The clichés, my old friends. Theyve been with me my whole life. My life has been full of clichés. Seriously, Im a cliché with legs.

I thought my new life would be less cliché … But I was wrong.

”Its my turn! ”

”No, its mine! ”

”Mine. ”

”Its my turn! ”

”Kei, its my turn! ”

”Darling, its not fair, it was my turn! ”

More than 10 girls are fighting over me right now … Really… They always treat me like a sex toy! Zius, couldn you have given me another skill?!

Oh yeah, by the way, my skill is [Seduce women]. In short, I can seduce any woman easily.

Why did Zius give me that skill? Why do I have it? And why are more than 10 women fighting over me?

Well… Its a long and clichéd story.

CHAPTER 1- Am I a loser?

My name is Kei Edna… Well, that was my name in my original world. My actual name is Kei Molfer, and I just came out of a pussy! Es tan asqueroso! (spanish)

”The twins were born healthy. Unfortunately, one of them was born a man. ”

I suck! Uwaaaah! Is that how it feels to be born?! I can open my eyes! Kya! I was spanked!

Zius, why did my reincarnation go this way?!

”And what are they called? ”

”My wife won the fight, shell decide the names. ”

”They will be named Kei and Mei Molfer. ”

Kei?! N-no, wait, that would be too suspicious! I want another name!

”Kei cries too much, I think hes hungry. ”

H-hungry…? W-wait… I-I m a newborn, I don have teeth and I can move on my own… Uwaaaah! N-no, wait, I don want to! It is so awkward!

”Open your mouth. ”


I opened my eyes a little, it hurts, but I want to see my surroundings.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a couple looking at me. A very handsome man and a woman whose presence, for some reason, frightened me. She is beautiful, there is no doubt about that, but she scares me!

”Open your mouth, Kei. Learn from your sister. ”

S-sister? I-Its true, I have a sister! And shes drinking milk… Tan adorable… N-no… No… My baby instinct makes me do it!

My mouth is a few inches from my new mothers nipple. This is so uncomfortable! B-but I can disobey my natural instincts.

My mouth opened on its own and I started drinking breast milk. It is so awkward! You
e my new mother, doing this is so disgusting, I want to throw up!

Zius, I hate you!

”Wow, wow. Congratulations, you managed to survive a week in this forest. Congratulations, you have earned a day off. ”

”Only one?! ”- Mei and I yelled angrily.

”Mother, Kei is almost raped by a Goblin Queen! We need more rest! ”

”Ahhhhhhhh!!! Remember that disgusting Goblin Queen almost kisses me, it makes me want to vomit! ”

My mother, Sei Molfer, one of the most important women in the country, is crazy! She forces her 4-year-old children to survive in dangerous places and abandons them to their fate! We
e supposed to be little kids, we should be playing, enjoying our childhood, not training as warriors!

Ah… Sometimes I regret agreeing to help Zius. You have to take it, Kei. If you accomplish your mission, you will return to your world and see your aunt and Nia again.

Huh? What is my mission? Its a simple thing, nothing of another world: to defeat a Goddess!

I know it sounds impossible, but Zius told me that I had a small chance of making it. If that chance allows me to see my family again, I will. I want to go back to my family. I want to go back to my world.

Ah… I still remember the day I came into this world. The beginning of my suffering.

”Buenas tardes! Good afternoon! Im here! ”

Kei Edna, a 17-year-old boy, came home after a long day of school. As always, he arrived exhausted, as he stayed at school to swim in the pool. Hes a member of the swim club, and hes one of the best.

He considers himself a normal boy, with a normal life, although he is not so normal.

”Older brother! Welcome! ”

Keis 14-year-old cousin Nia, as always, happily welcomes him. She considers him as a brother… In fact, she loves him … And too much. If they weren cousins, she would try to date him. Her love for him is romantic, its not family love, but Kei loves her as a family.

Kei and Nia are not siblings. Kei lost his parents in an accident when he was 10 years old. His aunt adopted him and they started a family together.

His aunt was a single mother, and still is. She works 8 hours a day and arrives at dinner time, so Kei and Nia are all day together, they cook themselves and do the household chores. That coexistence not only improved the relationship they both had, it also gave Nia the opportunity to get to know Kei better.

