”Sometimes bad things happen for good ”

Three months have passed and everyone has forgotten about Minseoks suicide incident except his related people. Seo Jun who lost his brother became cold-hearted and continued his study in the school where he was with Minseok and Taemin. Taemin, on the other hand, transferred himself to another school right after Minseoks funeral, but in his new school, he gets bullied. However, he doesn show any frustration because he thinks he deserves it.


Yama Jun, the 18-year-old angel, was still on his bed. But, with lots of sweat from terror. He was in his white night dress and was sweating a lot. It looked like he was dreaming the same nightmare again, then out of nowhere, he grumbled in sleep.

”Please! Don do that, please… ah, please! ”No ”.

and started crying.

Chief Ronwoo, who was on his way to Yama Juns room, heard his scream and immediately rushed for him.

After coming before the door of Yama Juns house.

He pleaded

”Yama! opened the door ” but after hearing no answer from his pupil. He immediately opened the door with his magical ability and saw Yama Jun, who was still in his dream, unable to wake up.

Yama Jun looked scared and his white shirt turned transparent because of sweat.

So, to wake his pupil up, Chief Ronwoo got an idea.

He firstly moved near to the bed and sat beside Yama Jun then he said while smiling,

”Sorry Juna, consider this as your birthday slap ” and then he started slapping him randomly.

After taking the 4th slap, Yama Jun woke up from his nightmare but with two red cheeks. Chief Ronwoo stood near the bed as soon as he awoke, acting as if nothing had happened. Yama Jun, on the other hand, while lying on his bed, touched his face and grumbled in confusion,

”Ouch! Why does my face hurt so much? ” while touching his face.

Chief Ronwoo then interrupted Yama Jun and said

”Juna, I don think any other person got a birthday bomb like you ” while he was laughing his ass out in his heart.

”Birthday Bomb, whats that now? ” Yama Jun responded. But then he once again touched his cheeks, and this time he saw Chief Ronwoo for five seconds straight and while gazing at his hands, he screamed most dramatically,

”Chief! ”You slapped me… ”

He was acting like his pet died or something. Then Chief Ronwoo immediately responded by saying

”Sorry, Juna, but you were not waking up and it looked like you were dreaming those nightmares, so to wake you up I had to slap you. ”

Yama Jun heard his Chiefs answer and thanked him for helping him although his cheeks were still like red tomatoes

Then, out of nowhere, Yama Jun showed excessive excitement and stood on his bed and started jumping like a little kid.

Then he said

”Yeah! Today is my 19th birthday and Ill get my wings today ”.

Chief Ronwoo, who was worried before looked at Yama Jun and felt glad and

while leaving the house, he said

”Don be late, today Elder Chief will come to the church at 11 a.m., now its 10 a.m., so get ready, ”

After some time,

Yama Jun got fully ready for his ceremony. He wore a white outfit and looked even more handsome than usual. Then suddenly, he started dancing by singing.

”Happy birthday to me… ” Today Ill get my new wings! Yeah! Yeah! ”Wow like a dying rooster right in front of his door.

James, his best friend, and the others who were there to cheer him up saw Yama Juns weirdness and were too stunned to say anything. But Yama Jun was just busy dancing like a crazy person. He didn even realize he was being watched or behaving crazier than ever in front of all the people he knew who were there to wish him well.

After watching Yama Juns craziness, James and the bunch of people started laughing like goats. Then James screamed.

”Juna! What the hell are you doing? In front of us? ”

Then Yama Jun noticed James and the others and felt embarrassed and smiled in guilt then started mumbling.

”What the hell, since when they were watching me? Did they see me dance? I should go and die somewhere; I have become a living meme. ”

After a minute he joined James and the others, and they all started moving towards the ceremonial hall.

In the ceremonial Hall, Chief Ronwoo was with Elder Chief.

They were taking something serious about Yama Jun.

By then everyone started coming and after coming into the ceremonial hall, James joined the other people and Yama Jun stood Infront of the Elder Chief.

Then the churchs bell rang loudly

indicating as the ceremony is begun.

