”Lets get this thing OOOOOONNN!! ” Killer shouted while standing in the middle of the gym. People of all sizes and genders where training all over the place and they did not look happy to be interrupted by some sort of shirtless maniac with heterochromia.

”What do you think you
e doing? If you want to sign up for the dumb gang thing then get in that line. You
e interrupting the people who actually wanna exercise ” a boy who was sitting on the bench press spoke up with an authoritative tone, clearly annoyed by what Killer was doing.

Killer didn answer but just walked past him, much to the relief of Eliza who thought that something bad was going to happen.

She spoke too soon.

Killer blasted the boy in the face with a kick straight the jaw, knocking him out cold like many of Killers victims before him.

”You just had to get a hit in didn you…? ” Eliza groaned in frustration while Killer just chuckled.

”He shouldn have ordered me around ”

Eliza pulled her candy cigarette out her mouth and rolled it between her fingers as they walked to wherever the initiation was going on. ”Yknow for a main character you
e not that good a guy ”

”Main character? The hell are you going on about? ” Killer asked confusedly while she just looked up at him innocently. ”Anyway. Im just…in a shitty mood yknow. Not being able to find my sister is the most frustrating thing Ive ever had to handle. And I guess Im just quick to take out that frustration on other people… ”

Eliza was about to say something when she bumped into someone, causing that someone to bump into another someone, and another and another, causing a chain reaction that went all the way to the front of the line, creating a wave of murmurs and complaints.

”Looks like we made it to the line. You have to sign up at this table before being taken to the initiation ground ” she explained to him while pulling out yet another cigar from her pocket. It was like she had an entire box of them in there.

”Line? I don do lines…. ” Killer grumbled and tapped the person in front of him. ”Excuse me but will you be so willing as to get out of the line and let me pass? ” He asked in a polite tone he never even knew he had.

”You sick in the head or something? You wait your turn like everyone else! ” The boy in front of them snarled .

Eliza heard knuckles cracking and instantly knew what was going to happen next.

”Well at least I gave you a chance ” Killer blasted him in the back of the head with a punch, dropping him instantly.

The rest of the teens in the line quickly gave him space to walk past and Killer simple bowed and gave them a sarcastic thank you.


”The hell am I doing here again? ”

Killer stood in the middle of a circle of about a hundred street thugs; not small teens like Deixis but legitimate thugs in an abandoned warehouse that was merely a stones throw away from Leon County High. This was apparently what the residents of Tallahassee called the Initiation Centre.

Turned out that initiation of gang members was a pretty big deal, and a shit load of people came to watch everything go down, from middle schoolers to college students and beyond. Even The Duke and some Deixis members were watching with keen interest.

”Remember Killer! You have to beat as many of these guys as you can within a 10 minute time limit! Use anything to get an advantage! ” Eliza shouted to him from her seat on the hood of an old car. All the spectators were sitting on random scraps of junk around the warehouse, some of them were already placing bets.

”All right then. So I have to beat as many of you as I can in 10 minutes huh? ” Killer bent his neck to the side, several cracks being heard while the thugs slowly began advancing on him. From what hed heard these thugs were individually payed by some unknown sponsor to fight as hard as they could in these initiation challenges.

”Too bad I don plan on beating some of you…. ” Killer grinned wickedly, a dangerous shine in his eyes. ”I plan on beating ALL OF YOU! ” He bellowed and ran headfirst into the group of criminals, sending one of them crashing into the othery with a well placed knee to the nose.

”Come on then! Ganbatte! Ganbatte! ”

He narrowly dodged a knife attack and quickly countered it with a vicious right hook to the jaw of his attacker.

”Yes! Yes its getting more interesting! ” He weaved in-between his attackers, punching and kicking various people as hard he could, blood from multiple noses, eyes, mouths and others steadily turning the concrete floor beneath them into a sickly red hue.

Killer ducked a clothesline from another thug, a woman and grabbed her arm.

”Going up! ” He lifted her up with one arm and launched her like a baseball into a cluster of thugs, effectively knocking a vast majority of them out.

The crowd watched in stunned silence with a mixture of shock, fear and awe as Killer effortlessly decimated the waves of opponents, knocking out multiple people with every passing second without using even one of the weapons lying on the warehouse floor.

