[Training and Flirting Go Hand in Hand]

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Early morning when the sky was just starting to brighten.

I was in the woods about 5 minutes walk away from the dormitory.

I’d told Marina and the others—who had already started doing their maid duties by the time I’d woken up—before coming here, so I could take my time training until it was time for breakfast.

Training what, you ask? —Training my control over the Holy Sword, of course.

The end of which, so as to prevent me from being swallowed by its power.

Although I’d received the Holy Sword after going through the Divine Gift Ceremony, its mighty power honestly scared me.
The original Barrett wielded its power to fulfill his desires, but that was wrong.
His heart got eroded, he lost the reasoning to make a rational judgment, and eventually, he met his end without being able to draw out the true power of the Holy Sword.

The Holy Sword tested its wielder.

That was what it felt like to me.

“…………” I closed my eyes and focused my consciousness on the Holy Sword.
It felt strange.
I had never used magic in my previous life, yet here I understood how to utilize it.
This must be because I shared Barrett’s memories.

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“Gh?!” Losing control of the mighty power, my mana shot out from the sword.
It struck a nearby tree branch and blew it into pieces.
To think that such a small amount of mana would result in such a destructive power… it looked like I wouldn’t be able to gain control over the Holy Sword anytime soon.

Just like with restoring others’ trust in me, I must not rush this.

Once again, I insert my mana into the Holy Sword and resumed my special training.

However, I failed again and destroyed another nearby branch—when,

“Kya?!” The scream of a girl echoed.

Not to mention… it sounded familiar.

“Huh? Tayte?”

“Ah, g-good morning, Barrett… I’m sorry for disturbing your training…” Tayte came out of the nearby bush, looking apologetic.

“What brings you here?” I tilted my head.

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“I-I saw you walking here from my window, so… um… I was thinking that maybe we could have a chat…” said Tayte shyly.

She came out of the dormitory this early in the morning because she wanted to talk to me? …But we could do that over breakfast.
Maybe she just wanted to meet me as soon as possible?

“Um… if you don’t mind… may I continue watching your training?”

“Fine by me.
But wouldn’t it be boring?”

“Not at all.
I find the sight of you working hard really fascinating.”

W-what to do… I couldn’t stop my heart from throbbing when she said that while staring straight at me.

Regaining my senses, I resumed the special training to control the Holy Sword.

――However, as you might have expected, it was difficult.

Maybe learning from someone would help.

“U-um…” Tayte nervously raised her hand and called me as I was wiping the sweat on my forehead.

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“What’s up?”

“Um, err, uhh, this may be meddlesome of me, but… if you want to get better at controlling the Holy Sword with your mana, I think you may try to ask Miss Teixeira for advice…”

“Miss Teixeira?”

Ah, that person appeared in the original storyline.

If my memory served me correctly, she was doing research on the items that you received at the Divine Gift Ceremony.

……Oh, right.

She was someone who always harbored doubts regarding Barrett’s receiving the Holy Sword.
On the other hand, she saw through Raul’s qualities, resulting in her often giving him advice.
Incidentally, she also joined his harem in the later part of the storyline.

Aside from that… she had the impression of being a strange but highly capable person.

If it was Miss Teixeira,

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“Yeah, it’s worth a try.
Let’s see Miss Teixeira.”

“That’s great! She’s a little eccentric, but she’s a very kind teacher, so I’m sure she’ll give you good advice, Barrett!”

Eccentric, huh.

Oh, yeah… she was described as such in the original storyline.

Peculiar x Disappointing beauty.

This person hadn’t been illustrated yet, so I didn’t know what she looked like.
She wasn’t even in Barrett’s memories.
This guy sure wasn’t interested in anyone but himself.

For now, let’s visit Miss Teixeira after today’s class.

Just in case, I’d ask Tayte to accompany me.

I wondered what kind of person she was—I couldn’t wait to meet her.

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