MEANWHILE: ( Jasmine was sobbing at the corner of the dance room)

Today, as usual, I went to him to ask if he will join us at our school ball party. He never asks anyone about anything so I usually tell him everything.

We were friends for a long time – at least thats what I thought. What he did today was not acceptable to me. He yelled at me for such a small reason, if he was not willing to do it then he should have normally said that.

”Jas! Where are you? Come out! I know he was wrong today, Ill talk to him. Please don cry and come out. ” Kevin said.

”I..I was just asking him if he can be my partner for the dance. ” Jas said.

”I know Jas but we both knew that he is flaky and can react like a jerk anytime, right? ” Kevin replied.

She got angry and said. ”What do you mean Kevin!? Just because you are falky or you don know how to behave doesn mean that you have the right to say anything. ”

” He is a grown up kid now can he atleast think about how people will feel if he talks like that. Well, I don think he considers me as his friend because Ive never saw him talking s&2! to his friends as he talk to me. ”

”Am I that bad to be a friend? ” (in sad voice)

”Its not your fault so don try to blame yourself at the end ok!?. Ive always watched you having his back more than his own brother. Ive watched you crying everytime he has said anything harsh to you and you still manage to talk to him again. But this time I want you to stop doing everything that you do to him….

I WANT YOU TO LEAVE HIM. ” Kevin said with a serious tone.

” You always go to him and so he never realises that he did something bad. Everything seems to be just fine to him. So just stop ”

” I guess, you are right! I…. I can be the same as always I used to be with him now. ” She replied.

”Alright, my lady now come on the dance floor and shake that out off your head. Lets do some practice now. ” Kevin said.

”*Chuckle* okay ” she replied.

They all cuddled her and made her smile again. Than they had a good dance practice.

Schools time over now they all are going home and Kevins walking home with Jasmine and none of them has talked to Jimmy or either saw him before leaving.

Her face was swollen and turned red because of crying so Kevin treated her favourite food while going home.

Kevin was ashamed of his brother for everytime he misbehaved with Jas. They knew eachother since childhood and Kevin was the closest person for both of them. He walked her home and her mother asked what happened to her why shes so Red and swollen. He replied on her behalf because he knew shell not tell the truth. So he told her mother what happened at school and he promised her mother that this will never happen again because he is going to do something about it really soon.

Her mother believed Kevin because she knew all three of them and she knew that Kevin was the most mature, trustworthy and kind kid.

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