”Come here! ” Killer grabbed the last thug by the neck and punched him right between the eyes. Once. Twice. Thrice. Over and over and over again. He just kept punching with a bored look on his face, the crowd watching in horror and some spectators even leaving in disgust or before something happened to them.

”Is that all of them? How much time did that take….? ” Killer stretched casually and looked at the timer that had been mounted on a wall, dropping the bloodied thug to the floor like a discarded rag.

8 minutes.

”8 minutes. So does that mean Im part of the gang now or what? ” Killer yawned and scratched his head, unwittingly smearing blood all over his grey hair.

The crowd slowly began dispersing and Eliza rushed from her seat to come and gush over Killers battle.

”That was so cool! Except the last part with you punching the shit out of that guy…but it was still pretty cool! ” Killer could swear he saw sparkles materializing around her head when someone came from behind them and cleared their throat.

”Mr…Killer. The Commander and Vice will like to see you now ”


”Have you ever seen the leaders of Tallahassees newest gang? ” Killer asked Eliza while rubbing his bloody hand on the wall, leaving a mark of his passing in the dark hall.

The headquarters for this new gang was an abandoned arcade on the poorer side of the city. A perfectly off the grid location to set up shop.

”I haven had the chance to meet them. I only joined the gang the day before yesterday yknow. Im in the 2nd branch ” she pulled a card out of her pocket and showed it to Killer.

It was some sort of ID Card but for gangs.

Before he could look at it very well they had arrived at the back room of the arcade, a Do Not Enter sign pasted unto the wall.

The boy who brought them here from the Initiation Centre knocked and opened the door for the both of them to enter, following them closely behind.

”I told you not to mess with MY branch Casey! ” A feminine voice called out from the darkness.

”You were the one who started it Crystal! ” Casey responded with venom in his voice.

Killer and Eliza were in a room with a TV, a fridge, an ugly but comfy looking 4 person couch, a couple of foldable chairs and a desk. On the walls hung posters with the word Taitanzu printed on them in red and black.

On the desk sat a fair girl with black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her eyes were a burning red and she looked ready to kill someone. That someone being who she was arguing with.

The person she was arguing with, Casey, was a tanned boy with short, white hair and a scar that went from his jaw to his lower lip. His eyes were a pale green and he was glaring angrily at Crystal.

Sitting next to each other on the couch were two dudes, one had wavy, short, blonde hair with black dye in streaks, fair skin, black eyes and a scar on his neck; while the second boy had his black hair in a small pompadour with the tip of it dyed white, pale skin and dull brown eyes.

The four were so busy that they didn even notice the presence of the two guests. While Eliza watched them with admiration, Killer was starting to get bored fast.

”Branch Heads. This is the latest recruit. He passed the initiation with better results than we could have ever imagined, breaking all the pre-existing records except for one ” the boy announced to the Branch Heads, finally getting their attention.

”Someone broke all the records except for vice commanders? Thats some mad skill! ” The blonde one spoke from his position on the couch, turning to look at Killer with excitement, but not bothering to stand up.

”Yes. What Noah said ” the boy next to Noah said in a monotonous voice, without even turning around to look at them.

”Now Mr Killer follow me into the Leaders quarters ” the boy said and led them to a side door in the room that they hadn noticed before.

”You may enter ” the boy bowed and left.

”Whoa. Im about the meet the leaders of Taitanzu! Ive dreamt about this for the past two days! ” Eliza squealed as silently as possible while Killer was just looking to get this over with.

With a turn of the knob, into the leaders quarters they went.

It was a lot… darker than they thought itll be.

Two teens sat at a pool table, how said table had got there no one knows.

The smaller boy had an eye-patch over is left eye, white hair that had a decent portion of it dyed with black streaks that was partially falling to his face. His skin was tanned lightly and his eye was a piercing blue color.

The taller of the boys wore a black durag, that revealed only a small amount of pale green hair. He had a scar across both of his eyes which were colored pink. He was a lot fairer than the other one.

Killer smirked as he saw the both of them, memories from the past swarming his mind like a flash flood.

”…Boris…and… Lance… ”

Lance, the one with the durag cracked his knuckles in a way that was eerily similarly to that of a certain grey haired teen.

”Killer…you son of a bitch! ”

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