I woke up at 7 am. Its kinda late. So, I went to the kitchen and saw my mom is cooking breakfast.

” Good morning, mom. ”

” Good morning, honey. Can you please check Raian is awake or not? ”

” No problem. ”

So, I went to Raians room and knocked his door.

” Raian, mom is calling you for breakfast. ”

” Coming! ”

” Don be late. ”

After that I went to my room and found out that my phone was ringing. Its Lisa.

” Hey, Lis! Whats up? ”

” Marie, Can you please come to my house? ”

” Yes, I can but why? ”

” I will tell you later. ”

” Okay, I will be at your home by 10. ”

” Thanks, Marie. ”

” Ok. Bye. ”

” Bye. ”

I hung up the phone and went to the kitchen again.

” Mom, I need to go to Lisas home. ”

Mom, ” Why? ”

” I don know maybe for some reasons. ”

” Okay. But I won be home today so come home soon. ”

” You won be at home today? ”

” No, honey. I have some work. ”

My mom really works hard to give us a better life. Did I mention that my mom is a single mom? I don think I did. Well, When Raian was born he left us. Well, I mean my dad left us. He was a abusive husband and father both. I am glad that he left.

” Oh! I am going in my room. ”

” First, take your breakfast. ”

”Ok. ”

” Did you call Raian? ”

” Yes, I did. He will be here in a minute. ”

Raian, ” Here, I am mom! ”

” Take, your breakfast Raian. Its almost 8. Don you have school! ”

” Aye aye captain. ”

” Don be dramatic, Raian. ”

” Raian, I won be at home today so come home direct from school. ”

” Okay, mom. ”

” And Marie come home soon. And do not argue with each another. I don wanna hear any complain. ”

We both said, ” Okay, mom. ”

After finishing our breakfast mom and Raian both went outside. So, I am alone at home now.

What should I do now? Should I study? No, my exam just ended I don wanna study now.

So, I took my phone and started scrolling on social media. Suddenly, I saw his picture with his girlfriend. You know the person right?

In that picture, Evan was holding Aryas wrist and Arya was laughing like a crazy. They really don look like a good couple together . What am I even thinking that! I should not think that! Well, I shouldn care about them. But why am I caring about them! I should stop now! So, I became furious and put the phone down. My mood was ruined because of him. Goodness, I hate the boy so much. Why even I am hating him. I should not think about him. Its 9 past 10. I should get ready now.

I booked a cab and reached Lisas home just at 10. I saw Lisa is outside at her home. She was waiting for me? Is something really that urgent?

Lisa, ” Hey, Marie! Glad that you came. ”

” Anytime for you Lis. ”

” Come inside. ”

” Whats the matter, Lis? ”

” I am telling you but first sit down. ”

” Okay. Can you please tell me now. ”

” Well, Jack asked me for a date and I don know which dress should I wear. ”

” What!?! ”

Is she kidding me?

” Are you serious, Lis? ”

I really got mad at her though I know I shouldn .

” Are you mad at me, Marie? ”

” Well, no. I was worried about you. I thought something serious happened. ”

Lisa started laughing at me and I joined her too. It was really funny to know that we are so stupid. LOL!

Lisa sat on the sofa beside me.

” You are really my bestie Marie. ”

” You too, Lis. ”

We stayed silent for one minute.

I broke the silence.

” Thank you, Lis. ”

” For what? ”

” For being friend with a boring girl. ”

” Marie! Don say that. You
e perfect. ”

” Well, thanks. ”

” No, Marie I mean it. ”

” Hmm. ”

We both remained silent again.

Its Lisa who broke the silence this time.

” Okay enough talking. Now help me pick an outfit for my date. ”

” Ok. Show me your closet. ”

” In this way mam. ”

” What should I look like, Marie? Should I look simple, gorgeous or hot? ”

” Umm….depends on what Jacks like? ”

” Well, I want Jack to be stunned by seeing me. ”

” Sure. ”

We picked up some outfit. And finally we chose one after 2 freaking hours. Its already 1pm.

” Lis, I think I should go home now. ”

” Yah! You should have lunch first. ”

” But I nee… ”

She cut me off, ” No buts. Come on lets go to the dining room. ”

I followed her.

” Marie, sit here I am coming. ”

After some time she came with a full tray of food.

Lisa, ” Lets dig in. ”

We started eating and we realized that we were really hungry.

Lisa, ” Marie, don you think you should have a boyfriend. I think you
e the only single person in our class. ”

” I don think so and I am not interested. ”

” Hmm… But it would be great if you have one. ”

” I guess so. ”

” Well, Marie do you like Evan? ”

” What?! No! Why are you asking that? ”

” Because I think he likes you. ”

” Why would he? He have his girlfriend already. ”

” You won understand, silly! ”

” Are you out of your mind, Lis? He would never like a girl like me and even if he does I would never fall for him. ”

” Okay, forget about it. So, the school is opening after 2 days. Are you excited? ”

” Yeah. ”

I am actually excited. But for what? Is it for Evan? Is this because I will get to see him again? But why I am excited? Just to see him again? Why?!?!

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