Staying in the same house with Samson was hell for Dorothy. He felt more like a stranger now and she felt sorry for him. That night,she didn share a room with him like she usually did. She stayed in the guest room instead. In the morning, she looked outside her window and saw Tony, the teenager boy looking glum as he got into an uber with his luggage which was to take him to the park where he would begin his journey back to the village.

Dorathy wished that the child would have a chance to go to therapy because he needed it. How her fiancee had managed to lure this bright boy into such an act was a mystery to her but what she was certain of was that she was never wearing those red matching undies again! Never again!.

Although she remained in the house, she did her best to avoid Samson even though he had tried several times to get her talk to him or fix their relationship. She knew that she definitely would not want to have sex with him anymore, not after the traumatizing scene she had stumbled upon. The thought of it still made her skin scrawl and nothing in the world was going to change her mind about the canceled marriage.

After two days, she packed her bags and bid Samson goodbye. He had offered to drop her off at the airport but she turned him down and had ordered an Uber which picked her up. But when she got to the airport, she was met with the news that the airline which she booked was having some minor problems and all flight for that had had been canceled and would be rescheduled.

The next available flight of the other airline was only due for take off the next morning. Knowing that she would not wait for that flight unless she miss her cousins wedding or arrive very late and not rested and dressed, Dorathy left the airport in disappointment.

After thinking for some minutes, she decided to take the means of transportation she hated the most for long travel – road transportation. Getting into a cab, she told the driver to drive her to nearest bus park, she figured that if the driver was fast enough, she would arrive in Abuja in the evening. When she got to the busy park, she immediately went for the Sharon vehicle and a tout helped her with her luggage, telling her only more two passengers were left to complete the seats.

Dorathy glanced at her wristwatch, it was 8:45a.m and she decided that if by 9:00 a.m the seats where yet to be filled, she would pay for both empty seats and tell the driver to begin the journey. As she sat in the seat, behind the drivers seat, she focused on what was going on around her. There was a bus beside Sharon vehicle which was almost filled and was heading to Abuja. She noticed a young woman in her earlier thirties buying a super bite sausage and a chilled biggie drink for her daughter who was probably nine years old and smartly dressed. As the woman was about to pay the hawker, a rugged-looking man who was standing outside the bus, probably a passenger too, offered to pay but she politely turned down his request. He smiled wryly and tried to touch the little girls hair but she moved out of his reach, moved behind her mother on the other side and shot him a glare. The man only smiled and started trying to make conversation with her mother but the woman was obviously not interested in what he was saying.

”How far ,mama ” He said to her as his eyes lustfully scanned her body. ”See how your body set! ”. When she didn reply, he added. ”Na your pikin be that? Na fine girl o!. I like you! Answer me na…baby girl, na you i dey follow talk no dey ignore me…. I go take care of you.. ” He craned his head backwards to admire her butt in her jean trousers then lick his lips. ”Omo you dey burst my brain ” He rubbed his head with his hands. ”Na wetin be your name?! Baby girl, follow daddy talk na i wan know your name ”.

When he didn get the message that She didn want to talk to him and kept ongoing and bothering her, the woman angrily told her daughter to get into the bus, followed her daughter, sat down, and made her daughter sit on her laps, then she kept a straight face to repel the man but the man only smiled, not willing to give up easily, he turned to smile at her and cockily said:

”No lele, shebi we dey go the same way. You go talk to me las las ” He bragged.

Scrutinizing him now, Dorathy noticed that the man was wearing a stud earring and had several cheap and poorly done tattoo jobs on his arms and the dark color of his lips reveald that he was an ardent smoker. He was wearing a sleeveless football vest and rugged jeans trouser that was clean but rough. He was wearing a sleeveless football vest and rugged jeans trouser that was clean but rough. His hair was rough and was made as if he was just starting to grow some dreadlocks.

Soon, the man pulled out a pack of cigarettes, pulled a stick out and began to smoke while he nodded his head to the loud music of Olamide, playing from somewhere in the park. Soon, he caught sight of a vendor, stopped her and pulled out a bottle of Schweppes from the bucket of varieties of drinks on her head. Paying her, he undid the cover of the drink and downed half the content in a go. Dorathys attention was suddenly distracted from the man when she felt some one gently stroking her hair.

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