It wasn supposed to be like this…

Just when did it all went wrong?

”Don talk to mother like that, Leon. You
e being disrespectful. ”

”Why should I give my respect to a bitch like her. She can do whatever she wants. Even killing our father wasn enough for her. She might kill us too. Don be so stupid, Olivier. ”

I am lying if I said I was not hurt by his words. Being misunderstood is the same as being betrayed by your close ones. I sigh in exasperation.

Two hours earlier…

Olivier and I entered the dining room. As we entered, I saw the other three boys have already stood in their position, Leon, Percival and Rafael. [Looks like a military camp to me.]

Looks like shes being to harsh on them (the villainess mother).

I let go of Oliviers hand and told him to go to his seat. He went to his seat but he didn sit on the chair. I was confused on why didn the sit on the chairs?

Shaking the thought off, I walked to my seat and sat on the chair. The boys still didn budge at all. [What kind of shit is this? Are they a statue or something?]

”Whats wrong with you boys? Come on, sit down. The food will get cold if you don eat it now. ”, I said, urging them to eat. Of course, they did I say say, but again, what they did next…made my blood boil to my brain.

They took their plate of food, sat on the floor, and eat ON the floor like an abandoned child on the street. [What the?!]

My face contorted in anger as I watch them eating like a hungry animal. [Did she starve them too?] I found myself trembling with rage, my hands were formed into a fist, gripping on the knife hardly.

Can hold my anger anymore, I stab the knife on the table with a strong force, making a loud sound of BANG! Everyone flinched and trembling with fear. The boys stopped eating. They looked at me, with fearful eyes, Olivier almost pukes his food on the floor.

Leon was the one who dares to talk even though the intense atmosphere is bothering him. ”What is it this time? You want us to get out now? Trying to be nice all of the sudden and throw us out like that? What a bitch. ”

Percival stayed silent as he doesn want to provoke anyone in this kind of situation. Rafael whos been smiling the whole time said something even more nonsense.

”Come on Leon. Doesn mother look sooo beautiful when shes angry now? God, how I wish I can see that face forever~ ”, he said in a flirty voice. Hes crazy…a masochist…definitely.

e the crazy one here. Whats so beautiful about her? Shes an evil witch who will kill us sooner or later! Pretending to be nice is just a cover up for her evil deeds! Shes just a whore who wants to steal wealth from everyone! ”

I bit my lips in frustration. Hes right…The owner of this body did that so she can have everything she need in the world, money, lovers, husband, and even bribery. As long as she has the money, she can do whatever she want.

But right now Im not that woman. Why does he have to blame it everything on me? Why am I living in this evil woman body? Why do I have to suffer instead of her? Numerous thoughts are in my mind, making my judgement blurry and irrational.

”Don you dare insult Mother like that. A mother is still a mother. You
e being disrespectful to her, Leon. ”, Olivier who was silent until now, spoke up with a cold tone in his voice.

The brothers was shocked with his behaviour. Olivier is an obedient boy to his brothers, always listen to them, and hes even scared of the past me. But right now, hes defending me?

”Hey Olivier, you
e kidding me right? Whos side are you on now? You
e siding with that bitch?! How could you- ”

”Brother Leon. ”, his chilling voice echoes in the room. Even I was scared with his sudden change of tone. He never…ever show that expression on his face. Not even to his brothers. His booming voice was all it takes to make my body shiver in fear.

”Say that word one more time and Ill shut your mouth forever. ”

Everyone was silent. No one dares to speak. Leon is trembling with fear. He had not seen his younger brother so furious that it made him wanted to cry, but he can . As if he doesn dare to make a sound, or else, his head will be flying on the floor.

Hes scared. [This is dangerous. I need to fix this conversation.]

”Olivier. ”, I called him in a calm voice. He immediately change his expression and look towards me with a bright face. ”Yes, mother? ” he asked as if nothing happened.

”Come here, sit beside me. Its not good for you to sit down there. It breaks my heart. ”, I pout, trying to act cute while saying that…its…cringe.

Olivier didn move. [Eh? Did I say something wrong? Why didn he move? Don tell me hes upset? Or is he being shameful for a mother like me to act cute?]

As I pondered in this thought, suddenly, he came running towards me and hug me with a big smile on his face. I was taken back by his sudden move that I almost fall off the chair.

”Yes, mother! Thank you for letting me eat with you! ”, he said with a wide smile. Thank goodness his mood seems a little bit better. I steal a glance towards the brothers. They all have a suprised face with Oliviers behaviour like a pet dog.

”Thats not fair! I want a hug too! ”, Rafael interrupts with a pout on his face. [chuckles…hes sulking.]

”Rafael. Come. ”, I extended my hands to him. Saying that he can get closer to me. Without any hesitation, he ran towards me and jump into my embrace. ”Yeaayyy I got a hug from my mother! ”

Olivier seems dissatisfied with Rafael joining in, but after he saw my smile, he just let it be.

[If mother is happy, then its fine.]

Percival and Leon was stuck in their position. Well, I kind of understand their worries. Especially Leon. He was so mad at me that hes ashamed to meet my eyes. Percival is giving an uncomfortable face to how close we are.

Since they just stood there silently, I asked them if they want to join too. I can hear Rafael and Olivier grunt in discomfort. I just sigh in defeat. ”All of you can go back to your room. Do whatever you need to do. If theres anything, just tell me. Ok kids? ”, I smile brightly at them.

Only Rafael and Olivier answered me. Percival just hum and leave the dining room, Rafael and Olivier also did the same. Before Olivier leave, he shot a glare at Leon, who is still not leaving the room.

”Make sure you apologize to Mother. Shes hurt because of you. ”, then Olivier walked away from him.

I stared at Leon with a sad feeling in my chest. Althought I was hurt by his words, still, hes a 12 year old kid. I can blame him for being in puberty. Also, its my fault too. If only I had been here sooner, he wouldn suffer like this.

I stood up from my seat, and walk towards him with a slow-paced. I don want to frighten him so I tried to speak nicely to him.

I was about to speak to him when he turned his face away from me and walk away from me, and disappear from my sight.

[Guess he doesn want to see me now that hes ashamed of himself.] But its not his fault. It was the effect of the previous owner of this body. If shes willing to sacrifice her sons for her own benefits, not to mention about their need for their mothers love is limited…or should I say…wasn given at all.

[Leon is upset right now. Better to leave him alone for now. Ill try to talk to him tomorrow.]

With that, I leave the dining room with a heavy heart and headed to my study room.

Without her noticing, a pair of golden eyes was staring in her direction. Watching her every steps and move. It is no other than…Leon.

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