”Kat Im so sorry, ” said Zake, I see this mother**er has not yet given up, Fortunately, I know his next plan and the funny thing is that this idiot doesn know that his best friend is the one telling me every piece of his plan ”funny how the nicknames sounds as if you are apologizing to an animal named cat, or are you? ” I said pouting, I felt a hand snake around my waist, I sniffed the air for the person scent and I realize it Xavier, my fake boyfriend ”who is he? ” asked the moron ” and I thought you were apologizing to an animal right now, what has your question got to do with us ” I snapped at him ”won ask again dude, who the ** are you? ” damn it, this dude is really clueless , no scratch that he is

really a moron, I mean doesn he get the **ing hint that nobody wants him around , honey how was your night ” I ask, turning my attention to Xaviers ”It was sweet honey because I dream about you ” he replied staring at my face with a love-struck look, this guy really knows how to act, I mean it looks so **ing real ”awwnn that sounds so cheesy ” I replied loud enough, for the moron to hear and peck Xavier jaw, but he held my jaw and

crash his lips on mine ”what the ** Is going on here ” the moron yelled ”nothing except me and my boyfriend making out, got a problem with that ” I said ”yea, you got a problem with us dude ” answered Xavier coldly ”dude am her boyfriend, not you, she is playing you ” he said,

wow son of a mother**ing bitch sure got nerves ”Listen here, dude, I don want to smell, see, hear you near my girlfriend, because if you do, am gonna whoop your ass ”, ”how dare you? ” answered Zake,I notice people around us has to stop stare at the show,some of them even took out their phone to record ”Mind your **in business people ” I yell in fury,and the disperse quickly ,I guess because I turn my attention back to he scene before me,I noticed the two of the having a stare down.

Xavier is clenching and unclenching his jaw, which means one word from this guy, he is gonna snap ”Zake, am not gonna warn you again, am not your girlfriend, you are a maniac that, couldn stand a girl that bail out on you on the last minute of your plan, and I would not let you get to me again ” I said and drag my boyfriend out before he starts a fight ”you think am gonna let you go ”I stopped ”Alesso Roberto.. ”I spun around so quickly that I almost lost my balance but thank God for my attentive boyfriend ” is alive Katy Brent and he is coming for you, I will be waiting when you are done with him ” he said and walkouts of the school

”Are you Ok? ” asked Xavier ”no am not, can we ditch class, ** class, you wanna ditch school with me ”, ”yes, as long as you want me to ” he replied staring at my face ”Katys ”, ”Alex ” I turn around to see him walking my way ” you wanna ditch class? ” he asked, looking at my face, probably to see my expression ” can I hug your boyfriend, ” I ask Henry who also joins us. For the first time I felt safe, being surrounded by my friends ”yes you need it ” he replied and I wrap my hand around Alexs frame and breath in his cologne, it was soothing, and he does the same to my small frame. I release him and wait for Wendy to crush me with her hug and believe me, I wasn disappointed ” see you later baby sis ” I said tapping her back, she did not reply may be to keep her tears at bay, I hug Sylvia too ”be ok best friend ” she whispers on my hear

”am gonna try ”I reply and step out of her hug, and draw Xavier out of the school.

***five minutes later***

”where are we going, ” I asked for the umpteenth time ” its a surprise Katys, ” he said, I swear am gonna castrate Xavier ”calm down Kat, and stop giving me that look because it not gonna work, ” he said ”I hate surprises that I have to wait ”I grumbled, he stopped the car and step out, I was about to do the same, but he beat me to it by opening the door for me ”wow, you did not tell me that you among the perfect gentlemen ”, ”the things I do for girlfriends, please let it be our little secret, ” he said and I laugh, but it stops immediately it started ”wow… ”I gasp as I look around the place. It is fascinating. A garden full of flowers and a waterfall in the middle of it, tree surrounds the garden, this is the type of place you come to clear your head ”do you like it ” he asked ”like it? Xavier, I love it ”I Said staring around in amazement ” I come here sometimes to blow off some steam and also clear my head, dad grow it for my mum on their twentieth anniversary before she died, ” he said, and lead me to a tree, a ”am so sorry ” I reply sitting down the grass below the tree ”it ok, Kat, ” he said joining me on the grass, I place my head on his chest ” so…, tell me about your mom ”, ”she is beautiful, I have her eyes and nose. My mom is kind, funny, and very, very troublesome, and she won stop until she has her way, I love her with all my heart. I miss are so damn much, but thank God I have my dad, he is