Keis aunt is an excellent mother and aunt. And in her work they respect her. She has a good salary, which allows her to support her two children, Kei and Nia.

She loves Kei too much, considers him a real son, after all, she watched him grow up and reminds him too much of her brother, Keis late father. Kei is all she has left of her brother, her only memory.

After school, Kei and Nia eat together at their house. A routine that will soon be over.

”The food is delicious as always, Nia. ”

A small blush appeared on her and she smiled cheerfully at her beloved Kei.

”T-thank you! I did it with love. ”

As they eat, Kei checks his smartphone. Kei has a very active social life, although he only has male friends. His self-esteem doesn allow him to talk to women.

”Wow, wow… Nia, don you want to go to a party with me? My friends are inviting me. ”

”A party? Sure, Ill go with you! ”

”Thank you. I don want to be alone. ”

”Alone? But your friends will be there, right? ”

”Yes, but… Its hard to explain, you are still a little girl. ”

Those words made her angry. She makes a very adorable pout. Kei loves adorable things, so she takes advantage of her anger to make a pout and get Keis attention, and it worked very well, captivated Keis heart with that pout, although he doesn want her to notice.

”Im not a little girl! I already have breasts! ”

She began to grope her breasts in front of Kei, making him quite nervous and averted his gaze.

Yes, Nia has considerably large breasts for her age. Her grandmothers inheritance. Her mother has smaller breasts.

”N-Nia, you mustn do that in front of a man. ”

”Fufu. You
e pretty innocent, Kei. Accept that Im not a little girl! I have big breasts! ”

”Adult body, little girl mind. ”- Kei said, with a smile on his face.

Smile that also made Nia nervous.

e bad, brother! I want you to explain to me what happens! ”

”Well, all right. My friends sometimes leave me alone. They flirt with the girls and stay away from me. ”

”It seems your friends are very unpleasant. ”

”They are good people. Its normal for guys to want to date girls. ”

”And you … you also want to go out with girls? ”

Nia watches him too much and Kei just looks down. His self-esteem doesn allow him to talk to women, much less try to flirt. He doesn have the mental strength to do it. Its a waste, considering Keis physical appearance and popularity among women.

”Yes, but no one would notice me. ”

Kei doesn have any confidence in himself. But he is not ugly. He is attractive. He has excellent muscles and an excellent physique. He is one of the best swimmers and is popular with the girls. He has a trauma. He considers himself ugly. When they tell him hes attractive, he thinks they mean it out of pity.

It is a trauma that he developed when he was 14 years old. Because of that trauma, he cannot see himself as attractive, but on the contrary, he believes that he is ugly and disgusting, something contrary to reality.

”Thats not true! You are very cute, brother! Any girl would like to date you! ”

Kei smiles at her.

”Thank you, Nia. Muchas gracias, te lo agradezco. ”

He thinks Nia says it to cheer him up. ”We are family, she does not consider me ugly … But I am. ” He thinks that as he continues to eat.

Excellent body, nice face, he is quite tall, he is a good and kind person, intelligent, his black hair is soft and smells nice, and charismatic. Any girl would consider him perfect. But he doesn think the same.

In a certain place, in another world, a group of women gathered around a circle with strange symbols and held hands.

”Oh, Goddess Fravi, please send the next heroes. ”

(Pov- ?)

Wow, wow, wow. Will the heroes be summoned yet? Its too soon, but well, okay, I have no complaints.

Its time to move the chess pieces. Daniel was a disappointment, don disappoint me too.

”I want to see the result. ”

After eating, Kei entered his room and started reading.

Nia is lying on him bed, while Kei is reading a book on math, but he is quite nervous, as Nia put her feet on Keis back, something quite uncomfortable for him, but not so much to complain about. Deep down, hes enjoying it.

Keis room is clean and tidy, that reflects him serious personality. Kei is someone who might be considered ”fun ”, but its his way of feeling better and not caring about others with his self-esteem issues. O

”Brother, Im bored. Play with me! ”

”Nia, that was misheard … But okay… Shall we play cards? ”

”Yes! Whoever loses will do what the winner tells them! ”

”I hope you
e ready to lose. ”- Kei said smiling. He is sure that he will win.

