Katys :

I was having my peaceful sleep, when I felt water on my body, I rolled to the next side of my comfort zone ready to slip into the world of my dreams and

the reality, forgetting that was the end of my comfort zone, I fell from the bed and landed on my butt

”ouch that hurt ” I exclaim and open my eyes and saw my sister about to pour a glass full of water because she thought I was gonna sleep again

”what the ** Wendy, why are you always a jerk ”I snap at my junior sister ”get your ass to the bathroom or your fat ass is gonna be late, or may I remind you that this is your first day in CRENSHAW HIGH, ” she said

”Ohh shit, thank you little sis, but next time wake me up with a hug and a kiss, not a damn cold water sprinkle all over me and bed ”

I said and she give me an evil grin and I was not ready to counter what she has in mind because like she said am late and I did not **en heard when my alarm goes off, what did I have that shit for?

to **en wake me up and it can even perform its a damn duty.

I came out of the bathroom and dress up, I do prepare my dress before I go to bed so that it will be easy and also save the time of causing chaos in my room just to look for something and I hate the untidy rooms.

I wore a tank top with denim jeans trousers and Balenciaga to match with my black and white hoodie.

I comb my hair and apply a red lip gloss and eyeliner with my mascara before I apply my cologne smell nice.

before I take one last glance at the mirror to be sure that am set to go.

Then I take my backpack before rushing downstairs, but I turn around immediately to get my car keys and my iMac with my headset before rushing downstairs again ”mom! dad good morning ”

I hug my dad and perk my mom, I stole or should I say I took three pieces of pizza from moms plate, I know she not gonna mind ”am gonna eat this while driving, see ya, I love you, Wendy get your ass and follow me or you gonna take a bus to school ” I said

”Katy Hayden Brent ” my mom called me and I know am in deep shit ”yes mom ” I answer ”watch your tongue young lady or your gonna be grounded, ” she said ”OK mom ”

I said and rush out of the house with Wendy hot on my heels I entered the car and off I go.

when I arrive at my new beginning which is Crenshaw High, I locate the packing lot and pack my car ”hey sis, enjoy your day, and I wish you luck, believe me, you gonna need it ” she said, and step out of the car and left ”thank you very much, sis, love you baby sister ” I yell ”love you more sis ”

she reply and run off to her friends while I went to the principal office let me tell you this, the principal is hot.

I mean I almost mistake him for a teacher, because he is very young, I got my stuff from the teacher at the front desk and walk outside the door, check my map for directions to my classroom and let me tell you this! am lost.

I kept looking and walking around except the way I was heading until I hit a wall,

but wait why is the wall breathing and also warm, I look up to meet a pair of blue eyes staring down at me, damn he is eyes beautiful.

Well being a badass has its benefits, which means I check him out and this is what I got, blue eyes, tan skin, darker hair, pink lips, nice eyebrows, a sharp jawline, yummy abs, and bicep

And you know what I was not disappointed with what I was seeing.

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”Honey wake up, you gonna be late ”I woke up and see me my baby already dressed and waking my lazy ass, more like shaking my lazy ass furiously or he is gonna be late for school because of me ”hey sweetheart, ” I said ”good morning honey ”

he replied, I felt my shaft tighten, which means a quickie before going to school ”come and give me a kiss baby ” I come with a smile on my face

”no, no, hell no ” he replies with a disgusting face ” why love, ” I ask while pouting because I know he finds it adorable and I also know he is gonna drool ”Ewwww morning breath and that is not gonna work ”

he said trying hard not to drool ”OK maybe if I kiss and tease and even put my cork in your mouth or I ** you very hard till you **en scream my name in ecstasy like your life depends on it, will make you kiss me, ” I said with an evil smirk on my face and he blushed

”that is still not gonna work, ” he said while he tried to keep a straight face, but he end up blushing more ”tell me what is gonna work on you honey ”

I said while moving closer to him, he try to turn around and bolt out of the room, but I held his hand and bring him Close to my chest but he avoid eye contact ”hey honey look at me ”

I said while grinning at how cute he looks when he is shy, I move my mouth closer to his head and whisper ”don wanna look at my honey ” I ask ”yea… ” I silence him by leaving wet kisses on his neck, I start sucking and biting his neck down to his stomach.

I move to nibble and licking it ”should I ** you rough, or should I ** you slowly, baby ” I said huskily while romancing him.

When he did not reply, I stood up from the bed and was about to move to the bathroom, ready to leave him horny ”Alex please don go ” he said ”make your choice baby ” I reply without turning around ”rough ” he said more like a whisper, I turn around and went back to the bed ”good, I know you can resist me, baby ”

I said and start teasing and torching him, and also pulling off his clothes, then I turn him around making his asshole feel the tip of my cork.

”Alex please, stop teasing my ass, I **ed need you inside me now, ” he said and I slammed into his asshole and start **ing it slowly because his

asshole was adjusting to the size of my cork ”faster baby, oh my … ”

he moan and I thrust in harder and faster ”oh my…, ** me harder, yea that is it…, oh yea baby ” he scream, whimpered, moan ”scream my name now, tell me you **ed need more, say it now ”I commanded as I feel my cork twitch in his asshole ”yes Alexs, I love your cork, yes…yes, I love your **ed cork Alexs….. ”

he scream and I thrust in harder, faster because I was close, I remove my cork from his asshole ”I need your mouth on my cork now ”I commanded

”yes honey ” he replies and turn around and take my cork in his hand and start massaging it and I know if he continues to massage and tease my cork am gonna cum, then he stops and

put my cork in his mouth and start sucking my cork and massaging my balls, I moan, jerk, and groan while holding the bed tight for support because this is one of my mind-blowing BJs,he continues

sucking, licking, stroking till I cum inside his **ing mouth and he swallows all of it ”yea baby I like that, now can you give me a kiss ”

I said with a smirk on my face and he quickly place a kiss on my lips, then stood up and bolt to the bathroom,

End of mature content,

All thy virgin eyes are free

I smile and look at the direction he went, I call my maids to come in and arrange my room while I go take my bath, I remove my dress and dump it on the couch before heading to the bathroom,

Henry was already in the tube taking his bath. I did my normal morning routine which is shaving and brushing my teeth shine, before joining Henry in the tube,

but he quickly runs out, when I was done taking my bath, I wore black denim jeans with a blue hoodie and a blue Jordan. I tie the shoelace of my Jordan.

Then i take my backpack and my car keys and head downstairs. when I reach downstairs I notice Henry has already ordered pizza, so I ate one carton out of it calls me a glutton but I don joke with my food.

Henry is always a slow eater. He is s

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