Jas, Kevin and Arther were about to head home and Jim called them but both the guys said that they are going out with Jasmine and then they all left.

Nobody invited me. They all just left me all of a sudden !? Now am I that bad to you all ?. Although I don think I did anything wrong that day, I just said what I felt and had in my head at that time. Now is that wrong to be honest? Duh! Whatever. Ill just talk to Kevin.

(Jim waited for Kevin for 2 hours and than he fell asleep)

Next morning Kevin was leaving early for the school and Jim just woke up. And got into rush to ask Kevin whats wrong with all of them, why are they not talking to him?

”Well, we are doing for good ” Kevin replied.

”Not talking to me is good for you? ” Jim said.

”Not for me but for her, the more shell stay away from you the more shell be happy with her life ” Kevin replied.

”And because of her you guys are not talking to me too, why? ” Jim said.

”Who said that? By the way I need to go now bye ” Kevin replied.

”Fine if thats what you all want than Ill not talk to you too. Bye. ” With the furious and annoyed tone Jim replied.

Hmmh!! What do they think Im lonely without them? My foot! Ive my own life too, Ive so many things to do like my favourite activities and also Ive some other good friends there too.

I don care about them if they don care about me… ”Did you cared for them while they were caring for you? ” Jims mother said.

”w..what? Mom when did you… You heard it all? ” Jim got tensed.

” *chuckle* Oh dear, I don need to eavesdrop someone, Im your mother and I know what you do and why you do ” she said.

She hold his hands and made him sit next to her and she said ”my love, I know my kid is kind to everyone but do you know whos that unlucky person who never got your kindness? Its her, Jasmine. The most prettiest and kindest girl as a good friend you ever had. And you know whats the plot here ? At the end of the time you will be the unlucky person who never understood her and so who will never receive her love again.

She cares for you, she understands you and always apologize to you even though shes not wrong but…. Have you ever felt sorry? Did you ever sincerely apologised to her ?


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