nodded, entering the van he drove off.

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