[‘Plain’ Is A Compliment]

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Marina and the others moved all the luggage into my room in no time.

If I had gone by the original arrangement, I’d have ended up with stacks of more than ten carriages worth of luggage that I had to have my small platoon of maids divide among themselves carry to the room.
It would have taken a long time to finish, but thankfully, I’d cut down the amount of luggage, so it was over in a blink.

I had nothing in my schedule after that, so I decided to take a walk around the dormitory.
I’d told Marina and the others that they were free to do whatever they wanted, but being maids, not having work to do apparently didn’t sit well with them, so they had taken it upon themselves to clean the room.
They were too diligent for their own good, even though they could take a rest already.

In the meantime, the number of carriages carrying other students was gradually increasing.

They all seemed happy to reunite with their classmates while organizing their luggage, perhaps having come back to the academy after a long vacation played a factor.

“…………” I could only gaze at such a scene from a distance.

Needless to say, no one came up to talk to me.

I knew it, I have no friend…

At that time,

“H-huh? Isn’t this the crest of the Alberses?”

“What?! D-d-does that mean Barret Albers has arrived?!”

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One student took notice of our carriages, and the information soon spread to the surroundings, bringing gradual changes to the complexions of the students.

“S-since when did he arrive?”

“W-who knows… but it’s still early, how come he has done transporting his luggage?”

“It usually takes him until the evening…”

“To begin with, it’s too quiet… isn’t this too plain for that Barrett Albers?”

“Yeah… plain to the point of being unbelievable.”

“It’s plain.”

“Plain, indeed.”

“Too plain.”

Oh, shut up! Mind your own business!

…But well, looking at it from another perspective, this was actually good.

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Because it would help in getting rid of my arrogant and ostentatious image.

One thing that was clear to me in the time between which I’d reincarnated until the Divine Gift Ceremony had ended was how low others’ opinion of the human being named Barrett Albers was.

It would be an uphill battle to turn that around, but to lead a steady life as Barrett Albers, dispelling the image Barrett had built up so far was a prerequisite.

And step by step was the surefire way to go about it.

The first step of which was to convince the students that I’d turned over a new leaf.

……And the only way to do that was to keep on showing it through my behavior, huh.

As I was looking at the noisy students,

“Barrett!” Tayte came up to me.

It appeared she had finished moving her luggage to her room.

“I can’t seem to find your maids around.
Where are they?” asked Tayte, looking puzzled.

“They’re cleaning up my room,” I said.

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“Huh?! Do you mean you have finished moving your luggage to your room?!” exclaimed Tayte in shock.

Ah, that’s right.

Tayte didn’t know.

As such, I told Tayte that I’d reduced the amount of luggage to bring this time.
She was really surprised at first, but then she smiled, “I think that’s a wonderful decision,” appreciating my action.

“Then, do you have any plans after this, Barrett?”

“Well… I was thinking of taking a stroll.”

“I-in that case, may I accompany you?” Tayte nervously asked with upturned eyes.

There was no way I could refuse when she was asking that way—well, not that I had the intention to do so, in the first place.

Let’s go.” I nodded.

“!” A smile bloomed like a flower on her face.


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Tayte was the most beautiful when she smiled.

In the novel, maybe because she appeared from the very beginning, she rarely made an appearance in the last few dozen chapters, making it appear as if her relationship with Raul had become strained, but… well, there was no point in thinking about such superfluous things now.

As I strolled around the dormitory with Tayte, we happened to pass by the vicinity of the flowerbed managed by the Horticulture Committee to which she belonged.

“U-um, Barrett.”

Let’s see them.”

She must have been worrying about the flowers every day during the holidays.
It was evident from how she’d been fidgeting since a while ago.

“Would you be willing to show me around?” I asked with a smile.

“Of course, I’d be happy to!” Tayte started running with a wide smile on her face—at that time,

“What do you think you’re doing!”

Out of nowhere, we heard an angry shout.

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