Right after Hearing the bells sound, Yama Jun kneeled himself in front of the Elder Chief. Then, Elder Chief slowly moved his hands-on Yama Juns head and said

”Son! You were endowed with holy grace. You must and shall follow your heart because it is what God wants ”.

Elder Chief then took the holy water in his right hand and sprinkled it on Yama Jun.

Then he uttered, in a very calm voice.

”Son! You have the holy energy of God in your heart and no one other than you, not even me, can control it. So, use it wisely. ”

Then suddenly, the atmosphere began to change from calm to stormy, which made everyone fearful.


the weather seemed disastrous for everyone but for the Elder Chief it was not.

He seemed excited and looked at the sky and he smiled, and by looking upwards, he moved his left hand into the air, making the upper part of the ceremonial hall disappear with his angelic power. Everyone was able to see the sky.

Yama Jun, who was kneeling looked at the stormy sky and stood up.

Then the Elder Chief announced joyfully,

”My people, finally we will get our new angel of judgment today ” and looked towards Yama Jun who was busy gazing at the stormy sky.

Then suddenly, Yama Jun started floating in the air, making everyones jaws drop.

But even in the mid-air, Yama Jun didn stop his craziness.

He was screaming, talking, laughing, and even singing out of fear. He mumbled out of fear

”Oh, Holy Crap, no! Oh, holy God, please give me mercy! No, show me mercy, please…I apologize for not saying hi, but goodbye as every time I saw your statue; please land me safely. ” and begin to weep

Because of his humorous prayer, everyone there started laughing, and even the Elder Chief couldn stop his laugh. Meanwhile,

Chief Ronwoo looked highly embarrassed and he smiled without really smiling, and he uttered to himself

”God! From which forest I brought him here ”.

As Yama Jun was floating in the air everyone who was looking at the sky saw two divine thunder of punishment and blessing, which were being created.

Then, after a second, the two divine thunder transformed into one stroked Yama Juns back and knocked him out.

Because of the unusual situation, everyone was shocked and unable to understand what they saw.

James, who was extremely worried about his friend asked.

”Chief, whats happening to Jun? Why did he get stroked by the divine thunder? He never did anything bad, then why? ”

Chief Ronwoo then answered with a smile,

”As you know, Devine thunder only strikes the people who commit evil crimes, right? ” to James

”Yes! But Jun never committed any crime, even when he was a human ” James responded.

Then Chief Ronwoo looked at Yama Jun and said

”Yes, because he is a pure soul. Thats why divine thunder stroked him in combination, not separately. You might not know, but if divine thunder strikes anyone in combination, then its not to punish but to bless ”.


after hearing what Chief Ronwoo said, James looked at Yama Jun and said to himself while smirking,

”We all know you went through a lot in your human life my friend, but now youll become the 7th angel. Im worried though! But not for you, but for the people who made you miserable ”.

And only then.

Yama Jun got his consciousness back and the elder chief landed him safely.

After coming down, Yama Jun touched his back, which was tattered by the thunder.

While whining like a kid he then asked.

”Elder Chief! Why did I get hit by divine thunder? Am I a sinner? Really? ”.

Elder Chief replied,

”Yama Jun, it was combined divine thunder, which means you got the blessing, not punishment. ”

Then, without pausing for a second, Yama Jun raised another question. He asked

”Then, Elder Chief, when will I grow my wings, and will It be in pink? ”.

Chief Ronwoo, who was already embarrassed enough by Yama Juns sarcasm, said in frustration

”Hey, stop it! Youll get your wings by the end of this day, and are you choosing clothes or candies? Your wings color will be decided by the work youll do, so stop whining now.

And so, the ceremonial event ended.

Then Chief Ronwoo invited everyone to the garden party for lunch.

James sat alongside Yama Jun, and they were about to start eating. Only then, the Elder Chief asked

Yama Jun! Are you still having those nightmares? ”

”Ah… Yes, Elder Chief, ” Yama Jun replied while being tense.

