”So Clare you were saying something about making preparations for the upcoming event thats going to be held by the Stark Co-operation in a few weeks ”

”Oh, that! Indeed, I have been pretty busy lately, especially since the Stark Co-operation is one of the major powers here in St. Petersburg, and forming any kind of relationship with them would be a massive gain for the family company ”

”Indeed! Cheers to that ”


Another sound of glass gently tapping against another piece of glass sent a gentle and soothing melody throughout the spacious courtyard.

Two women laid on peacefully by a large pool filled with crystal clear blue water that glistened gorgeously under the clear blue sky reflecting the sunlight on its surface.

The two women both dawned extremely sexy swimsuits as they peacefully conversed with each other while holding expensive-looking wine glasses that contained a crimson red liquid inside them that heavily resembled red wine but from the looks of the red wine anyone with fully functional eyes would be able to tell that the wine was not of ordinary quality and by judging by the two stunning American womens satisfied facial expressions one could tell that this wine must most definitely of high quality.

”Ahh! That hits all the right places ”

Maria sat beside her childhood best friend Clara who was also her cousin as they sipped red while and shared laughs as well as a bit of gossip. Maria had clear light blue eyes, blond long silky hair, perfectly plump lips as well as an angelic voice to go with her breathtaking beauty and curvy body that could seduce any man within seconds.

Clara on the other hand had gorgeous pitch-black eyes with tiny sparkles that seemed to glisten in her pitch-black pupils like a beautiful midnight sky, white pale sky, and long lustrous black silky hair that reached up to her waist.

Clara raised her wine glass and gently rotated her wrist causing the red wine within the wine glass to spiral around the sides of the wine glass as she spoke, ” Hey Maria when do you think this thing with Thomas is going to blow over cause frankly, Im tired of wearing this ring every time I go out in public especially the endless flood of questions that are thrown at me whenever I introduce Alexander as my husband ”

”Yeah I know what you mean since Im always with you so people also come to me in search of answers that I can even answer especially your mother, that woman is far too vicious to the point of considering selling out her only daughter to a man who is not even worthy of being 5 meters near her just because of his family status, how shameful ”

”Just the issue with your mother is already headache-inducing so lets not even talk about Alexander but for him to be legally considered your husband is already a great fortune for him so he should contempt with just that and not even try to do anything fun or Ill hang him on the wall by his nut sack ”

”Hehehe! Maria, you
e too much, a lady such as yourself shouldn be saying that after all even though hes a deadbeat freeloader who stays at home every day at least he does all the chores and help out around the house so hes not completely useless ”

”Girl what you talking about thats not a man thats a man servant and let you tell you a little thing about a man- oh hold that thought, ” just as she was about to finish her sentence Maria suddenly realized that her glass was empty because she had already drank all the red wine that was contained within it.

Realizing that her glass was now empty Maria stretched out her slender arm that had flawless skin just like the rest of her body and reached for a tiny golden bell that was placed right between her and Clara. After reaching the tiny golden bell Maria used her long slender fingers to grab the tiny bells hilt and raised it towards herself until it was parallel to her chest and lightly shook it sending waves of harmonious bell chimes throughout the courtyard to the giant white modern style mansion with large amounts of glass walls that covered the majority of the mansion to the point that if it weren for the white-painted walls that supported the building one might think that it was made entirely out of glass.

Within the kitchen of the mansion, a black-haired, green-eyed, tall handsome man with a crippled leg leaned against a cupboard with his hair tied into a neat bun and holding a mop that was soaking in a bucket of dirty water. The mysterious man was Alexander the deadbeat freeloader husband of Clara and was the man that Claras mother, as well as all of Claras associates, loathed with every single fiber of their being especially the man Thomas who hated Alexander the most because of him that he had gotten cock blocked multiple times whenever he tries to pull something with Maria since shed use her marriage as an excuse to escape his grasps.

Alexander took a short breather after cleaning the entire first floor of the 2 story mansion. After the short break he picked up the yellow rubber cleaning gloves that were placed on the counter beside him then he picked up the water bucket with dirty water and as he was about to take the first step he heard the soothing bell chimes then he instantly dropped everything that he was doing and opened one of the cupboards within the kitchen and scrolled through countless alcohol bottles of various shapes and sizes then after a few seconds he finally found what he was searching for and pulled out red wine bottle that looked identical to the one that Clara and Maria were drinking outside on the courtyard.

Alexander took the red wine bottle and headed outside with it in their toe. Alexander walked through the front door and walked a few meters and walked past a lot of trees and plants entered the courtyard where the sight of two beautiful Clara and Maria entered his eyes but he didn ogle at them instead he kept his eyes on the ground which impaired his vision. Alexander had a crippled leg so his walk was a little stumpy which caused his footsteps to make a weird rhythm went he walks and since Clara and Maria have both spent so much time with Alexander they could easily discern his footsteps.

Maria heard Alexanders footsteps gradually approaching them until they came to a halt right beside her so she raised her empty wine glass until it was just barely above her head signaling Alexander to top it up and judging by the empty red wine bottle that stood erect on between the two gorgeous women one could tell that this wasn her first top-up. Alexander glanced at the womans behavior and decided to just let it slide since this was her usual behavior towards him.

Day and day out both Clara and her associates treat Alexander like a servant and not like Claras husband but since he couldn care less about what these snobs think of him since even though he sleeps on the couch he knew deep down that there was more to gain in this house and circle of rich first and second gens.

Maria didn even glance at Alexander and said, ” Took you long enough, Ive been waiting for so long, what were you doing for so? ”

”Excuse me miss but in case you didn know Im not a writer nor am I a butler in case you haven heard Im Claras husband ”

”Why you little- ”

”Stop it you two, I just want some peace ”

Just after Clara asked for some peace the landline phone inside the house starts ringing destroying the newly found peace. The loud and obnoxious landline phone kept ringing and ringing until Clara couldn take it anymore and said in a sweet voice, ” Alexander dear, could please take care of that and if its for me ask whoever is calling if its an emergency or not and if its not telling them Im taking a break today ”

Alexander gazed at Clara for a bit with his green eyes and flashed her a smile, ” Sure, no problem dear ”

After agreeing Alexander placed the red wine bottle on the ground next to the empty bottle and headed off but as he was leaving he could hear the two conversing amongst themselves.

”Did you see how rude he was to me right now, how dare he! ”

”Well to be fair you did start the entire problem ”

”Oh, so now you
e taking his side over mine! ”

”No, Im not taking a side but you got to under understand that… ”

As Alexander got further away from the courtyard the voices of the two gorgeous women got fainter and fainter until he couldn hear them any longer. Alexander got into the house and picked up the landline phone. The call was short but at the end of it, Alexanders face had already undergone various facial expressions. When the call ended Alexanders hands began shaking profitably as he wobbled his way to the courtyard with an extremely pale face.

Clara heard the noise coming from behind her and immediately turned her head and saw the pale Alexander and asked him, ” Its my sister, shes in the hospita

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