The scary man I

The sun was already up when Julia woke up to see her room well arranged. She felt bad her mum had to clean her room again.

Mum Im sorry for not listening to you and for giving you extra work to do all the time, from today I promise to grow up, She whispered with a light smile on her face.

Story of my life, I have to be strong so she won know Im hurting as long as she is hurting. I want to be a great doctor in the future,

She picks up her pen and diary as she flips to the first page and starts to write.

Dear dairy, I have never felt the need to write because mum has always been there to listen to me. There was no need to talk to anyone else.

I am Julia Dacoster, my friends call me Jul. I have two elder sisters Jima and Jane, they are both married and live abroad. They visit home during charismas holidays. I must say I miss them a lot.

I turned 19 years two months ago but it still feels like I turn 9 years old instead. She halts and smiles at what she has written down, I enjoy being my mums little girl. I have never met my dad strangely. I only got to see his pictures in sister Jimas room once, when I was 10 years, she halts again and holds a sad face, she took in a deep breath and continued.

Mum always tells me he had to leave but never told me why. Jima and Jane always told me how great of a dad he was, they were happy but changed suddenly when I was born. He didn even pick us up at the hospital. Mum will tell us he had an accident and went into a coma. She chuckles.

But no one believed that story. I had always known something was wrong. I use to think I was the reason why he left but mum will always brush me off, besides I was too young to know what wrong I did to him to make him take off the way he did, and never looked back not even once.

I prayed all the time that God help me meet my dad before I turn 20 years well for no reason, in particular, just the timeframe I gave myself to face him. That was just by the way dairy,

I have three more years to finish medical school and even though it seems long, Im very excited. I want to make my mum very happy and proud of me, as well as my dad where ever he may be. I usually don get sad but I think I am now.

Im feeling bad right now,

”Julia! ” Her mum called her from the bottom of the stairs.

”Yes mum, Im coming. ” She stared at the diary and tore out the

pages she had written on, crumbed it, and toss it across the room. She remembered her mum just clean the room. She picked it up and drop it in the bin. She fixed herself before going down.

”Mum you called me, ” she said.

”Yes, where are you going with your camera? ” Her mum asked.

”Nowhere mum, I am just going to get some fresh air, ” she said softly.

”You look, sad baby. Come have sit, have breakfast and you can tell me all about whats on your mind, ” her mother suggested.

”Don worry mum, Im fine and I will have breakfast later, ” she huffs.

”I wonder who I take after you or dad? ” she jokes as she runs off the house before her mother could say anything else, Mrs. Juliana shakes her head with a soft smile as she watches her run off.

On her way out she turned back and realized she just mentions her dads name in front of her mum who smiles as she glanced at her.

”Julia, do not stay out for long, ” she said behind her.

”Yes mum, ” she replied.

Lost in her thoughts. She was alerted when she had a call from a colleague of hers. She wanted help with her homework but she turned her down.

”Im sorry Katia Im busy right now. Can I give you a call later? ” She mumbled

”Yes sure, ” Katia replied and ends the call.

She saw an amazing art that caught her attention. She started taking pictures of the piece of art. She entered the gallery but was stopped. She was not allowed to bring her camera along.

On her way out, she ran into a wired man. ”Im sorry sir, I was not looking, ” She apologize and left quickly without taking a glance at his face.

The man was still in shock and amazed at the same time.

He enquired about Julia but the shop attendant was of no help to him. He walk out and went looking for her. She was walking on the street looking at the amazing pictures she had managed to take.

The man couldn find her, he order his men to find the girl that just left the shop.

She was by the pond taking photos of the small fish in the pond. Julia was amazed at how the little fishes were struggling over the piece of bread she had tossed in the pond.

The strange man finally found her. He addresses her as Juliana. She was lost. Does he know me from somewhere? she had thought…

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