*The long moment of Nightmare*

Han Bridge in Seoul, at 9:00 p.m.

Unable to stop, A young-looking frail man Minseok slowly walked the bridge while bleeding from the lips, forehead, and mouth.

When all the cars started passing recklessly, he then began to cross the street, but he was just feeling cold on a warm night, just like a person who had just experienced all the heartbreaks at once.

He was dressed in black jeans, a white inner t-shirt, and a blue shirt, but there were water drop-like blood stains all over his outfit, from his white t-shirt to his white shoes.

He moved slowly and calmly, but his face seemed broken from his heart and soul and his eyes were filled with despair.

He appeared to be someone who had suffered extreme pain perhaps depressive panic attacks.

He moved slowly toward the edge of the bridge, looked up at the cloudy sky without stars or the moon, and began to weep silently without speaking. It felt like a scream from his broken soul in the dark, crying and begging for help.

Then he grumbled.

”Why! Why God? Did I do something wrong? Its not right! Why then? Wae ”.

Despite the fact that everything around him seemed normal, he was incredibly depressed.

He could feel his pain with every breath he took, and he could hear his heartbeat louder than the sounds of the cars passing on the bridge.

Then suddenly, his phone started ringing, so he took it out and saw the caller ID, Brother.

He then lifts the call after sighing.

”Yes! ” he said in a heavy tone while wiping his tears.

”Minseok…! You know, it happened all because of you. Why did mom have to break herself because of you? ” The reply came from the phone.

On hearing his twin brothers desperate question, Minseok broke into tears, but he didn make a single sound and replied.

”Seo Jun… a! Im not and I didn … ” While pausing himself, he controlled himself by placing his left hand on his mouth before he could break into a thousand pieces by crying.

Then the reply came

”Whether you did it or not, why did mom have to die as a result of your crime? She wasn responsible for your crime, was she? Then why, you bastard! ”

By hearing his brothers words, Minseok immediately broke his tears out and threw his phone into the river without ending the call.

Then he spoke in a painful voice,

”Seo Jun… a! Im tired ” and stood on the edge.

Till then, the atmosphere became very calm with no sound or vehicles but only darkness of emotions with no hope of happiness.

Minseok then looked at the sky and uttered

”I wish you all regret for what you did to me. Thats my curse. ”

After saying his heart out loud with his last emotions, he wiped his tears and once again looked at the night sky filled with darkness and no hope and smiled,

then closed his eyes and calmly jumped off the bridge into stone cold dark water full of sorrow.

Slowly by slowly, he relaxed his body inside himself and released his last breath calmly. He then remembered all the painful incidents that happened to him, how he was abused and what he suffered.

Finally, by the end of his breath, he slowly closed his eyes, but with a heart filled with unbearable pain.

Next morning.

30-year-old cop Kyungsoo, who was jogging on the roadside of the Han River, saw a body of a young man floating on the river.

he uttered

”Gosh! Another suicide. Looks like life was easy for him ” in a sassy way

Then he immediately took his phone and called his teammates for backup.

Then he moved near to the dead body, but he was not interested in the man at all, even before checking the mans pulse he thought the man is dead and after a few seconds, he saw his teammates coming.

Then one of his teammates named Dosik handed him a pair of gloves. First, he wore the gloves, then he turned the mans face to see.

But by seeing the mans face, Officer Kyungsoos jaw dropped and he was shocked, he immediately broke into tears which caught the attention of his teammates. Officer Dosik, was rendered speechless by the sight of his superior. He immediately tried to calm Kyungsoo and asked about his relationship with the man.

Kyungsoo, who was still in shock, immediately dialed his wifes number on his phone and rashly said

”Honey! Minseok killed himself by drowning in the Han river, don let Taemin know this, take him to your hometown for some days now immediately ”.

But on the other hand, Taemin, his son, was holding the phone instead of his mother.

After hearing what his dad said over the phone,

Taemin in a shocking state answered

”Dad…! Did Minseok…do that? ” and dropped the phone on the floor, and he started running towards the Han River.

Kyungsoo, who heard Taemins voice, felt very emotional and his hands started shaking.

He then called off the call and turned back and saw Minseoks lifeless body. At the same time, the forensic team joined the crew and started their procedure, but Taemin who was fast enough came there and saw everything. Taemin, whose best friend is dead, refused to leave and broke his tears out on his dads shoulders. Only then the white cloth from Minseoks face drop and Taemin was able to see his friends face, which was white as ice, and after seeing it, he became emotionless.

Then Kyungsoo took Taemin to his home by himself without delay.

At home, Kyungsoo explained the situation to his wife, Soyuna, who felt the same emotional pain as her husband. Then Kyungsoo immediately moved out to the police station for further investigation.

Taemin was still shocked, then he grabbed his phone and checked his miscalled list, and found a voice mail from Minseok. So, without waiting any further, he played, which says

”Taemin…a, If you
e hearing this, that means Im not around anymore, but don worry. I can say, youll find a better friend than me, and please study hard and say goodbye to uncle and aunt, and Im very happy to have you ”

in a very heartbreaking voice. ”

After listening to the voice mail from Minseok, Taemin just burst into tears and his mother, who also heard Minseoks last message, was unable to stop her son or herself from being emotional, but somehow, she controlled herself and came near to her son and hugged him while patting his back for comfort.

Soon enough, the media outraged Minseoks case in the news.

Later that day,

Seo Jun, who was in the US, came back to Korea with no idea of his brothers death or situation. He immediately went to Minseoks apartment and opened the door while being outraged.

”Minseok! ” He started screaming and started looking all over the place for his brother, but the house was empty.

Then he saw their mothers picture on the table near the couch and sat on the couch while holding the picture.

He then said,

”Omma! Why did you Wae, was he the only son you had? ”Am I, am I, not your son? ” in a very heartbreaking vocal tone.


while he was wiping his tears, he saw blood drops on the floor and saw the camera, which was placed near the TV on a tripod facing the couch. After looking at the blood and the camera he felt strange so,

He immediately took the camera and played the last recorded video, which was of Minseok.

After seeing the whole video of Minseok, Seo Jun wasn able to keep his face right.

He, with desperate guilt, stood and ran out of the room barefoot while uttering

”Min…a! Im sorry, please don die, please ” on over the way. ”

After a while,

He finally came across the Han River, where he saw reporters and police officers. While looking at them, he became more and more obnoxious and felt a pure sense of regret.

He slowly walked towards the shore while reporters were making their reports.

Meanwhile, officer Kyungsoo saw Seo Jun and his bleeding foot and became emotional. He immediately got nearer to Seo Jun and asked

”Joona, what are you doing here? Go to Taemin, he is home ” while he was just trying to make him leave the site.

But Seo Jun asked in a broken tone.

”Uncle, is Min okay? Tell me he isn dead right. ”

He broke out.

Kyungsoo, who was unable to hide his emotions, nodded his head in disagreement, and after seeing him, Seo Jun kneeled in sadness.

For them, the world seemed faster, but in reality, the emotions they were feeling and the time they were facing became slower than others. Just like happiness last for seconds and unhappiness last for years.

To be continued…

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