Yao Yunlings eyebrows danced in triumph, she longed for revenge on Su Yan since last year, her wish finally came true.

Now she can finally kill Su Yan and wash her humiliation away.

As the first cultivating genius of the five schools around Changhua Mountain, Su Yan used to be the goddess who disciples of various schools worship and yearn for, her suitors were countless. Yao Yunling was often compared with her.

This hatred caused by jealousy can be said to have accumulated for many years.

Only three days ago, the Extreme Moon Sect that she was in and the other three factions raided the Flying Fairy Sect.

Except for a handful of important disciples, the other elders of Flying Fairy Sect were almost wiped out, which meant Su Yan now had no backing and nowhere to go. Su Yan was like a lamb abandoned just to be slaughtered by her enemies in such difficult time.

Yao Yunling also participated in the siege battle. Although the main role of destruction of flying fairy sect was played by the elders of her sect.

She was more active than anyone else in the pursuit of Su Yan.

The three male disciples also laughed.

”Senior Sister Yao, you don have to dirty your own hands to kill this filthy bitch, I will help you take her down. ”

”I however wanted to ask Senior Sister Yao that how she intends to kill her? ”

Yao Yunling was the daughter of Yao Qiulin, the first elder of the Jiyuezong Medicine Refining Hall. Which cultivator doesn need Cultivation pills and recovery pills, this was also one of the reason why there were only few people who can afford to offend such character.

Su Yan was so beautiful that it made the male disciples feel pity for her. Regardless of her temperament, appearance, figure, or talent, She beat Yao Yunling in every aspect.

Even so who in the right mind would offend Yao Yunling knowing her background, the made disciples shuddered.

They knew what choice will benefit their own path of cultivation.

In order to gain a favor from Yao Yunling , so that they can get more pills in the future, they can only kill Su Yan.

”I don intend to kill her. ” Yao Yunling smiled wickedly.

”what? ” the other male disciples exclaimed.

One of the male disciple hurriedly said: ”Senior sister is so kind? Such mind set is really admirable… ”

His tone of was extremely exaggerated.

His flattering was so good that the other two male disciples couldn help gritting their teeth, and hated not seizing the opportunity to please and praise Senior sister Yao.

Yao Yunling curled her lips, disdainfully said: ”Are you stupid? I am kind to her?,

What I meant was Im going to destroy her Cultivation base and ruin her face so that even her own family won remember her. Wouldn it be better to torture her every day till she dies? ”

”I want to look at her expression when she is in agony, despair, I want to see her scream but no one will come to save her. ”

”Eaha…..ha ha ha ”

Yao Yunling laughed like a maniac.

”She is really vicious, A poisonous women ” Yue Yang thought after listening her words.

The other two male disciples quickly praised her.

”Senior sister is really creative! ”

”Genius, Senior Sister is too smart, how can we not think of such a cool method? ”

”It seems that our cultivation base has always been inferior to Senior Sister for a good reason! ”

Yue Yang was speechless, this group of people were really shameless.

The grief and anger in Su Yan boiled up.

She drew her sword and the cold light flashed on the sword surface .

”Yao Yunling, even if I die today, I will not back down without a fight, I will make sure to kill you! ”

Her original soft eyebrows, under the sorrow and anger, have a somewhat murderous look.

Yao Yunling who was two years older than her, can help but take a step back.

But immediately after thinking that she has the numbers advantage, She felt confident again.

”Death? It depends on whether you strong enough to do it! ”

”Su yan, you are only the eighth layer of the Foundation Realm. We have four Foundation Realm here. I don believe you can still survive! ”

After finishing speaking, the other four people all stood in a attacking stance.

Although Yue Yang doesn know much about about Cultivation, he can tell who is sure to win by looking at the expressions of a these people.

Enough of this play, its time for the protagonist to Enter the stage.

These are four rare experience packs, how can he not make use of such God given opportunity.

”I said, did you guys forget that there is another person here? When you come to someone elses place, don you greet them with respect? There is no courtesy at all! ”

Yue Yang came in front of them and shielded Su Yan behind him.

”Senior, this is just my problem, you don need to interfere… ”

Su Yan was moved and anxious. This senior is really righteous, but his cultivation is sealed now, its useless.

Not to mention facing the Foundation realm, even a Body Tempering Realm Cultivator can kill him.

Rushing in like this , isn he after of death?

Yue Yang waved his hand calmly and made a righteous gesture: ”Don worry, No one can hurt you under my protection! ”

For Yue Yang these group of people were nothing but experience points that needed to be collected.

The other four people looked at each other, then laughed.

”Hahaha, is this person sick in his mind? ”

”Senior?, He is clearly a mortal without any Cultivation , He wants to face us, is he a fool? ”

”Look, He wants to save a beauty so he can become a hero? ”

Yao Yunling and others were not blind, of course they saw Jiang Cheng as soon as they came in.

At the first glance , The four of them knew that he has no spiritual power in his body, He was just a mortal, so they didn pay any attention to him, they treated him like he didn even exist.

One of the male disciples sneered because he was jealous of Yue Yangs handsome and charming face, and couldn wait to make a move: ”Is a mortal worthy of our attention? ”

The sword light passed, and the blood spattered.

Jiang Cheng simply fell, a bloody pool formed around his body .

”Ah! Senior! ”

Su Yan screamed, unable to believe her eyes.

”Is he dead? ”

Isn He a Super Bigshots who has lived for thousands of years? Even if his Cultivation base his sealed, he shouldn go down easily like this right?

To be honest, she had a look of expectation on her when she saw Jiang Chengs unrestricted confidence.

Perhaps, he can really make miracles?

And now, the miracle maker was gone.

”Pfft ”

”Hahahaha, He was really just bluffing, Poor man just wasted his life! ”

Yao Yunling glanced at the corpse on the ground with a slight regret. This handsome boy was out of this world. She hadn said anything before, and planned to capture him as her plaything.

With that face alone, it is worth a lifetime collection.

But after all, He was just a mortal, She had to kill him because he made wrong a Choice.

”Now its your turn, Bitch accept your fate! ”

She stared at Su Yan again, her eyes were full of cruelty and excitement.


[The host is killed]

A series of system notifications sounded in Yue Yangs mind, who was already in an astral state, and witnessing everything that was happening there.

[After detecting the strength of the four enemies, the system will replicate the full strength ofYao Yunlings father for the host after the analysis]

[Ding, the copy is complete! The host has obtained the cultivation base of 3rd Realm of the Soul Realm!]

[The host has reached the fourth stage of the Moon Watching Heart Method of the Extreme Moon Sect!]

[The host has automatically learned the first six layers of Arc Moon Sword Art!]

[The host has became a Tier 3 Alchemist!]

[The host is about to resurrect!]

ಡ⁠ ͜⁠ ⁠ʖ⁠ ⁠ಡ

Note:- English is not my native language so there might be some grammatical mistakes, even so i will try my best.

More chapters incoming


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