[Making Slow but Steady Progress]

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Having repacked the luggage, we finally set off to the Academy Homeville.

To cut expenditure, I’d decided to use only two carriages.
One for us to ride on and the other for carrying luggage.

At first, the three maids had refused to ride on the same carriage as me: “We don’t dare!” they’d said, but in the end, I had managed to convince them somehow.

“I-is this really okay?” Marina asked timidly.

“Meow~…” Priim, the half cat-beastfolk, was also staring at me with an uneasy expression.
By the way, the way she added ‘meow’ at the end of her sentences was truly wonderful, I must say.

“I told you it’s fine.
More importantly, are you guys not feeling cramped?” I asked.

“““Not at all(meow).””” The three answered perfectly in sync.

It was evident that they were still feeling tense around me.

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But anyway, with this my school life would start for real.

For starters, I’d cut off all the original Barrett’s hobbies, especially extra production like the one during the Divine Gift Ceremony.
I’d also refrain from acts that might invite antipathy from the people around me.
And lastly, I’d strive to win the favor of the masses and convince them that I was a Hero in the truest sense.

For whether or not it was the correct course of action to take… honestly, I had no idea.

But nothing would change if I did nothing.

For now, I’d follow the plans I’d come up with to the best of my ability.

“Ah, there it is.” Marina, sitting next to me, pointed out the window.

Beyond the window, Academy Homeville where I would be living from now on was visible.

School buildings stood on a small island surrounded by a vast lake with a long bridge being the only access to go across.

“Wow…” I uttered involuntarily.

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Vast and beautiful—such a simple and mundane impression, but that was the only way to express it, and I didn’t think there was a more appropriate way to describe it.

There was a detailed description of the Academy Homeville in the novel, but seeing it in person left me in… wonder.

The size of the academy that I could see from here was surprising, to say the least.
Needless to say, so was also the case with the nature surrounding it.

It appeared that it would still take a while to get there, so in the meantime, I occupied myself by chatting with the maids.

At first, they were still oozing with nervousness, but they began to loosen up as our conversation went on, allowing for a casual conversation.
I was planning to change my image starting with the people close to me—and it looked like I had taken the first step without a problem.

The fun time was over in a blink of an eye.

That said, it was only temporary.

I mean, this wouldn’t be a one-time thing.

I’d have more and more fun chats with Marina and the others, whom I had got closer to, later on.
But for now, I had to focus on what was in front of me.

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After crossing the bridge, we had to present a permit before the gate.
From there, the carriage came to a stop in the large yard in front of the dormitory.

“Alright, time to unload the luggage.”

“Young Master, we will take care of the rest, so please go ahead to your room,” said Marina, then Priim and Rebecca nodded.

If it was the former Barrett Albers, he would have returned to his room without saying a word… but I wouldn’t do that.

I would carry my stuff on my own.
Plus, there seemed to be small handcarts for transporting luggage, so it shouldn’t be difficult to move it to my room.

――Though on second thought, considering it from outsiders’ perspectives, a master carrying his own luggage while his maids were sitting around would be an unacceptable sight in noble society, so I changed my mind and decided to leave the work to them.

“……Then, please do.”

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“Consider it done.”

“I’m counting on you.
–And as always, thank you, everyone.”

At the very least, I have to properly express my gratitude—with that in mind, I said my thanks with a smile, but—the three, who had never been honestly thanked by Barrett, went rigid on the spot.
They showed no sign of movement even after other students also arrived one after another.

Before long,

“Huh? Those are maids of the Alberses… why are they standing motionless there?”

“Maybe they received another unreasonable order?”

“But they appear sincerely happy, though…”

I could hear such whisperings from the surroundings.

It looked like I had many difficulties in store, in more ways than one…

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