Was he taking permission to kiss me? What should I do? Oh my god!

Evan, ” Let me…walk you home. ”

What the heck was I even thinking!

” What! ”

Evan, ” What did you thought? That I am gonna kiss you? ”

I am really embarrassed right now. My face became a tomato. I just turned my face and started walking towards my home.

Evan followed me and said, ” You know I can kiss you if you want and I would love to do that. ”

” Just shut up! ”

Evan, ” Oh, okay. ”

I kept walking.

Evan, ” We can take a cab. ”

” No, thanks. ”

Evan, ” Are you serious? You are gonna walk the whole path? ”

” Yes. Any problem? ”

Evan, ” No. ”

” You can go home if you want. ”

Evan, ” Why are you so stubborn? ”

I angrily looked at him. He is the one who is stubborn. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. I said, ” Please let me walk with peace. If you can then goodbye. ”

I started walking again. This time he was silent. I was showing my attitude again. I don know what is wrong with me. It took 20 freaking minutes to reach home. I should have just took a cab. But me and Evan in one cab, it would be a bad idea.

I said to Evan, ” Goodbye now. ”

Evan, ” Wait! I walked all the way your home with you and you
e not even telling me to visit your home. ”

” Are you serious, Evan? I would never do that! ”

Evan, ” What is wrong with that? ”

” Nothing. I have to go goodbye. ”

Evan, ” At least give me a glass of water I am thirsty. ”

I stood infront of my home and started twisting the key on the door. Should I call him to come? Afterall, he walked with me the whole path. But I didn tell him to.

” Okay. Come in. ”

Evan quickly entered my house. I closed the door.

Evan, ” Why there is no one in your house? ”

” Well, my mom is at work probably and Raian have a soccer match with his friends. ”

I opened up the fridge and took the bottle of water. I started pouring the water into the glass for Evan.

Evan, ” What does your mom do? ”

” I actually don know. I guess temporary jobs. ”

I handed him the glass of water.

Evan, ” Oh. And your dad? ”

I was taken aback with this question.

” Don talk about him. ”

Evan, ” Okay. ”

With that he started drinking his water. He didn ask me anymore questions.

” You can leave now, Evan. ”

Instead of leaving he took of his bag and sat on the couch.

” What are you doing? You should leave now. ”

Evan, ” How rude you are! ”

” You said you would leave after drinking water. ”

Evan, ” Oh really? I don think I said that. ”

” Whatever my house my rules. Now, get out! ”

Evan, ” Can I spend some moment with my girlfriend? ”

” I am your fake girlfriend not real, okay?! ”

He frowned his brows and said, ” Whatever! Girlfriend means girlfriend I don care if its fake or real. ”

Is he kidding me?

” Excuse me! ”

He didn reply to me and he was making himself more comfortable in the couch.

I yelled at him, ” Listen, I am the one who is helping you and you should be grateful. ”

Evan, ” I am grateful. ”

” Then at least listen to me please. ”

Evan, ” Well, I am listening. ”

” Please, mom will be here in any minute. She will freak out if she saw you. ”

Evan, ” Why? Do I look like a ghost. ”

” Its because you
e a boy. ”

He coughed after listening to my words.

Evan, ” You are not serious, are you? ”

” Yes I am. Please get out now. ”

Evan, ” Didn you have boyfriend before? ”

He testing my patient now.

” Thats a personal question. I prefer not to answer it. ”

Evan, ” There should be no personal things between us. You are my girlfriend afterall. ”

” Oh! Please! Just shut up and go. ”

Evan, ” Okay, for now I am leaving. ”

He got up from the couch and came closer to me. I stepped backwards until I hit the wall. I was trapped between the wall and him. He whispered to my ear, ” Be ready by 5. I will take you somewhere. ”

I nervously said, ” Okay. ”

He took his bag and made his way out.

I checked the watch its already 3 past 35. So, I closed the door and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After 15 minutes I came out from the shower and picked up a nice dress which was different from my casual wear. Afterall, I wanted to look nice. I wore the dress. I heard the calling bell so I went to the door and it was my mom.

” Hi, mom. ”

Mom, ” Hey, honey. ”

She looked at me and said, ” Are you going somewhere? ”

” Yeah. I have something to talk with you. ”

She sat on the couch and told me to sit there.

I sat there. Then she spoke, ” What is it? Tell me. ”

” Actually there is a boy. ”

Mom, ” who? ”

” A new boy in our school. ”

Mom, ” Hmm…and whats about him? ”

” Umm… well…he.. ” I couldn finish my sentence.I just looked down and started playing with my fingers. I don know how to say this.

Mom, ” Marie, look at me. ”

I obeyed and looked at her.

Mom, ” Listen Marie, I know what you want to say. You know its okay to love someone but make sure you are loving the right person. I don want you to love the wrong person like I did. ”

I understand my mom. She has been through so much. But here I am having a fake boyfriend.

” I am sorry mom. ”

Mom, ” Don be sorry. Just be careful. I don want you to get hurt. ”

” Okay. ”

I hugged my mom and she hugged me back.

Mom, ” Well, now tell me, where are you going? ”

” He told me that he will take me somewhere. ”

Mom, ” Whats his name? ”

” Evan. ”

Mom, ” Age? ”

” At my age I guess. ”

Mom, ” Where is he taking you? ”

” I don know. ”

Mom, ” You should have known. ”

” Mom, can I go? Please. ”

Mom, ” Do you really wanna go? ”

” Yes. ”

Mom, ” Okay then. ”

” Thank you, ma. ”

Mom, ” I have to take a shower now. Raian didn return, did he? ”

She got up from the couch.

I replied, ” No. ”

Mom, ” Oh. ”

She went to her room and I went to my room. I used the lipstick for the first time this year. I used some eyeliner too. I was looking beautiful to be honest. Its 4 past 30. I called Lisa.

Lisa, ” Hey, Marie. Hope things are going well. ”

” Yeah. ”

Lisa, ” Tell me, what happened, babe? ”

” Nothing. He just told me that he will take me somewhere. ”

Lisa, ” Sounds like a date. ”

” I guess so… ”

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