Dorathy smiled and slipped on her eyeglasses as she

descended the stairs of the plane that had just touched down Lagos airport from Amsterdam. When she finally collected her luggage and decided to make her way through the airport to the exit,she kept looking out for her fiancee; she have not seen him for six months and was rather ready to jump into his arms. They has been dating for three years and its was more of a distance relationship, because while he lived in Lagos, she lived in Amsterdam where she work as a doctor.

She did her best to make sure that the relationship worked and that was by making sure they see each other, at least four times every year. He came over twice and she came visiting twice. But this year had been different; they had not seen each other for six months, non of them could make it and one thing or the other kept coming up that prevented them from traveling.

When she got outside the busy airport, she paused, looked left and right for any sign of her fiancees car but their was no sign of him. Having a deep sigh of disappointment that he had not come to pick her from the airport as usual, she placed a call thrice but non of her Calls was received, so she decided to wait a little bit, presuming that he was probably just caught up in traffic.

After waiting for almost thirty minutes, her patience wore thin and she grew weary. She had had a long flight from Amsterdam to Nigeria and the last thing she needed was to be helpless, standing in front of the airport when she should be resting after taking a refreshing shower. sighing again, She reluctantly got into one of the waiting cabs and gave the driver address of her fiancees house.

While the Journey to his board began through the congested roads of Lagos, she began to suddenly fume. Samson had better had a good reason for standing her up at the airport. What could be so important that he couldn come to pick her up? He wasn even taking her calls, nor had he called earlier to inform her that he would be unable to pick her up. She was looking forward to having the best day, but thanks to her fiance, he had succeed in effortlessly ruining it for her.

While in the cab, she called his phone again, dialing it four times but her calls still went unanswered. Puzzled no, Dorothy began to worry. Was Samson OK? Was he sick or did something bad happen? Well, she had no answer to all these questions flitting through her mind and she knew that the only way to get answers is when she gets to his house and see him in person. Well, it was still early until the morning, almost 7:45a.m and she guessed that Samsung must be in bed and his phone was probably set in vibration or silent and that was why he wasn taking any of her calls.

Much to her relief, the cab finally reached his house and after paying the cabman, she got down with her luggage as the cab drive away. Dorathy turned to look at the house, approaching the gate, she knocked and the gate Keepers eyes lit up when he saw her. Happily welcoming her back and addressing her as Madam. He quickly took her luggage from her and help her take it into the house while Dorathy followed from behind.

”Is your boss home? ” She asked him when they entered the living room. The house was extremely quiet.

”Yes, he never go work, he suppose dey up ” the gate keeper said.

”Okay ” Doroathy said, turning towards the upstairs. Now, she was no longer mad. She decided to creep in on Samson and startle him, if he was still on bed, she would jump on the bed and startle him.

”Errrrrrrmm ” the gatekeeper who was still lingering began, unnecessary scratching the back of his head with a wry smile on his face. ”Madam, anything for the boys? ” He asked, his eyes full of usual expectation.

”Lawal, i just arrived, i will see you later ” Dorathy promised when he he began to hail her in advance for whatever she would gift him, she quickly shushed him, gesturing with her hands that she didn want him to wake up Samson.

Understanding, the gatekeeper quickly clasped his hand over his mouth, waved a sorry and drastically tiptoed out of the house, Dorothy started up the stairs as quietly as she could. When she reached the masters bedroom where Samson slept, she paused when she heard soft sounds. A confused frown crossed her brows first then she drew nearer to the door and placed her ear against it. She still could hear the sound but she could not figure out what they are.

Taking hold of the door handle, she slowly opened the door and when she caught a glimpse of some one moving in the bed, she threw the door wide open and her jaw dropped as the two people on the bed also frozen to look at her.

”Samson ” Dorothy suddenly exclaimed in utter shock and disgust.

On the bed was her fiancee, but he wasn asleep as she thought, he was doing the very last thing she would expected him to do- having sex with someone else. She had caught him red handed cheating on her but what was more appealing was the fact that he wasn even having sex with a woman. He was on his knees on the bed and his penis was logged inside the anus of a younger man who obviously was a teenager and was on all fours in front of him. The crazy addition to this disgusting sight was the fact that the boy was wearing a red bra and a matching red thing – her undies! Jeez ! The nerve!

” ”TBC

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