Yue Yangs soul floated beside his corpse,

he was dazed because of what he was witnessing.


[It is detected that the host is dead, Infinite Revival system is officially activated]

”Ding your A**, why didn you activate before i died.

Yue Yang cursed out loud.

[The host has received 100 billion lives, And if he is killed in the future, he will be resurrected with Full Health within 30 seconds.]

[After the resurrection, the host will definitely defeat the opponent…..]

Although this skill was god level, Yue Yang was very calm, he knew that it was impossible to be safe just after crossing.

The problem was that this system was too cruel.

The original crossing point was actually in a deep pit several hundred meters deep with slippery walls. It was impossible to climb. Only few lights rays reached the bottom of the pit it was very dark and eerie .

He waited for seven or eight days and no one passed by. In the end, he died of thirst inside, becoming a shame among those who passed through.

Then, This b**ch system finally showed up.


[It has been detected that the host has just died of thirst, and the system is Calculating for Suitable reward]

[The host gains the Heavenly Desolate Indestructible body, and no longer needs to eat]

[The host is resurrected!]

Ten seconds later…

Yue Yangs soul returned to his body, and his whole body was enveloped by a golden light falling from the sky.

Bathing in it, He felt like his whole body has been modified, his skin was smooth and soft just like an infant even so he could feel that this body was full of vitality and energy.

The light flashed away.

The feeling of hunger is gone.

The face has become more handsome, and the body has become more perfect.

He looked at his System Panel that was in the air.

[Host: Yue Yang]

[Race: Human race]

[Realm: Mortal]

[Supernatural powers: None]

[Martial Arts: None]

[Magic weapon: None]

[System level: 1 (Chance of Revival everyday :- 1]

”Once a day? ”

Means there is only one chance of resurrection every day?

Also, according to the usual Custom of transmigration, don you give a newbie gift package?

Yue Yang waited for a long time, a long time…

But this system has became mute , refusing to say even a word.

”What… ”

”Is this over? ”

Except for surpassing the need of normal human metabolism, he didn felt any difference.

”The speed at which this body can absorb aura is unparalleled in the world, and it can automatically absorb the surrounding aura, which means that it can be upgraded even when he sleeps. ”

Wouldn it be wonderful to be able to go out after he cultivated to the realm where he can fly?

The problem is that this Cave like pit and the surrounding area actually don have any aura.

He also understood now that this system is passively triggered. If you want to trigger more rewards, your options are limited ofcourse best way is to just DIE.

So, he needs to meet someone, and it will be great if that person is a cultivator with great magical powers.

BUT let alone a living person, there are not even bugs, and he will never encounter any other person, he was depressed.

”Am I going to die once again in this shithole. ” he said to himself.

Looking at the sturdy and smooth mountain walls around, he had an idea.

If there is no way, create a way yourself!

I can hit the wall and commit suicide, right?

On the second day,

after the resurrection Option has cooled down, he made a sprint to the wall.

Rushed out more than 30 meters, and the system prompt sounded in his ears.


[After seeing hosts current suicidal behavior, an additional thoughtful reminder is given :- Suicide belongs to the hosts own wishes, and the system takes respect of the hosts wishes as the first criterion and will not trigger the resurrection function. Host can die for real if he commits suicide.]

”f**k your ancestors ”. he cursed out

”If you really respect my wishes, take me out first! ”

Yue Yang couldn stop, he could only use his hands to block in emergency, and finally hit the wall.

The cave was also located in an uninhabited place, and there was no movement in the following month.

There was not even a drop of rain.

Heavenly Desolate Indestructible Body is still a bomb.

Although he has no cultivation base, he has an immortal body . Even if he wants to remain dirty he can , his body automatically remove dust and filth every day.

Yue Yang spends most of his time sleeping, occasionally waking up bored and cursing the system.

Although he has a system, but the location point was wrong.

He was given a skill to dominate the world , but couldn control people.

His biggest wish right now is to meet a living being .

”It is really impossible for anyone to come here , please even a monster that can kills me in one strike or beasts , just anyone, please send someone ”

He was praying but only God knows whom to

”Ahhhhhhh… ”

The Scream came from above ,This ended his reverie.

Has someone finally appeared?

Yue Yang burst into tears.

He raised his head and saw a dress that respected Newtons laws very much.

The white gauze skirt fluttered upwards when it fell, and her two slender legs kicked in the air, zooming in his sight at a very fast speed.


The owner of the white gauze dress simply fell to the ground at the bottom of the cave, making a dull sound.

Yue Yang couldn help showing a look of regret. From such a high altitude, she won fall to her death right?,

Su Yan got up with difficulty. The first reaction was not to look around, but to stroke the dust from her dress.

Right , Image is still very important!

She looks only sixteen or seventeen years old, her facial features are delicate and beautiful, her eyelashes flickers, and her jet-black eyes are like water waves.

Although the blood stains and dust on the beautiful dress were mixed, her cheeks were still reddish, She was a thrilling beauty.

After 5 seconds, Su Yan finally noticed that there is an another person here.

Thinking of the pursuers behind her, she was depressed, They where chasing her for very long time and she was very exhausted and at the end lost her balance and ended up here.

”Who Are You!

Yue Yang smiled, he laughed in an provokingly tone.

”I am your Dad, don you want to kill me! ”

”Come here hurry up give me death ”

Su Yan : (-_-)

Yue Yang: (⁠✷⁠‿⁠✷⁠)

Note: Heavenly Desolate Indestructible Body is the Top physique of the Three Realms. It can automatically absorb the surrounding auras, and the speed of cultivation is unparalleled in the world. Mysterious and powerful.

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