The Elder Chief then responded while holding a glass of water.

”Don worry, those are just your ” and paused, then he added

”Those are just nightmares; forget them because you
e the new angel of judgment, and after you get your heavenly wings, your first task will be to judge and punish, so be ready and, yeah, be careful. ”

”Careful about what? ” Yama Jun asked in confusion.

Then Chief Ronwoo said

”Jun, the wings you will grow are very powerful, so, while they grow, youll feel an unbearable amount of pain on your back and whole body. ”

Upon getting the answer Yama Jun placed his chopsticks on his plate and exclaimed

”God! It appears that I have a problem to deal with, and Im not even good at dealing with problems. ”

Their lunch lasted two long hours.

After finishing their lunch, everyone left to do their work.

Yama Jun took his friend James and went to the library. The library was empty enough for them to talk loudly.

So, Yama Jun sat down in his usual place, which was at the center of the library, and he started singing the song he usually hears in his nightmares.

The song says

”Im a white lotus turned black. ”

”Maybe I was stupid to hold myself back. ”

”This world is a hell for me. ”

”Was my pain entertaining? maybe ”

”I looked for love. ”

”You all indict me for lust. ”

”Abusing me was easy for them. ”

”One of my friends was with them. ”

”They told me I looked sad. ”

”Then mocked me for looking glad. ”

”Every day, the same ordeal. ”

”Every time, the same pain I feel ”

”Im a white lotus turned black. ”

”Maybe I was stupid to hold myself back. ”

James, who was standing near a bookshelf, listened to the song pleasantly, but he felt extreme sadness in his heart. So, before Yama Jun could sing further,

He said while breathing heavily.

”Jun! ”Stop yourself, I can hear it, its painful ”.

Then Yama Jun started laughing at James.

Then out of nowhere, Yama Jun felt extreme pain in his back and fell on the floor right in front of James.

James hurriedly held Yama Jun with his hands and asked

”Jun! what happened? whats happening? you are sweating a lot! ”

Then, Yama Jun while feeling the intense pain from his back to his chest replied in a dreadful cry

”James, it looks like Im growing wings. ” and started screaming.

James was horrified by hearing Yama Juns painful scream. He remembered what Chief Ronwoo said about Yama Juns wings. So, he decided to take Yama Jun to Chief Ronwoo. But Yama Juns body was hot like fire.

Yama Jun was burning like a fire, But James didn hesitate to hug him. He tore Yama Juns backcloth and started his ice magic to calm his back. But Yama Juns heat was like the heat of the sun which can even vaporize diamonds.

Because of the heat, Yama Jun was emitting, James hurt himself. He got injuries on his hands.

Yama Jun understood the situation and said

”James, leave me here, I can handle the pain, don hurt yourself because of me ” but before he could finish his sentence, his body begins to burn. which made him cry out loud as it was really unbearable for him.

Then, James unexpectedly burst out of his blue wings and flew through the sky towards the church after breaking the roof of the library.

But before James could enter the church, he, along with Yama Jun, fell into the Jiga [Earth] river because of injuries.

As soon as they fell into the river, the water surrounding Yama Jun started to evaporate into the air and the atmosphere started changing its color again just like during Yama Juns ceremony.

Elder Chief and Chief Ronwoo who were talking inside the church felt an extremely powerful aura around them as the atmosphere changed inside the church too. Then suddenly, one by one, every candle began to light up automatically inside the church, which shocked both the Chiefs.

After a second, both of them came out and saw the sky with divine thunder.

Then, out of the blue, the divine thunder combined itself and hit inside the Jiga river where both Yama Jun and James fell.

As soon as, the divine thunder hit the surface of the river, a magical portal opened inside the river. James saw the unknown portal and tried to save Yama Jun from being sucked who was very near. But even trying with his remaining strength, he was unable to hold Yama Juns hand and Yama Jun, who was still in pain, was unable to do either. Yama Jun then slowly lost his consciousness and was sucked inside the portal

While James screamed,

”Yama… ”

and lost consciousness because of his injuries.

To be continued

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