I woke up at 6am. The school was opening today and I am quite nervous because…. you know it. It feels like its the first day of my school. I took a shower. I got ready for school and went to the kitchen. Before going to the kitchen I texted Lisa to come to school early. My mom already made the breakfast. It was 7 past 30 so there was no time to take the breakfast. I needed to go early because I have to meet Lisa to boost up my confidence level. So I made my way to the door but my mom stopped me.

” Marie take your breakfast. ”

” I am late, mom. ”

” I don want to repeat myself. ”

I took the bread and shoved it in my mouth. I was eating super fast.

Raian, ” Slow down, sis. You
e going to choke. ”

I pretended like I didn hear anything. After finishing the breakfast I made my way to the door. I took a taxi on the road. It took 15 minutes to reach my school. I entered the school and found out that Evan was already standing infront of our classroom. Arya was making out with another boy that made me feel sad about Evan. However, I ignored both of them and entered the classroom. I went to my desk and sat on it. Lisa came to my desk with an angry face. Why is she angry?

” Marie, do you know, I have been waiting for you for more than 30 minutes!? ”

” Oh, sorry. I didn mean to make you wait. ”

” Its okay. Now tell me, did you say yes? ”

” No, not yet. ”

” Why? ”

” I am gonna tell him after the school. ”

” Okay. I am going to my desk now. ”

” Wait, Lis. I am a little bit nervous. ”

” You don have to be nervous. Just tell him. ”

With that she went to her desk.

Mr. Travis, our class teacher greeted us as he entered the class room. Then he called Evan to introduce him to us as he was the new boy in our class. Evan introduced himself then he went to his desk which was right beside mine. The classes ended soon. Its 12 past 30. So, everyone was in hurry to go to the canteen to have their lunch. Lisa and I went to the canteen together. Jack also joined us. We took our lunch tray and sat on the table.

Jack and Lisa was talking with each other and I didn want to disturb them. So, I sat alone and started eating my lunch but I got interrupt by Evan.

” Hey, Marie. ”

” What? ”

” Stop pretending like you forgot everything. ”

That left me speechless. Like how can he be this straightforward?

” Well, I think I will be your fake girlfriend. ” I said it with a nervous tone.

His face lit up like he didn believe my word.

” Really, Marie? ”

” Umm… yes. ”

” I can believe my ears. ”

” Oh really? Let me repeat then, I said yes. I am ready to be your fake girlfriend. ”

My words made him speechless.

” Marie, I thought you
e a shy girl but I guess you
e not. ”

Is he okay? Shouldn he be happy because I said yes?

” However, You
e my girlfriend now. So, wanna hang out with me today? ”

I frowned at his word. I corrected him.

” Let me remind you that I am your fake girlfriend and I have studies so I cannot hang out with you. ”

I started eating my lunch again.

Evan, ” Maybe you can study later. ”

I faced him with an angry expression but I didn say anything. I ignored him and started eating my lunch again. I was showing my attitude though I am not like this. I heard Evan spoke again.

” Hmm..at least act like my girlfriend. ”

” So sad that I am not good at acting. ”

My goodness! What am I saying! I am not a moody girl. I don know where this attitude coming from.

” You
e not solving the situation, Marie. ”

What am I thinking! He is right. I am not his real girlfriend but I am acting like one.

” Sorry, I will act like your girlfriend. ”

” You don have to be sorry. So, hang out with me. ”

” Okay. But when? ”

” After school. ”

” But I have to go home after school. ”

” No problem. We can go outside after 5pm. ”

” Okay. ”

With that I started eating my lunch once again. He also started eating his lunch. I didn tie my hairs so they were disturbing me but I kept eating. Suddenly, Evan tugged my hair behind my ear. No one ever did that to me before . For a moment I wanted to think that Evan was my real boyfriend. But it felt so wrong. So, I stood up and made my way to the classroom.

Evan, ” Where are you going? ”

” I am going to the classroom. ”

” Wait, lets go together. ”

” Okay. ”

Evan hold my hand and I tried to free my hand but he hold it really tight.I glanced at Lisa who just winked at me. I rolled my eyes and started walking to the classroom. Honestly it felt good holding his hand. But Evans next words broke my heart.

” Arya is standing there so please act properly. ”

I saw Arya standing at the front of the canteen with a boy. Maybe he is her new boyfriend. She looked at us with disbelief. We kept walking. We both entered the classroom.

Evan, ” Did you saw her face? She was really jealous. ”

” Yeah, maybe. ”

We made our way to the desk. The warning bell rang so everyone came to the classroom. We sat on our sits as our science teacher came. The classes finished so soon. Its 2 past 30 and the bell rang. Everyone rushed towards the door as its time to go home. Lisa and I made our way to the exit but Evan stood infront of us. He looked at Lisa and said, ” Can I take my girlfriend with me? ”

That made me red like tomato. How can he? Like I am just pretending to be his girlfriend.

I spoke, ” I don think so. ”

Lisa, ” Of course you can. I also planned to go to shopping with Jack. So, goodbye guys. Have fun. ” With that she left. I looked at Lisa with disbelief. Then I looked at Evan and said, ” I thought you told me that we are going to hang out after 4 pm. ”

” Yeah but I wanted to walk you home. ”

He was acting like my real boyfriend though he was not. Whatever! I kept walking. This time I didn let him hold my hand. Evan was also walking with me. We passed the school gate. I spoke to him, ” I can go by myself. You can go now. ”

He hold me forcefully and came closer to me. He was freaking me out. He came too closer. I have never been this close to any boy. Was he trying to kiss me?! Oh my goodness! What should I do now?! But he proved me wrong.

He just came closer and took a deep breath. Then he whispered to my ear,

” Let me…. ”

Was he taking my permission to kiss me?

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