the best, I love him so much and he is my strength, my mom died of lung cancer, so it is just me and my dad now, what about you, tell me about your family? ” he said plucking a wildflower that was beside him and pinned it on my hair ”My parents are so damn supportive and there are always available, anywhere, anytime for us even in the middle of signing a life-changing

contract, they will drop the contract and come to us, I love my sister more and understand why, everything has a story behind it ”I replied taking the view around me, I can stare at it all day because it just…, it unique ” the next time we come here, tell me to bring a bikini ”, ”I will not forget that I promise you ” he said grinning ”so have you start feeling any spark now, does the time now freeze when we are together ”, ”nay, I don feel any sparks, remember ”he replied staring at me as if I am crazy. The reason why we are fake dating is that Xaviers

girlfriend broke up with him, the reason that she doesn love him anymore, what the **, I mean this guy is hot and he is every girls dream, I mean the girl is blind, not only blind but she is also a gold-digging hoe, I look her up and she is now dating a movie star. Xavier said he loved and he still loves her with all his heart and he was also ready to spend his entire life

with her. We just like each other like friends, because I have this crush that is gonna fade away soon because my best friend is a **ing gay and also to keep Zake far away from me, Xavier is a nice guy so I believe that am not gonna regret it ”Xavier ”s ” I called ”hmm… ”

”Thank you ”, ”for what? ” he asked me, I mean is he serious, can he see ” for today, for ditching school just to be with me, I mean am… ”, ”Hey, hey, I should be the one thanking you, I mean you make me forget my worries, you deserve my thanks, am not worth yours, don worry Kat we are cool, ” he said and we fell into a comfortable silence, ” I think we should head over to my house now, ”I said getting up ”ok, Kat let over there ”.


We arrived home fifteen minutes later, we round the stairs to my room, everyone was out, so we have the whole house to ourselves, but we went straight to my room ”wow, your room is clean ” he exclaimed ”sorry, am kinda, a clean freak, if you don mind ”I replied ”nay, I like it ” he said and sat down on the bed, but he stood up immediately and remove his shirt giving

me a perfect view of his abs and chisel chest, his pubic hair looks so yummy, I mean this guy is hot ”not like Alex ” muttered my subconscious ” I know ”, ”are you gonna keep staring or you join me ” he said huskily ”no, I will pass for now ”I replied and walk into my closet and remove my

shirt and skinny jeans trouser living me in my lingering, I wore my favorite shorts that cover my ass, I untie my hair from the bun, I run my hand through it to strengthen my curls, when I was through getting comfortable, I went to my room; Xavier was on his phone with someone and when he noticed me he drops the call ”so where did we stop gorgeous ” he said and stood up from the bed ”I don know ”I said pouting, he walked up to me and pinned me on the wall ”let

see ” he replied and crash his lips on mine and believe me it wasn a loved, lust kiss, but a kiss of distraction from reality. He licks my bottom lips for entrance and I give in, my hands move to his hair, his hair is so **ing soft it makes me wonder what Alexs hair is gonna be like, I pull it gently and he groans, we only stop when the lungs say that its need oxygen, but I trail his tongue on my jaw, licking and sucking it till he reached my neck, I knew what he was looking for so I denied him by crashing my lips on his again, he trailed his hand down my body making my skin become more sensitive to his torch. I wrap my legs around him because I was tired of standing on my toes, and he carried me to the bed without breaking the kiss. It was no more a kiss of distraction but a full-blown make-out, he kiss and tease my body and I was getting so damn wet.

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