Sometimes I ask myself, why can I be a morning person, I mean the guys out there that wake up by four 0 clocks, in the morning how did you pull that off, for example, I woke up by eight 0 clocks today and I discovered that I have fifty-nine minutes to get my ass to school.

I dash into the bathroom and take my bath. And thank God, Am done with my assignment for the week. Hey before the wheels in your head turn haywire am not a nerd, I just like updating my assignment before the deadline,

I wore whitewash jeans with a red tank top, I wore a white hoodie to cover my red tank top, then pair it with white and red jordans, I skip my breakfast because I was freaking late.

I notice Wendys was very quiet unlike the chatting Wendys I know, I thought she was mad at me, that making me go to school late, so she decided to give me the silent treatment when I park my car, I kill the engine and turn to her

”Wendys am sorry for waking up late and making you go to school late, I swear I did not hear when my alarm goes off, ” I said giving her my best puppy dog face ” it, is not your fault, I woke up late too, ” she said and I was shocked because it unlike the Wendys I know,

because she doesn need an alarm clock to do its job, even when she is sick, except when she is having her cramps ”wait are you ” I said more like ask but she cut me off ”menstruating, yes I am, ** my cramps is damn painful ”

”oh Wendys am so sorry, don worry am gonna get you chocolate when I go shopping today, ” I said ”like hell am gonna miss shopping with you today, ** you Katys, Hayden Brent,

you not **en going to any **en shopping without me, see ya sis and love ya ” she said and step out of the car and I know my sister is gonna be with me till her cramps are over ”love you more sis ”

I yell back, I take a deep breath, believe me, when I say today is gonna be a long day, I step out of my car, lock it about to head to class but I stop when I heard Megatron by Nicki Minaj playing in my hoodie pocket,

ladies and gentlemen that is my phone ringing ”hello ” I said ”yes love, how ya doing baby girl ”wait I know that voice ”Zakes what the ** ”I said ”one and only, glad you remember, or does it means that you still love me ”he said ”the ** are you calling me, have you finish screwing the girls in Medford ”I said feeling the anger surge through me,

I felt like strangling the neck of my ex-boyfriend ” well love am sorry for what happened, wait are you gonna about all those times we shared, you are not even famous again in Crenshaw high, you know living a quiet, boring, nerdy is not your type of life ”

he said and I felt like smashing his cheating face on the wall ”you know what Zakes, don you ever in your Gods forsaken, cheating like calling my number again ”I said, I won lie that for the past two weeks of my life is the best week ever, having true friends not the bitch that betray me.

I cut the call and am gonna get a new line after school, I walk into the now-empty hall of the school, and I heard voices in the direction of the janitors closet, so I guess that is the popular and the queen bee o the school slut are eating each other faces, but the is as if the person is sobbing,

I guess one of these heartbroken girls crying her heart out at the janitors closet, but I was curious, don blame me, I follow the voice of a nerd crying, I have this sudden nagging feeling to protect her from whoever makes her shade a tear

”hey, whats-up, why are you crying, ” I ask, sitting close to her, she raises her head and looks at me, I stare at her big honey brown eye, that is fighting an inner battle ”hey you need to don need to tell who dare break your heart now, maybe when you are ready or calm you can tell me,

but remember when you tell me am gonna break your jaw and nose, for now, lets get you fixed, oops sorry, am Katys Brent by name, and you ” I said with a smile and she chuckled ” am Sylvia and I know about you ” she said ”ok you know we miss the first period and we won like to miss the second one, so let go get you fixed ”

I said and stand up, then help her up, then we move to the bathroom, because I notice coffee and juice stain and I guess she was bullied thank God she brought an extra dress, we got her fixed, and I discover we had the same class together so we move down the hall to get to class by then the

hall was full to it brim, we were stopped by three bitches ”well, well look who we have here ”I looked at the bitch that is speaking, I have to admit she is beautiful and I guess she is the queen-bee and the two behind will be her two minions

”Well I see that you have changed your dress, maybe we gonna have a little fun with you, ” she said to Sylvia and I look at Sylvia and see that they are the **en reason she was crying ”who are you guys, ” I said trying to keep my cool

”well am queen Cady and these are my best friend Claires and Caras together we are the, ”she said ”CS ” replied the minions and I was bored as ** ”can you please tell me the reason you are here as you can see we don have all day to listen to whatever you have to say ”

I said and looked around to see the student gathering ”hmm, well we are here to get our toy Sylvia ” she said and I feel like punching her plastic face ” well am not seeing any toys here, maybe you forget it at home, so I will advise you to go home and check for it again when you find it

don forget to use it and make sure you cum with it ” I said ”how dare you ” she said ”am not done yet, don you ever in your plastic life raise your tiny plastic finger on her natural face again, because unlike you she is natural, cause read my lips when I know that you are the cause of her

tears, I will make sure the three of you will receive a single punch that will leave a bruise on your pretty face, remember don mess with me ” I said because a street fighter like me is not to be messed with ”Sylvia let get to class now ”I said and dragged her to class, they introduce her to Alex and Henry, the rest of the class went in a blur, the bell rung, which

means time for Katys to get stuff, we moved to the canteen, to have lunch, we took our meal outside to the field, you know we needed somewhere quiet away from attention, we start chatting like getting to know more about each or more like knowing more about Sylvia,

then we were done with our lunch we move to our different classes, but I did not forget to invite Sylvia to shop with me after school. And believe me, I enjoy every minute I spend with her, I mean she is a very funny and sarcastic kind of girl, even Wendy likes her and they have become friends already.

And believe me, I was exhausted at the end of the day, so I just shower. But as soon as my head hit the pillow I was already in the world of my dreams.

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