Seeing her in pain makes me want to kill that mother**er, but we all got times for our pain, time to feel down. And I am no exception, I have money but a lovely family is just a fairy-tale in my dreams.

My dad cheated on my mum with a Russian gold-digging hoe, I knew of this yet couldn tell mum because I was afraid it would hurt her but too late, because she eventually finds out the truth and became heartbroken.

I was her shoulder when she cried and got herself drunk, divorcing my dad after two months of fighting and arguing. So after the divorce, I was prepared, but what I didn account for was waking up to discover that everything she ever owned was gone but for a **ing letter and a late-night kiss. She left with no trace, making me cry all night because she was my all. Dad was never there, he is married to his business, not even the bitch he took in after mum left.

The bitch kept making moves at me, so I got some cash, my IDs, and other properties and left his house. Money is not everything, I know I am gay but since Katy, Ive been questioning my sexuality. ”hey baby, are you OK ”ask Henry ”yea baby ” I replied snapping out of my thoughts concerning my past ”yea baby ” I said and he walks up to me ”you look as if you are about ”to

climb mountain Everest ” he said looking at me intently ”honey am good, trying to figure how am gonna propose to you ” I replied and he turns red, no scratch that, crimson red ”stop it, come let eat, am starving, I prepared your favorite ” he said, looking everywhere but me while I smirk ” are you sure? and he returns his gaze to my face ” yes honey am certain ” he replied with a smile then I

guess its time to eat my favorite food then ”I pull him closer to me, move my lips, and start trailing butterfly kisses down his jaw, he turns a scarlet red ” am not food Alex, come let go and eat before the food became cold, he said and let my embrace taking his warmth with him and rush out of my room ”damn ”, ** my life, I need a cold shower. I move into the bathroom and showered when I was done showering, I move down, Henry was done setting the table and he also laid down the dishes which contain beef soup, sandwich shrimp, and a lot more. I sat down and pile my plate with a little from each dish and start eating ”hows mum ”

I ask him and he blush crimson red, weird ” it was…..great, she is healthy now ” he replied avoiding my gaze weirder ”OK honey ”I replied and continue shoving the food down my throat ” I heard what happen to Katys, ” he said, while I left my spoon on the air, I mean how the ** and were the ** did he heard about the shit that gone down with Katys when he was out of communication ” I…. mean Sylvia told me everything that went down with Katys, when I got back ” he splutters, while I relax my tensed shoulder ”are you OK? ” he ask when I did give any comeback, I mean I don have one ”yea, I am OK, I mean you should ask her not me ” I replied

while still staring at my plate ” when she is your best friend, I know you gonna worry about her, so Alexander Field are you OK ” he said staring at me intently giving no room for escape or lies ”yea am just pissed at that son of a bitch, but she is good and so am I ”I replied going back to my food ”you know I love you right, am always gonna be here with youve said holding my hand in his across the dining table, but is he? because the words sound like empty promises but I did not voice it out ”I love you for that ” I said and he gasps ”oops, the food is getting cold I guess to ease the tension caused by the talk ” for a slow eater like you, yes the food is definitely getting cold, but for me am good ”I replied and he looks at my plate I guess he just notices that it empty

Start of Mature Content

”WTF, how dare you eat all your food, while we were having a serious conversation ” he yells looking so pissed and it was a complete turnon ”sorry Honey, the meal was delicious and he could not part with it, while we were making a serious conversation ” I answered while pouting and he calms down, I carry him from his chair and place him on my laps, and place my mouth on his neck and inhale his scent ”honey, is something bothering you, ” he asked, but I kept mute, I sock on his sweet spot, while he hisses, ”strip ” I groan, he stood up from my laps and start stripping, and also did the same to my self leaving both of naked, I pull him close and start teasing him, then I turn him around making his ass hole to feel the tip of my cork, I rub, massage and tease his ass.

”Alex please, stop teasing my ass, and ** me now, ” he said and I slammed into his ass hole and start **ing it slowly because his

ass hole was adjusting to the size of my cork ”faster baby, oh my … ”

he moans and I thrust in harder and faster ”oh my…, ** me harder, yea that is it…, oh yea baby ” he scream, whimper, moan ”scream my name now, tell me you need more, say it now ”I commanded as I feel my cork twitch in his ass hole ”yes Alexs, I love your cork, yes…yes, I love your **ing cork Alexs….. ”

he screams and I thrust in harder, faster because I was close, then I fill his ass hole with my seed ”I laid down on the floor to catch my breath.


But in all this why would you blush harder, when you are asked about your mum, I mean its weird like really **ing weird, and I have a gut-wrenching feeling.

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