”Oh, but you were gonna ruin my life first?! You were gonna marry me and leave me sexually miserable for the rest of my life, uh?! What did i ever do to you Samson?! How did i ever wrong you?! I have been a faithful girlfriend to you for the past three years and had never turned my back on you for once! You knew all along that you are a gay yet you asked me out, got me into relationship, proposed to me, and then what was going to happen next?! You wanted us to get married and then Youd sexually starve me or ask to have anal sex with me, which is it, Samson?! I can believe youd be that cruel! Tell me how long has this been going on?! ”

”What? ” He asked.

”How long has you been gay? ”

”Since my secondary school in boarding ” He managed to reply, lowering his gaze. ”Believe me when i said that i have tried very hard to stop it but i can . I have managed to abstain from such for the past ten years, until Tony had to live the village to come and live with me. I couldn hold it back any longer, i tried not to, babe i tried ”.

”So, you couldn hold yourself anymore and had to ruin the poor boys life by turning him into something just like you?! Do you even k ow what you have dine to that poor boy? ” She hugged indignantly.

”I didn force him, i swear ” he quickly said

”Right, there is absolutely nothing you are going to tell me that will make me believe that you didn deliberately lure that young boy into this disgusting act! His just Nintendo for Gods sake and the right thing to do is to actually report you to the police! He might be above eighteen and considered an adult according to law, but this is wrong all three! You are taking advantage of his naive mind! ”

He quickly sunk on his knees before her. ”Please No, Dora, Id rather commit a suicide than let this get out. Think on the stigma, think on how my family will feel and What my friends would think, please ”.

I sighed deeply and contemplated for a moment. He was right. The fact he was gay doesn make me love him less, and beside he was a very good person. I exhaled then said. ”Fine, Ill keep my mouth shut but in one condition ”.

”What? ” He anxiously asked. ”Anything but not involved the third party ”.

”I want you to send Tony back to his parent and compensate him properly. You also have to sponsor his education until university level ”.

His countenance slowly fail now. ”You want me to send Tony away? ”

She gave him a hard look. Yes,what? Oh! Youd rather continue to sleep with him, right? How long have you been doing this with the boy anyway? ”

”Just three months ” he answered.

”Send him a way ” she stated. ”Take care of him Financially. Thats all i asked. Are you going to do it Or not? ”

He heaved a sigh then helplessly sat on the floor. ”Dora, this is hard, but if this is what is going to fix things, i had no choice, Ill send Tony away ”

”When? ” She asked.

”Next week ” he said.

”No, i want him gone by tomorrow morning ”

”Tomorrow morning?! ” He Exclaimed. ”But thats too soon ”

”Tomorrow morning is it, Samson! ” She resolutely stated. ”This boy will not spend another night under this roof, and i mean it! Go in there, tell him you start packing up! Im more concerned on what hed turn out to be in future! I just hope its not too late for him though ”

”Fine…Tomorrow it is ” he reluctantly said, picked him self off the floor and started to leave the living room when she said,

”Just so you know ” she cleared her throat. ”…..the wedding is off! I can get married to a man who is sexually attracted to other men ” Dorathy said, still can believe what her eyes saw.

”Babe ” he started to say but she held up a palm stopping him.

”Don try to fight this Samson, i still love you very much but i can deal with this. What i saw in there is going to haunt me for the rest of my life and i don i have to remember it for the rest of my life each time i look at you. Ill be here for another two days which after i will take a flight to Abuja and attend my cousins wedding. After the wedding, am returning to Amsterdam from there, and don you worry about this; i assure you that your secret is completely safe with me and even though i will never agree with such a barbaric act, Id rather you do this things with adults not a teenager if you
e going to continue sleeping with men. Ill call and tell my folks next month that the wedding is off and we both agreed to amicably part ways, i think thats how much i can do for you ”.

He heated a resign sigh and murmured. ”Thanks ”

When he was gone, she slumped down on the coach, buried her face in her hands and wept. She was so devastated, three years gone down in drain. How was she going to start her life again. Just when she had thought going to become a Mrs, this had to happen?! Why was love so **ed up? Why?! This had made her give up in love! Men just had problems! If they were not cheats, they were abusive, If they were not insecure, they were controlling no, this, gay! Why was it just so hard to find the right one!, she didn want a perfect man; she only wanted a man who would love and respect her and Samson had been all that until she had caught him in the disgusting act.

” ”TBc

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