Thank God its the weekend, the weekend is the best day away from the hell hound called a school, and also the day that you get things done without interruption.

I woke up today having the huge to punch something and exercise till am worn out. My parent went to work and went to visit her best friend, so it was just me.

My dad owns a company which is H.A.B tech, while my mom owns a fashion enterprise, and believe me when I say I am not a fan of fashion, you can give that to Wendys. She wants to be a fashion designer like her mom. Well I want to be a CEO, or should I say a proud owner of my own company, I love the business world, and I like investing, getting profits, and buying shares.

That is my goal and that is what I want to study in college. Thank God, Wendys is free from her cramps, I swear to God she is worst than your pregnant wife if you got one, and she does not **ing disturb mom or dad, but me, she s always glue to my side, I almost brawl my eyes out.

Like I said before I got interrupted by my thoughts I feel like punching, which means I need to go the gym today, I shower and do my morning routine, before moving to my closet, I decided to go on black baggy Adidas sweatpants with black tank top then pair it with white sneakers, throw my

hair in a ponytail above my head so that it won get in the way while I am punching, I admire my outfit before going downstairs to eat my breakfast, I saw Kendall our family maid, cooking, I like our maid, I mean she is cool to hang out with and I love her special homemade sandwich and

pasta ”yo what up, ” I said ”bitch am good, I was thinking of coming to your room, dragging yo ass down here ” she replied ”I guess my ass is lucky then ”I replied ”take this, I know your ass wanna visit the gym. I don wanna stuff you yet, ” she said ”thanks to you, you know my ass better ” I reply ” I

collected the sandwich and drop it on the dining table.Randell is into chicks and she has this huge crush on me, but she tried to hide it, and damn she is hot, she has long dark hair. pale skin, caramel eyes, and a round ass, let me just say, she got a sexy curve, any guy will be happy to

have her, her meals are also awesome, and damn am so tempted to smack her ass, hey don look at me, am not straight, I got a past that makes me become one, and besides am bored, she moves to wash the dishes, I move behind her back making sure my body is pressed behind

hers, she jump ”relax its just me, ”I said making my voice sound husky and sexy, she swallowed hard ”besides I wanna help with this, ”I said and took the dish in my hand and dry it with a hand towel ”um, OK, um, but I….., thanks, am sure I can do it, ” she said laughing nervously

”Oh, okay…. ”I said and she turn back to wash the dish, or should I say she is trying to avoid me ”you got pasta on your lips ” I said, actually that was true, she reach out to wipe it off, but held it ”let me help you with that ” I said moving closer to her, she froze with shock written all over her

face, but I put on my best innocent face, she took a step backward, while I move forward till her back torch the counter, I move my lips closer to hers and lick the pasta from her lips, ** her lips are so soft and full, I stare at her face to see her reaction and she gave me ”God is this a dream

face pleasure ” you know since my last breakup, seeing you washing the dishes on this dishwasher, I want to do so many dirty things to you, I want to lick your round ass, with no feeling that I am straight, ” I said and her mouth open and close trying to from the right words, but at the end she

chose to keep mute ” but I can never date you because I love dicks, but am gonna ** you so hard that you never forget this day, ” I said ”Katy stop it, I don want you to touch me, ”she said ”OK but your eyes are telling another story ”I reply ”please don touch me, I don want to chat on

my girlfriend ” she replied ”OK am going to the gym, which is in my bedroom, please get me my pasta with a bottle of cold water, thanks ” I said and walk out, oops I forget to tell you that we two gyms, you see when I was a street fighter, I needed a private gym to train, so my dad build one

inside my bedroom for personal use and one downstairs for family use. so I was heading to the one in my bedroom, don look at me, like I said am not a lesbian, but I ** if she gets to see things from my own perspective, I remove my hoodie, wearing only my tank top, then I start

stretching warming up to punch ”Katys this is the pasta, you ask me to get for you ” she said staring at my abs, perfect, my plan is working, I stop stretching ” like what you see? ” I said and she blushes, I collect the pasta from her and start wolfing it down my throat while moving to the exit