”I Won! ”

”Impossible! ”

Kei lost and Nia is jumping for joy. Kei is pretty smart, but he didn count on Nia proposing to play a new game with different rules, so Kei didn have time to learn how to play better. Nia knew Kei was too nice to her and wouldn complain about changing the game, and she took advantage of that.

”Youll have to do what I tell you, brother! ”

e getting very smart … Okay, I accept my defeat. ”

”What will you do first…? Brother, buy me an energy drink! ”

”Give me some money. ”

”You will buy it with your money! ”- Nia said while smiling sweetly.

”Wow, wow… You are becoming sadistic … Okay, Im going to buy it. Don you touch my things. ”

”Don worry, Ive already looked and didn find your porn magazines. ”

Kei turns completely red with shame.

”I-I don have any porn magazines! ”

Nia starts laughing and walks over to Kei.

”I know, but I wanted to see your reaction. ”

Nia is smiling and Kei blushes when he sees her. She, even without knowing it, captures Keis heart, but he knows thats wrong and hides it.

”Y-Yes… Ill go buy it. ”

Porn magazines in a world with the internet? Why do porn magazines still exist? Well, because clichés will always exist in that world, it is the main characteristic of that world.

After buying the energy drink, he walks the streets of the city. He lives in a huge, very modern city, but not as much as the cities of the world 15. In that world, the technology is so advanced, that there are even robots and virtual reality video games, you can even feel the objects you touch in video games.

While Kei was walking, in world 15 and other worlds, including Keis world, women began to lose control of their bodies, and they died in accidents.

And one of those women, shes very close to Kei.

”A pair of 7 is defeated by a pair of 6? I must investigate. I suspect she saw my idiot face. ”

Before crossing the street, the traffic light turned red for pedestrians, so Kei stopped.

”Will she like the strawberry flavor? ”

A 40-year-old woman stands next to him, but the woman has a cold expression. She is not smiling or looking angry.

”Die… Die… Die… ”

She is repeating the same words and Kei looks at her nervously.

”Die? ”

At that very moment, a bus approaches them.

The bus driver has a cold expression as well. They can both control their own bodies.

”Kill chosen … Kill chosen … ”

He is increasing the speed.

The traffic light turns red for cars.

The cars stop and the woman begins to walk.

Kei is nervous and worried about her. Shes not acting anything normal, and Kei knows it.

”Shes crazy? I think she need help. ”

The woman stops in the middle of the street and the bus heads towards her.

Kei notices and runs over to her.

”Be careful! ”

Not having time to think, Kei just ran over and pushed her.

He saved her, but the bus ended Keis life.

But a new one started for him.

”Where am I? ”

Opening his eyes, Kei realized that he was no longer on the street. He was in a very, very different place.

”Your Majesty, a man was summoned! ”

”Impossible! The spell failed! ”

”What are we going to do?! ”

Kei was in a huge, rather elegant room.

Women wearing elegant clothes, but showing a lot of skin, were in front of him.

The women are beautiful and their necklines were very revealing.

Kei, being a shy boy, turned red in the face of this situation.

”W-whats going on?! No entiendo nada! ”

”Where am I?! ”

”Why am I alive?! ”

”Why couldn I move my body ?! ”

”Am I not dead ?! ”

”Are my parents safe?! ”

”Didn I die in that accident ?! ”

”Why do I feel small ?! ”

”This is super weird! ”

Kei wasn the only one confused.

At his side, there are 9 little girls. They are all scared and confused. They look like 10-year-old girls.

”Whats wrong? ”

Keis voice sounds weird, he realized something wasn right.

”Eh? ”

He looks at his hands. These are small hands. He had big hands, so he was too scared to see his hands so small.

”Huh?! ”

Kei is now a 10-year-old boy.

”Am I a little boy ?! ”

”Listen up! ”

A woman in her 40s, with long green hair, screamed. She wears a crown and her breasts are huge, so much so that even someone as shy as Kei can help but see it.

”You were summoned! You are the new ”heroes ”! ”

”Summoned ?! ”- They all said at the

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