[Barrett, the Hated Hero]

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I could hear the chirping of small birds.

I slowly opened my eyes, and the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling came into view.

I sat up and looked around.

The desk, the chairs, the windows, the bed… I took a look at each one of them, but it only left me with an indescribable feeling.

—All of them looked unfamiliar to me, but I recognized them.

The desk and the chairs were made for me by the gardener Robb who had been working in the mansion for a very long time on my sixth birthday whereas the bed was bought for me by Aunt Gwyneth.
The scratches on their edges were caused by myself; I had accidentally hit them with my training sword while I was practicing swordsmanship in the room.

Why… did I have such information?

A hazy feeling struck me as though a fog had shrouded my mind.

At that time, I caught the sight of myself reflected in the full-length mirror in the corner of the room and was dumbstruck.

Brown short hair.

Mean-looking eyes, but otherwise well-organized features overall.

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Wasn’t this guy—

“Barrett, the hated Hero!?” I involuntarily shouted and was left stunned for a while.

After which, the sound of knocking on the door echoed.

“Good morning, Young Master Barrett.”

The owner of the voice was Marina, the maid attending to me.

At that point, my entangled thoughts were unraveled.

……No, that was a slightly wrong way to put it.

It was more fitting to say that my two scattered memories were fused into one.

“Is something the matter, young master? Are you feeling unwell?”

“—! Ah, I’m okay, just give me a second!”

Feeling suspicious when I didn’t come out of the room, Marina called out to me with a hint of worry in her voice.
I gotta get the door to reassure her first.

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“Morning, Marina.”

“—! G-good morning, young master.”

I just casually greeted her, yet it earned me a shocked stare from Marina.

It was only natural.

――Because the《Real》Barrett Albers surely would never do such a thing.


I liked reading web novels.

Especially the one I’d picked up recently:【The Rise of the Weakest Holy Swordsman】I was so into it that I always read it the same day as the newest chapter was posted.

The main attraction of this novel was the 《Serves you right》 element.

Raul, the Protagonist, had always been oppressed in the Hero Party.
With his being kicked out as the trigger, he awakened his hidden power, then he went to save the world as the true hero—or so was the outline of the story.

Many readers experienced catharsis from reading the classic yet exciting plot of rewarding good and punishing evil, or to be more correct, of the awakened hero defeating the scumbags.

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At the biggest novel hosting site in the country, its number of bookmarks had exceeded 50,000 in the first week it was released, and now i

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