and lock it ”what are you doing ” she ask ”looking at the damn door ” reply ” why the ** are you locking the damn door, ” she said ”wow she just curse, ”I said and she glared, shooting a dagger in her eyes thank God those are not weapons, because I would have been six feet, she moves fast to the

door and start checking it ”dear you can open it because the doors will need my face, fingers, codes, and lastly the keys, ” I said pouting ”what do you want Katys ”she ask ”you ” that was my answer before pushing her against the wall and smash my lips on hers, making her

know that I meant, business, I stop and look at her eyes, to know what she is thinking, believe me, the eyes tell the truth, more than our mouths, if you stare at a persons eyes closely and it tells you another story, take what the eyes are telling you because that is the God damn truth ” please

don do this, I have a girlfriend and this is so wrong ” she plead ”then it gonna be her little secret because you should have known that when you were screaming my name while masturbating ”I said and she gasps ”Katys please stop teasing me ” she said but I choose to ignore her and continue my assault, her luscious lips taste like strawberry, ** that is my best fruit.

I ** her till she was sore, I suck, tease, lick, and bite her beautiful clit, or should I say pussy, and I make sure I left a nice mark on her neck, so that my plan B works, when I finish assaulting her body, I carry her to the bathroom and wash her, while she was dressing up in my clothes because I tore hers, I was also washing my body.


Wow, I can believe that Katy ** me, and that was the best sex in my life, I know that she can love me because she is straight and I am dating, she even bath me, my girlfriend has not done that to me before, it feels so romantic, I mean I always fantasized about it and she just **ing fulfills it, I

can believe it, I got to torch her yummy abs, this is a **ing dream ” I thought you left ”I spun around to see Katy wearing red Adidas booty shorts, with a white sports bra, God she is hot damn, Zake is a **ing fool ”well you gonna let you girlfriend know that you were taken ”she

said and it was confusing ”what do you mean, ”I ask the moved closer with a smirk on her face and the corner of her lips twitch a little smile playing across it, I felt something drop, she is so hot and you know what, I am **ing wet, she placed a kiss on my neck and when she removes her lips

I look at my neck to see a big purple mark on my neck, did she just place a hickey on my neck no, no, no, this is not good ” what the ** ”I scream, I spun around so quickly and you know what she was grinning, yes she **ing grinning ” why the ** did you do this ”I asked getting very

piss ” because when I ** my special maid I tend to leave a mark, that will save has a prove to the world that she was taken ”she reply ”did you **ing realize that I have a girlfriend, ”I ask ”oh my, that was the more reason I live the mark on you, ” she said ”why did you do it, ” I ask ”because

your girlfriend is cheating on you and I hate cheaters ”she replies, and I stop breathing for a moment to say I was shocked is just a word, I was beyond unbelievable ”wait, what did you just say ” I ask to be sure that I am dreaming that this is just one of my weird fantasy, she threw a folder to

me which I did not realize that she is holding because I was busy eye **ing her, I open it slowly to see nudes pictures of Amy with a girl, she introduce me as her cousin ”it can be. she told me that, she is her cousin that came to stay in California, so she had no place to stay which

means she is gonna stay with her ”I said ”why are you doing this ”I ask ” because I don want you to get hurt ” she said ”I don believe you, I don even know if you **ing fake this ” I said ”I know which means you gonna go to her house now, don know just go to her bedroom quietly and

when you see the truth come back am gonna invite my friend over and we gonna party so that you can get your mind what you gonna see ” she said ”bye ” I said ”wait ” she said and I stop my back still facing hers ”just try and give dicks a chance, don try any chicks, maybe your happiness lie in one dick? just think about it ” she said and rush out of her house, rushing straight to Amys house while convincing myself that this is not true. And believe me, everything she said was the truth, Amy was lip-locking with her cousin, when she saw me she said hurtful

things too,I slap her still trying to keep my cool, I walk out of her house never to see her face again.

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