The next day, Alan decided to head to his fathers guild to train. The guild building was located not far from their house. As their guild was rank 10th, they did have good training equipment. He needed to get stronger to survive and be able to cure his mother. He had set his goal and does not plan on giving up halfway through.

After showing the guard at the entrance his ID, he entered the building where he was greeted by a man in a black suit.

”Young master what brings you here today? Do you wish to meet you father? ”

”No. I came here to train. Can you please show me to a training room, Edward. ”

”Understood ”

Edward, Magnuss secretary, led Alan to a training room.

”This room was specially made to be able to resist attacks from A+ rank heroes. Unfortunately, the other room are being used so Im afraid this is the only one available. ”

”No problem. It is already more than enough. I won take any more of your time. I apologize for asking you a Favor when you were busy ”

”Then I shall take my leave. If you need anything you can contact me ”

And just like that Edward left the room and Alan started to train.


In Magnuss office

”Are the preparations done for the upcoming raid? ”(Magnus)

”Yes Sir, there are no issues. All members are fired up as well ”(Edward)

”Great! Anything else to report? ”(Magnus)

”No Sir. Except that the young master came to train today. ”(Edward)

”Alan did? Since I have nothing else to do lets go and watch him. I want to see how much he improved. ”


After training he body for 1 hour, Alan decided to train his Sword art and Mad Demon art, but he stopped after seeing 2 familiar figures walk in.

”Ho. Youve gotten stronger what rank are you? ”

”I am about to breakthrough to F+. By the start of the academy which is in 2 weeks I should be able to reach at least E rank ”

”He. You are quite confident in yourself ”

”It is not just confident, I am sure that I will reach E rank in 2 weeks. Who do you think I am. ”

”My son ”

”That why ”

”Yeah ”. Magnus started laughing after hearing Alan.

”By the way do you need a Sword technique? ”

”About that. I may or may not had accidentally created one. ”

Both Magnus and Edward instantly froze. They could believe rather they didn want to believe what they just heard.

”Hahaha. Nice joke ”

” Yeah, young master you shouldn lie like that ”

”Do I look like Im joking? ”

Magnus and Edward face froze once again. They just couldn accept what they just heard. Alan, his son, CREATED a sword technique. Only grandmaster who have reach a point in the art of sword could create one. There was a huge difference between a created sword art and those that are mass produce. Mass produced one had a limit while created sword art grew along their users. This meant that Alan is a genius and have the potential to become a future Grandmaster.

”C-can you show me your sword technique? ”

”sure ”

Soon Alan started to use the sword technique. They were both shocked at the truth. With each slash the power of the strikes increased until it reached a certain point. It was then Alan released the power of the accumulated stacks. A mana blade was form and strike the wall leaving a huge slash mark.

”I-Impossible this wall can resist attacks from an A rank hero. ”(Edward)

”Alan what rank is your Sword Technique? ”

”It is tier 2 and a half for now. ”

”T-tier two?? ”

Sword techniques are graded from tier 5(weakest) to tier 1(strongest). As the Mad Demon sword art is graded EX, Im sure it is above tier 1. But I can tell them that.

”O-okay train hard Im going back to my works ”

”Thanks! ”

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