Turning to look at who had the guts to be touching her that way in a public vehicle, she saw a young woman on a nice low cut who was sitting next to her but at the window, smiling at her in admiration.

”Awwww, i like your hair ” She said, still stroking on the slick hair.

Dorothy cringed but forced a smile. ”Thank you ” she said, and stylishly pulled her hair from the ladys hand but the lady simply dove her fingers back into the hair and asked, ”how much is it? ”

”I really don tell random people the price of my accessories or other personal stuff ” Dorathy said with a polite smile, not wanting to sound rude.

”Why? ” The lady quizzically asked. ”you think i can afford it? ” She sounded a bit offended, and much to Dorathys relief, she removed her hand finally.

”No, thats not what i meant at all, but you might find the amount quite outrageous for just a wig if i tell you ” Dorathy replied.

”Im still curious to know all the same ” the lady insisted. She was Quite pretty and had a nose stud on the right side of her nose and was also wearing contact lenses that didn match her complexion and had several rings on all ten of her fingers. Dorathy did not fail to notice that she was using one of the latest version of expensive iphones.

”Fine, if you insist but i bought it outside the country and the equivalent of the US dollars i spent in naira is four hundred and fifty thousand naira ” Dorathy finally revealed, hoping that would shut the woman up and make her leave her alone. She was not in the mood of chitchat.

The ladys eyes suddenly grew round and big. ”You don mean it ” her jaw dropped.

”Am not joking ” Dorothy gave a small smile and replied her cousins chat. She had informed her cousin that shed be arriving to Abuja late because shes traveling by road.

”Four….hundred…and….fifty…..thousand…..naira, for just a hair? ” She whistle in amazement.

”Thats why i told you that i don like to tell random people stuffs like this ” Dorathy answered.

”You must be rich o ” the lady said, scrutinizing her with newfound respect and curiosity.

”Just maybe…..i can just afford certain things ” Dorothy said.

”So, just how many of this wigs do you have? ” the lady asked. ”Even your wristwatch is designers…and your iPhone is the latest version. Are you married? ”

She asked a lot of questions that Dorathy only decided to answer the last one. ”No. Im not ”

”Do you have a rich boyfriend? ” The lady pressed on and her bold personal questions were really starting to make Dorathy uncomfortable, especially because she knew that the other passengers in the car might be listening to their conversation too.

”No, i don have a boyfriend either ” Dorothy answered all the same and tried to focus on her phone, hoping that would give the strange lady the hint not to ask further questions.

”I see…., you must be one of those Lagos hot babies that date politicians or Arab men ” the lady leaned towards her and whispered.

Dorathy didn smile this time, she was offended by the stupid insinuation. Why would the lady think she was into hoeing because she had expensive things? Couldn women actually have good things without people thinking that men got it for them?. ” I beg your pardon ” Dorathy hissed.

Noticing the look on her face, the lady gave a nervous smile and said. ”Please o, i was only joking, No offense ”

”Better ” Dorothy said.

”So….anyway, my name is Sandra. Yours? ” The lady asked.

”Dorathy ” Dorothy reluctantly answered.

”Are you base here? In Lagos? ”

”Im not based in Lagos, Im only in the country for a visit ”

”Oh, where are you based then? ”

”Amsterdam ”

”Are your families there too? ”

Dorothy paused her lips for moment in frustration. Why is this girl so annoyingly inquisitive? Did she ever know when to shut up her mouth or questions not to ask total strangers? Dorathy was about to reply, when a fat Igbo man with a paunch and his young petite wife entered the bus. Sighing in relief that they would soon be on their way. Dorathy looked outside the door and saw the other bus pulling away.

It was already filled and it was driving slowly out of the park. The driver began to collect fare from passengers, charging those with loads extra money. Soon, the door of the Sharon bus slide close and the driver got into his seat and began to drive out of the park after paying off the touts who helped him in bringing passengers and also arranging the luggage and other loads. As they moved, an older woman from the back seat spoke aloud, asking everyone to be in the mood of prayer, she made a long prayer, specifically asking God to grant Journey mercies.

When she was done, Dorathy quickly slipped on her air pods, she didn want to talk to Sandra anymore, the lady was too inquisitive for her like. Playing her music loud to block any other sound, Dorathy lifted her head to focus on the road through the window shield since she was sitting in the middle and she saw that only two cars separated the bus she was in from the bus going to Abuja.

Much to let relief, Sandra didn bother to pester her, she instead focused on a chat in her phone. Thankfully, the long smooth ride to Abuja began after the driver took a turn leading out of Lagos. A few houses into the journey, most passengers were already sleeping and some could wake up at intervals to glance around then return to their sleep.

Most of them woke up anytime busy sellers stormed the car windows, speaking out the names of whatever they were selling. Some passengers patronised this hawkers but Dorathy didn .

” ”be ready next.

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