The birth of Wang Wei had far greater impact than imagined.

In a higher dimension where the Myriad Emperor Word was located, there is no void or stars, or the concept of the universe known to Wang Weis previous life:

There is only Chaos: the beginning and end of everything. Chaos gave birth to every living and non-living thing, and every living and nonliving thing will one day return to chaos.

In the endless chaos, there are many powerful worlds. Each powerful world has a lower dimension full of smaller worlds that provide them resources: mainly powerful cultivators.

The Chaos World associated with Myriad Emperor World is known as the Eternal Ascension World. Even among the countless Chaos World, The Eternal Ascension World is one if not the most powerful world.

In this powerful world, there are countless powerful cultivators whose breath alone is enough to completely destroy the Myriad Emperor World. However, Heavenly Dao prevents higher dimension creatures from going to the lower level: at best, they could send a projection if they are strong enough.

And among these cultivators, there are nine who stood at the apex and ruled the entire world. Their words are absolute law and anyone who disobeys or tries to reach their level will be destroyed without any hesitation. As such, fighting and competition between them is usually fierce. Well, to be exact, the competition between seven of the nine are as such.

The last two are different. Their power has reached a higher level than the other two and most mundane things are of no interest to them. However, they still try to keep the balance of power of this world.

Usually the Eternal Ascension World is quite peaceful, but today, seven powerful auras swept around the entire world at the same time. Even worse, soon the other 2 more powerful auras also woke up. Everyone wanted to know what awakening these 9 powerful bosses–especially the last two.

Of course if they know that it was because a just born baby, everyone would be shocked and would never believed such an absurd thing.

The moment Wang Wei was born, these powerful people begin to communicate with one another.

”Have you felt it, ” said an ethereal voice.

”Yes, someones soul has reached the Paragon level and may break through to our realm at any moment, ” responded a beautiful and melodious voice.

”We must find the person and kill it in the bud before he rises, ” said another rough voice full of killing intent.

After this short conversation, nine powerful Divine Consciousness swept the entire Eternal Ascension World searching for something. After not finding anything, they did not give up, but used more magical means. They look through every space or dimension in this world–even those that were created by other cultivators.

Afterward, they look through time and space, the past and present. They look at different time lines and future parallel universes. After not finding anything, they look at the Destiny and Luck of every living being to see which one has the closest fate of being a Paragon.

However, their search seemed to be in vain.

After not finding anything after using so much of their power, the nine powerful beings were furious and used more aggressive means.

They looked at the karma of all living things, and even went as far as to look through Samsara to make sure that this person was not using the power of reincarnation to cover his track.

The lower level cultivators felt dreadful. They felt an invisible eye that could see through everything about them: their bodies, soul, spirit, mind,, past life, and even their future death. The feeling of having your life in someone elses hand was quite terrible and horrifying.

Unfortunately, despite all the commotions, nothing was found.

Actually there is a reason that Wang Wei was not found. These people did not believe that the lower dimension could give birth to such a powerful soul, so they subconsciously neglected this part.

Soon, the incident escalated beyond controlled.

A huge eye suddenly appears on top of the Eternal Ascension World. The first impression that comes to mind when seeing this eye is that it is mighty and indifferent; you could not see a single trace of emotion in this eye.

”Eye of Heavenly Dao! ” exclaimed one of the nine rulers.

The moment this eye appeared, these rulers knew that things were more serious than just competition for right and resources. They could not get involved in things concerning Heavenly Dao–of course, this did not apply to the most two powerful rulers.

The moment the Eye Of Heavenly Dao appears, these two rulers know that something of great importance must have happened. So, they began to calculate Heaven Secrets to deduce the cause and effect of this event.

The reason that Heavenly Dao appears is because he detected a foreign soul invading the world. In fact, such an act often happens in a big world like the Eternal Ascension World, but usually, these foreign souls are weak and would be soon assimilated and become ”permanent residents ” of this world.

As for the powerful ones, they will be blocked outside the world or completely obliterated after entering Reincarnation.

Now, the Eye of Heavenly Dao notices a soul that managed to bypass its defense, and said soul has the potential to completely alter the fate and fundamental order of this world.

As the Supreme Ruler in this world, Heavenly Dao has no emotion and no desire. It is only a powerful consciousness whose sole purpose is to maintain the rules and order that makes the world function.

As such, this foreign soul or Wang Wei, must be eradicated.

The appearance of the Eye of Heavenly Dao brought a great catastrophe to Wang Wei without him even realizing it. Of course, even if he realizes the seriousness of the problem, there is absolutely nothing he could do about it now.

After all, he is just a baby now. Even if he has a powerful soul, he could not use it. In fact, it would take him a very long time for him to truly realize how powerful his soul actually is.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao is more powerful and thorough than these nine rulers. After checking the Eternal Ascension World, he begins to check the lower dimension.

The lower dimension is boundless and complicated. There are countless worlds, and these worlds are also divided from low to high into: Small Thousand World, Medium Thousand World, Great Thousand World, and Heaven Will World.

These classifications are based on the amount spiritual energy contains on these worlds, the amount of resources, the size and the highest level of cultivation that people can reach.

The lower the world, the more there are in quantity. For example there are more than ten millions smaller thousand worlds, less than a million medium thousand worlds, 100,000 or more greater thousand worlds.

As for Heaven Will World, there are no more than a few hundreds of them.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao took a while to scan all the small, medium, and great thousand worlds. Soon, it will be the turn of the Heaven Will Worlds–which is the category that Myriad Emperor World belongs to.

A great danger is quickly approaching our protagonist. How will he survive this great catastrophe? Will his journey end before even beginning? And what is the purpose of this shadow that seemed to have anticipated all of these? Is he a friend or an enemy?

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