[Hated Hero, Looking Back on Day One]

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My first day after getting reincarnated was coming to an end.

After the Divine Gift Ceremony, I returned to the mansion of the Albers family along with Tayte and people from the Ehrenberg family.
The original plan was for the two families to exchange brief greetings before parting, but apparently, Tayte had told her father, “I would like to stay with Barrett for a little longer,” so it was decided that we were to have dinner together.

Until now, Tayte had been reluctant to interact with me (for reasons I understand painfully well), but she now had a change of attitude and became more proactive, bringing delight to the head of the House of Ehrenberg.
The same applied to me as well; for such a cute girl like Tayte to want to spend more time with me, I really couldn’t ask for more.

That was why, after a very enjoyable dinner, I saw her off until the outside of the mansion before returning to my room.


I dove back-first into bed.
It was so snuggly that I couldn’t help but wonder just what was stuffed in it that made it so fluffy.

“So many things happened today, but… all in all, it was quite fun.”

I was anxious when I had found myself reincarnated as the hated Hero Barrett, but if I conducted myself well like today, I should be able to lead a peaceful and safe life with Tayte and avoid falling into ruin.

“Oh, right.
Gotta prepare for tomorrow before I forget…” I changed my mood to plan a strategy for tomorrow and beyond.

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For starters, I’d focus on summarizing the present situation.

First, this world seemed to be the same as the world of【The Rise of the Weakest Holy Swordsman】, but the chronological order of things didn’t follow the original storyline.

In the novel, today’s Divine Gift Ceremony event was presented in the form of a recollection arc in the latter half of the third volume.
Chapter-wise, it was around chapter fifty, I think?

The original first chapter began with Raul being kicked out of the party at an inn.
Then, in the fourth chapter, Tayte, having finally found the truth behind his leaving, confronted Barrett and condemned him.
However, Barrett, who in his life had never admitted to his fault, retaliated by throwing verbal abuses at Tayte in anger instead, resulting in her finally making up her mind to leave Barrett.
This was the opening development of 【The Rise of the Weakest Holy Swordsman】.

If things progressed according to the actual timeline, not the chronological order of the novel, I was afraid I would be in quite a pickle.

That was because, Barrett’s appearance in the recollection arc, which mainly focused on school life, was scarce, to say the least.

Barrett’s next appearance in the original storyline—if we were to go by the timeline—was in the first chapter, when he was around the age of seventeen, a while after he had graduated from the academy and started his career as a Hero.
However, there was no mention of where and what he had been doing until then.

In other words, I completely had no idea what sorts of situations would be waiting for me in the future.

To become a true Hero who was trusted by the people, I must pay close attention to not only Barrett’s relationships but also the circumstances surrounding him… Considering his—to put it mildly—thrashybehaviors until now, there must be many destruction flags lying in wait for me out there, so not knowing when and where exactly they would pop up might prove to be a problem.

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“…Regardless, I have to face everything earnestly.”

I had to always keep this in mind.

To be careful when dealing with situations that would occur in the future.

And to atone for my past folly.

Everything was for the sake of building a happy future with Tayte.

“…I have to give it my all.”

When I shifted my gaze, the Holy Sword bestowed by God came into my view.

In the original storyline, Barrett’s repeated foolish conduct resulted in the Holy Sword losing its luster.
It was the tipping point of his downfall.
That one scene won him a spot in many PVs.

Slowly, I tried to hold the Holy Sword.

――That was the only action I took, but a shock—one like being struck by lightning—ran through my whole body.

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But it didn’t feel unpleasant.

In fact, it felt like power was surging through my whole body.

……I see.

No wonder Barrett became so arrogant.

This was dangerous.

I was assailed by the feeling of omnipotence like I was capable of doing anything.

I might… get drowned in this power.

――But I absolutely must not let that happen.

I let go of the Holy Sword.

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In order not to be swallowed by this power, I must further train my mind and body.

Even if the readers commented: “What? Barrett awakened as a Hero? No way~” I refused to follow in his footsteps to walk toward a miserable end.

With the Divine Gift Ceremony now over, there would be class redistribution at the academy.

Lessons would resume three days later, but the students were scheduled to return to the dormitory on the school ground from tomorrow.

This school ground was amazing, to say the least.

The Royal Academy’s school ground was, in fact, covered a whole region, which was named《Academy Homeville》.
It was named so in hope that it could serve as the second hometown for the students.
As for its size… well, the exact size was never mentioned, just that it was massive.

“Well, I’ll just do whatever I can within my capacity…” I tucked myself under the bedsheet as I was making plans for tomorrow.

I’d soon be returning to the academy, but… I couldn’t imagine what the future held in store for me.

There was also the matter of Barrett’s infamy—I wondered how far his reputation I’d be able to rebuild.

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