Wooly Hat Girl

”.. the sun…is hot… ”

A young man, no older than 16 looked at the clouds above him, putting his calloused hand above his eyes to avoid the sun damaging them.

”Inmate B-055…also known as Killer. You
e free to go. Make sure we don see you here again ” a guard told the boy from behind a wire mesh fence, a grim look on his face.

Killer. Thats what hed been called for the past 7 years. Hed been called that for so long that hed actually forgotten what his real name was. Ever since that day, thats what he was branded as anyway. A killer.

”Heh. Sure is nice to see the outside world again…Ill see you later Officer Casey. It wasn nice being in this place with yall ” Killer waved at the guard without turning back and walked away, luckily the juvenile detention he stayed in was a lot closer to the city than others and he prayed to God that he could remember the way to his old abode.


He did.

Killer stood outside the decrepit remains of what was once a high quality bungalow at the very end of the neighborhood. Adults avoided him, giving him space to pass on the sidewalk, groups of teenagers stopped whatever they were doing and walked away whenever they saw him approaching and some children even burst into tears.

”Do I really look that bad? ” He asked himself, neglecting the fact that he was wearing dull grey prisoner clothes and had a shackle around his right ankle, as he kicked down the door of his childhood home, the rotten wood giving away the instant his boot made contact.

There was still police tape everywhere and practically every piece of furniture in the house was gone-either taken away by the police during investigations or simply stolen by hobos-he couldn care less.

”I hope they didn find it… ” He made his way upstairs, careful not to step too hard and make the staircase collapse on itself. He walked into his old room, bare of everything he once held dear to him, things he couldn even remember right now.

He made his way to the center of the room and punched a hole through the wooden floor, his hand making contact with the cold glass of some sort of case.

”Heck yeah my old piggy bank is still here.. ” he yanked the still pink, pig shaped container out of the hollow under the floor and smashed it against the wall, all its paper and coin contents spilling out.

”Now to see how much money younger me saved up… ”

He counted it up and it amounted to an astonishing 300$. Ok not that much but when you haven seen money in 7 years youve gotta be grateful.

”Eh as long as I can get something to eat out of this… ” He pocketed all the money and went to the bathroom.

Thankfully the mirror was still intact.

He took one look at himself and instantly knew why people avoided him.

His hair was a metallic grey styled in a faux-hawk with part of it falling to the side of his head and partially obscuring his face. His left eye had permanently bloodshot sclera with a yellow iris while his right eye was a normal blue. Two scars adorned his face, one across the bridge of his nose and the other on his upper right forehead. His skin is a light tan.

”I have to get out of these prison threads… ”


”Thanks for the clothes. Ill come again! ” The grey haired boy snapped his fingers as he left the best and only place he ever went to buy his clothes; the local thrift store.

Now donning a tight tank top that emphasized his toned muscles, a pair of camouflage pattern trousers and used slippers, the teen roamed the streets of whatever town he was in, in whatever state, in whatever country, the only thing on his mind.

”My sister…find… sister… ” He muttered endlessly as he trudged along, the clouds above darkening and threatening to unleash one hell of a downpour.

”Hey! What
e you doing on our side of town?! ”

Killer snapped out of his trance and looked up to see he was surrounded by a group of teens who were no younger than 17, all of them a year older than him.

”I asked a question…what are you doing in our side of town. Deixis runs this district. Everyone knows that so don bother pleading ignorance ” a guy with dirty blonde hair who stood a head taller than the rest of the goons spoke up. He was obviously the leader.

”Eh? I haven been out in the town for like…7 years so if you could just let me go on my way… ” Killer answered him and tried pushing a way in-between the gang members to pass through but they didn let up and stood their ground.

”You come in here with your yee-yee ass, walk all over our turf and now try to shove past us? ” Another member-a girl-asked him, venom dripping in her tone.

”Give him hell boss! ” Another member shouted from somewhere in the background.

”Give him hell! Give him hell! Give him hell! ” The chants were growing louder as thunder boomed above them, the first drops of a heavy rainfall beginning to fall from the sky.

”Im begging yall just let me through! ” Killer pleaded with them because A. He didn want them to discover he still had some money and he wanted to use it to eat and B. He didn want to get caught in the rain.

”Well let you through…but first of all I have to teach you some respect… ” The gang leader cracked his knuckles and walked over to killer, a smile on his face as he got closer and closer.

”Ill make you regret getting up this morning.. ”

Killer closed his eyes and took a deep breath, a tic mark popping out on his forehead. He was in no mood for this bullshit. He just got out of juvenile detention barely 4 hours ago, he didn have money, the house he planned in staying was broken down and abandoned, he was caught in the rain, he had no idea where to start looking for his sister and worst of all he was **ing hungry.

”Like hell you would! ” Killer planted his left leg in the ground and swung his right fist into the leaders temple, viciously snapping his head to the side and knocking him out instantaneously.

”You bastards! Im in the shittiest state of mind right now and you
e only making it worse!! ” He grabbed the nearest gang member by the neck and headbutted him right on the nose, blood pooling out of the poor mans nose as he crumpled to the floor in a heap.

”All of you should just GO HOME!!!!!! ” He lamented, striking another wayward teen in the jaw with an uppercut, whipping his head back and knocking him out also.

The remaining members of Deixis scattered instantly, the sight of their leader and two other members laid out at Killers feet making them think twice about their paths in life.

”…..tch… ”

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