BloodLust Part 2

Alexander walked out of the dark alleyway in the same way that he entered which greatly shocked the hobos and lowly drug addicts that crowded the entrance of the dark alleyway since they didn expect to ever see alexander again in their lives or at least they didn expect to see him walking out the same way that he walked out.

The hobos and drug addicts cleared the way for alexander when he walked past them since after seeing alexander walk back out of the dark filthy alleyway they realized that the six crimson skull gang members who followed behind him were now nowhere to be seen which could only mean one thing and that was that alexander had taken care of all six of them all by himself and if he was that ferocious then why would they dare to try and pick a fight with him so they only lowered their heads and moved out of the way without even daring to take another peek at alexanders figure that was cloaked in a black hoody covering his face and hair rendering him almost impossible to identify except for him lower jaw and mouth.

Alexander walked out of the dark filthy alleyway with stinging pain in his crippled left leg since he put too much force in it during the battle earlier but just the sheer joy in his heart from finding his first lead was more than enough to nullify the pain as adrenaline pumped into his bloodstream shutting down all other negative emotions and pain sensors as he continued on his path towards the [DARK ZONE] where his next clue is located and the sooner he gets his revenge the sooner that he can finally go back to his mundane routine of daily insults and slaving away for his so-called wife Clara.

Alexander walked two blocks west and just as that crimson skull gang member said he could hear loud music and roaring crowds from miles away which further increased the credibility of that gang members words which in turn gave alexander a sense of relief as he now knew that the chances of him having to go back and interrogate that gang member once more had now gone down but a significant amount but he tried to contain himself since even if that gang member was telling the truth about the club that didn automatically mean that he was telling the truth about everything else so the best way to truly know for sure was to go and see for himself which was why he decided to knock that gang member unconscious instead of letting him go so incase his story didn check out he wouldn have to waste time trying to find him since he was highly confident that he wouldn be going anywhere anytime soon.

Alexander followed the loud music for one more block then finally a club made of concrete walls with a large sign embedded onto the wall written [DARK ZONE] appeared before his eyes. The club was as noisy as any other club with bright disco lights constantly flashing from the entrance.

The [DARK ZONE] club had a long line of people waiting outside to enter through the entrance that was guarded by a huge buff bouncer that looked extremely fierce with a bald head and dark shades as well as a crimson red skull on his neck which indicated that he belonged to the crimson skull gang.

Alexander contemplated on what to do for a moment and ultimately ended up deciding to try and bribe his way in since he wasn prepared to wait for the extremely long line of people because that would be too time-consuming. Alexander quickly tidied up his hoody and white shirt straightening all the wrinkles that had formed over time.

After tidying himself up alexander walked towards the large bodyguard cutting the line completely which greatly angered those who have been waiting in that line for a long time. Alexander ignored the scornful glares of the masses since he was already used to them by now from living with Clara and being her husband. Some of the short-tempered people on the line started cursing at alexander profusely but all their hatred and malice fell on deaf hears as alexander kept walking unchastely to the very front of the line with only the large buff bouncer standing between him and the [DARK ZONE] club before him that was almost in reach.

The large bouncer kept his standard serious bouncer face as small bulges formed on his temple but before he was able to tell alexander to get to the back of the line he saw that Alexander had reached his hand into his pocket which according to his gangster experience meant that alexander was reaching for a weapon inside of his pockets so the large bouncer instantly reached for his back and pulled out a black pistol then pointed it towards alexanders head with an intent to shoot but what he saw was far different from what he had imagined in his head.

When the large bouncer took a closer look at what alexander pulled out of his pocket he was surprised to see that it wasn a weapon but a wallet. Alexander was extremely shocked when the large bouncer suddenly pulled out a gun on him which caused his heart to flutter a bit since no one would like the feeling of having a gun pointed at their head so he hurriedly dug into his wallet and pulled out a few ¥200 bills and placed them into the large bouncers chest pocket before walking in without any more trouble.

The onlookers who were waiting for justice to be served and for the wicked to be punished suddenly felt like they had been slapped across the face by an invisible force as they watched alexander elegantly walk through the clubs entrance without waiting at all while they had to stand for what seems like an eternity.

Inside The [DARK ZONE] Club

The first thing that came to alexanders mind when he walked through the front door was that the [DARK ZONE] club was packed and noisy which was the worst possible combination for someone like him. The women dancing by the entrance saw alexanders mysterious clothing choice and decided to approach him in hopes of dancing with him for a bit and maybe having him buy them a few drinks but when they were only a few meters away from him they were shocked to find that they suddenly couldn see him anymore as if he had vanished into thin air like a ghost.

After a bit of observation, Alexander noticed that his clothing style was vastly different compared to everyone else in the club so he opted to vanish into the crowd to not be identified as a suspicious character and draw attention to himself. Alexander walked to the bar a few meters away and took a seat on a chair near him then called for the bar attendant.

The bar attender was a relatively mature gentleman with a shaved beard and short kept black hair as well as a muscular physique. The bar attender was the type of person that could be deemed as handsome he was so handsome that one had to wonder how many women had he seduced in his whole career as a bar attender. Alexander examined the bar attender a bit closer and saw that he had a crimson red skull on his neck as well which raised the question if all the employees in this establishment were members of the crimson skull gang or were it that alexander was just unlucky to find that the first two employees that he met were members of the crimson skull gang. The bar attender noticed alexanders unfamiliar face as well as his unusual clothing which triggered his curiosity greatly. The bar attendee asked himself numerous questions as he elegantly made his way to alexander.

When they were finally before each other alexander ordered a glass of tequila before asking the bar attendant a few questions with a ip upfront. The bar attendee took a glance at Teresas picture on alexanders phone and pointed towards a door on the other side of the club then instructed alexander to go and ask the person inside if theyd seen her lately since she was a regular of the club. The bar attendee told alexander almost the same story as the one said by the crimson skull gang member in the alleyway except for one key information. The bar attendee mentioned that Teresa used to come to the club with some American guy named Zack and he also mentioned that she was heavily attached to Zack even though Zack would actively cheat on her with a lot of random girls in the club.

The entire story angered alexander greatly, especially the part where he found out that his precious sister was being taken for a fool by some random loser but in the end, he blamed himself even more for not being there for his sister during such an awful period in her life. Alexander stopped blaming himself for the time being and focused on the task at hand as he placed down his payment and walked towards that door on the other side of the club with an enormous thirst for answers.

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