It\'s A New Day!

”Into the woods, ” the mysterious lady said pointing toward the direction of the woods,

”Oh hell no! ” James cried out. ”I hate nature and nature hates me! ”

James Walker isn a dude who loves staying around nature. He isn a camping type either. Anything that has to do with staying around the woods, hes not a guy for that kind of stuff. Had it not been his car that broke down in the wooded area, he wouldn have been attacked by a beastly creature.

The mysterious lady snickered under her breath. ”We have no choice. ” She held James by his pants and started dragging him to the horse. ”I don want you to die… not on my watch. ”

”Its only one horse, ” said James with a wide-eyed gaze wondering who could walk on foot. He has never ridden a horse before and didn know how to ride one. He has seen movies of a horse throwing their owners off their backs. That could happen to him, especially now hes a stranger to the horse.

”Don worry, we ride together. ”

James got himself a company. He isn just going to ride on horseback alone; quite scared of doing that alone. However, his thoughts are not stable. Many have seen him as a jerk who can even talk to a lady or even get a lady to be with him. Strangely, a mysterious lady is offering to ride with him on the same horseback. He didn resist but obliged.

30 Minutes Later into the Woods

The horse galloped down the sloppy rocky path. Its been a rough ride for the past few minutes. James wasn steadied on the horseback. He was sitting right after the mysterious lady. Just a while ago, he nearly fell but the mysterious lady caught him. Put your arms around me and hold me firmly, she told him.

Never in James life has he ever been so close to a lady before. He is a shy type when it comes to ladies. He could admire their beauty from afar but he couldn talk to them or boldly admire them. Even in the office, his male colleagues see him as a loser but when it comes to his job, hes damn good at it.

They finally came to a halt near a bayou as the mysterious lady slowly climbs down the horse. After helping James get off the horse, she led the horse by its rein to an almond tree a few paces away from the bayou.

”What now? ” James asked with a concerned look on his face.

”I say we camp here for the night, ” she replied glancing at James as she tied the rein of the horse to the almond tree.

”No, no, no! ” James cried out making his way to the mysterious lady. ”This isn a good idea, ” he said.

Casting a wide-eyed gaze on James, she asked in her refined voice, ”Do you have another idea besides this? ”

”We can head to the roadside, I believe we could get a car to pick us up, ” James said with certainty. Thats what Bailey County is known for. They are good at helping strangers especially those stranded on the roadside. Perhaps, this could work for them.

With a surprised gaze on James, the mysterious lady realized James is not aware of where he is. The bad news is that James isn in Bailey County anymore. Hes far from home. ”You don know where you are, do you? ” she asked sternly.

”Yes. But we can get to the roadside and find help. Perhaps the cops could… ”

”I don know where you are from but basically speaking you are nowhere close to home. ”

James seems to answer one question correctly. He doesn know where he is after all. Hes just somewhere in the woods. He thinks getting to the roadside could do any good. Perhaps they could wave down a car to help them get to the nearest police station. But the breaking news is that James isn in Bailey County anymore.

”What does that mean? ” James asked with a wide-eyed look filled with curiosity. His voice sounded desperate. The voice of the one seeking answers to mysteries.

e in Northumbria. ”

”What in the hell am I doing here? ” James sneered. ”How in the hell did I get to Northumbria? ”

Northumbria is North East England. Perhaps James shouldn be worried about what hes doing in Northumbria. He should be worried about how he got to ancient Northumbria because from the look of things, he has mysteriously traveled back in time.

”We will get to that but right now; we need to rest our heads. ”

”I need answers… please… ” James spoke in a quivering tone. Things should be made clearer to him. Hes dying of curiosity. If hes in Northumbria, then he can get help from the cops. In ancient Northumbria, cops do not exist.

Making a sigh of relief, the mysterious lady opened her mouth to speak. ”I don know how you got here but we will get to figure that out with time. One thing I am assuring you is that I will always be by your side. ”

This isn the answer James was expecting. But the soothing response of the mysterious lady relieved him from worrying too much. She saved his life; at least he can trust her to help him find answers. But something isn right. The mysterious lady isn a werewolf like James. Shes something else and James could feel it. ”What type of creature are you? ” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

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