Who am I? 1

”No please I didn mean for it to sound that way. I don know how you will take this but I think you should know. ” he paused and continue trying to find the best way to tell him.

”The **** incident that happened long ago I think… ” Umar interrupted him,

”My good friend that incident cost us our friendship. It wasn a big deal she was just a girl, and do you know the number of girls I take every day? ” He proudly said.

”She is just one of the many. So please stop making a big deal out of it. It makes no difference, ” he snaps as smokes hail from his nose and mouth.

”I think you might have a 19-year-old daughter, ” Rocky broke it out to him without beating around the bush.

”You said what! ” Umar grumbled springing from the chair he was sitting on.

”Thats bullshit! I have a daughter? ” He laughs out loud. To his surprise, Umar was not that a monster after all, like everyone, believes he is.

Umar realized Rocky wasn joking.

He dismissed all the servants around except for Mohammad and Sa-aid his trusted personal assistant and personal doctor who follows him everywhere he goes.

”I have a daughter, that is a joke but looking at the sound of your voice you don sound like someone that is playing around much less calling me to tell a joke, ” he rumbled.

Umar was never married. He takes women whenever he felt like it. He never had any woman twice that has been his style. He gets any woman he desires any time anywhere. That is why he has a lot of female virgins servants at hand, he takes them whenever he so desires and to them, it was an honor.

Others run away from his mare shadows in order not to be noticed by him. Everyone feared him and he was not someone you could refuse, you either give in willingly or be taken by force. He enjoyed the stubborn ones more. Those he gets to punish for misbehaving. He was the king of the Southlands.

He was one notorious criminal everyone feared to touch, he had connections in every high place. With just a single phone call he can make the impossible possible.

He had no children, he become impotent when he was involved in a serious accident that almost took his life, he lost his mother through that same accident.

He took consolation in drugs and ended up becoming one of the well-known drug cartels in the region. He started operating in his living room, down to a garage. Then to warehouses, he now operates in every business bar, strap club, furniture store, gallery, casino, and funeral home across the globe.

Even though he had a lot of criminal records he has never been arrested because no one knew his real face he was well known as the
ed iron

Rocky explained further and he remembered very well the **** incident that ended their friendship because Rocky felt so guilty he went into a bet with him over Juliana.

Umar begs Rocky to help him meet his daughter and finding out he has a daughter from a good woman and an innocent child makes him feel it was a sign from God.

He had not abandoned him after all, he has given him something as precious as a child, an angel to watch over him, he was overjoyed so was Mohammed and Sa-aid.

”Rocky you have to help me, I have to get my daughter at any cost. For me its a sign, if a

monster like me could be with a child of mine own then its a gift from God, ” He said with excitement.

”I am willing to do anything even beg them if I have to, ” He added, his apology might be a little too late but he was willing to give it a try.

Rocky was excited his friend took the news well. He thought he was not going to care but he was overjoyed and surprised him.

He realized he still had a soul and a heart. He was excited to describe Julia to him and how well she took after him.

Umar couldn help it than to fly back to the Westland that very night to meet with Rocky. He was happy to see his old friend again. Rocky explained the whole process to him.

He told him to perform a DNA test to be sure Julia was really his daughter and handed over the strain of hair he took from Julia without her knowing.

Umar was very grateful, he handed it over to Mohammed. Rocky was worried it will take a while before the results of the test will be in.

Umar assure him he had nothing to worried about he had all the equipment to carry out the test that very moment. His helicopter was fully equipped with a laboratory.

Mohammed took some samples from Umar and started working on the samples to see if they matches.

Umar was anxious the whole time to know the result of the DNA, ”It will take some time, ” Rocky comforted.

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