. ”

Li Xian mused to himself about how these people were still staying together despite the lack of a proper link connecting them all.

Ding! The band mainly makes decisions by voting! And this band is also divided into two sections, one for hunters and the other for scavengers. The hunters have a kind of privilege to raise concerns or other issues, and they manage the majority of the things on this band.

The system again explained, making Li Xian nod his head.

”Voting systems are present at such an early age too? ” Li Xian exclaimed as he thought of those kings that will rule the kingdoms over and over, and then their descendants, without giving any chance at leadership to anyone outside their families.

He thought that was the process that came first, before evolving to the voting process to elect a leader or at least vote on something to decide on a matter, just like what is happening here.

Just that he has no idea how many changes occurred in this world before it came into being 4.5 billion years ago. How many mysteries are washed away in the river of time without leaving traces?

Ding! About the hosts body, the previous owner was named Big Bowl, which is naming many kids, who haven achieved anything. Only those who have achieved something are allowed to have names in this band, such as the two big guys, and the rest are just names made up by their ”guardians. ”

System explained, making Li Xian wonder why there is such a dumb rule, as according to him, a name is just a form of addressing.

”Do they, by chance, consider names as titles in the future world? And its giving me similar vibes, hm? ” Li Xian questioned himself, and System also didn respond to this.

Ding! Big bowl was an orphan picked up by Ankara when he used to scout around the area in a nearby cave along with his dead mother, who is probably malnourished and died in this harsh environment, after giving birth to him. The father of this man is also dead even before he is born, as he was also sent by the band as a decoy.

”Damn! Its a shame that his parents are both dead, but it saves a lot of things. Ill just make it a point to assist this big guy, Ankara, whenever I can, to wash this karma away. ” Li Xian said to himself.

Ding! The hominin families currently residing in this world consist mostly of Homo erectus. But a few remnants of Homo habilis are still surviving here and there. And the host is currently in one of the earliest bands of Homo sapiens, which may have a population of fewer than five or six thousand.

system explained, making Li Xian sigh in relief as he doesn want to evolve from something else to a modern-day human. That may make things more tedious, but now he has one less worry to take care of.

He didn know the exact difference between each subspecies of human ancestry and how they were different from each other.

”System! Where am I exactly now? I mean in the future, geographical-wise. ” Li Xian asked curiously, as he wanted to know on which continent he was. His best guess is that he transmigrated somewhere in Africa, based on what the most popular geography channels show about this sort of thing.

Ding! The host is currently in the Shangchen area of modern China. As of now, there is no name for this area.

The system responded back, giving Li Xian a surprise. Just as he was about to ask more, he heard a commotion going on outside, which attracted all their attention. The two big guys stood up without saying another word before going out of the cave, while the little kid and Li Xian followed behind them without uttering a word.

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