He thought a lot about what his mother said.

”I don understand one thing why do I even need to apologise to her, what did I even do SO WRONG to her ?…. Yeah! Shes pretty SIGH! Thats why… Thats why everyone tries to be her friend and she too likes to talk to everyone as if she don even have her own choice of people. And kind? My foot! She always say something out of pity for me ( Jim are you doing something, Im free too lets play together) and than she always wins because shes toooo good at everything, I know she asks me to play just to show that Im not good enough. (Jim are you hungry? You didn had anything at lunch, should i buy you something?) And than shell lecture me for not talking care of myself just to show that Im careless and shes just perfect. She always ask me if she is talking too much, just to indirectly say that I don talk much like her. Sigh!! This is so much annoying!! ” Jimmy was talking to himself.


It was their PT class and they all where playing volleyball Kevin and Jas was on the same team and Jim and Arther was on the same team. They all were playing too good but Jim was kinda distracted in his own thoughts and views. Jas noticed that he wasn into the game today so she gave him an easy ball so that he won get hit by that but Jim thought that shes looking down at him thats why he gave her a very hard serve but luckily Kevin came between and took that (Kevin noticed both of them ) and gave a furious look to Jim. Well, finally the class got end and everyone headed back.

(While everyone was leaving the gym, Jas was doing a solo practice and Kevin was sitting on the bench. )

”Are we hurting him? ” Jas asked Kevin

”Damn it Jas!! you still thinking about him!!? While all he was doing is to AGAIN hurt you. ” Kevin replied annoyingly.

” I know that ball came for me but he must have misunderstood me for something ” she replied.

”Do you even listen yourself Jasmine? YOU ARE TAKING SIDE OF A PERSON WHO WAS TRYING TO HIT YOU WITH WHOLE INTENTION. ” Kevin got pissed.

” Okay fine, calm down. Don need to hype yourself for something like that now. ” Jas said.

”Do you like him? Like, not just as a friend but anything more than that? ” Kevin asked calmly.

”What? Hah! Whats got into you all of a sudden? ” Jas took it as fun.

” Jas Im asking seriously ” Kevin.

”No…. There cannot be anything more than a friend FOR A PERSON WHO CANNOT RESPECT ME AND WHO ALWAYS MISUNDERSTANDS ME ” suddenly she got furious because she remembered how badly he humiliated her.

”If… If he didn wanted to answer me that day than he would have simply said NO. Why did he had to behave like that to me? ” She got carried away by her emotions.

” Than why do you still care for him? ” Kevin asked.

”… I… I don know. Maybe its just that… It might have became a habit you know…. Thats it…. Lets go now ” she replied.


Jimmy overheard it all. While everyone left the gym. Jim forgot his water bottle in the locker and went to take it back. While going back he heard them talking and he got curious so he eavesdrop them and heard everything from the start.

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