My name is Clara ,am the only girl child of my fathers five children and my dad is a gender biased man,so I am neglected and taken for mom is weak scared to oppose anything my dad ever tells her ,only my twin brother Ben listen to me although he has gotten several warning and punishment from my dad,telling him we do not fit that am a girl and a weakling we shouldn relate.

My dad mother also stay with us and is another thorn in my flesh and my moms,she always want to see us suffer and said she raised her son to he the man he is,who are we to have opinion in the house.

At age 10was when my nightmare began when I became a victim of **** ,ist of all no child in my neighborhood wants to have anything to do with me as I am seen as caused and a bad luck.most girls hate me cause my beauty is always outstanding and thinks I tend to take the shine whenever we go to play on the field am isolated and most times I cry myself to sleep in a quiet place behind the field.this very day when I slept I didn no when everyone return home as it was getting dark by the time I work up it was past seven and I was scared cause its dark and my dad will have to beat me while insulting my mom for lack of training me as this is always our ordeal at home. Walking down the field I met a man cold sweats started forming on my forehead I increased my lace but he kept following me I tried to scream an d run he caught up with me dragged me into the bush with all my crying and shouting I wasn spared and that was how I was disvrigined.I got home with blood flowing my legs my dad beat me till I fainted that night calling me a disgrace,harlot and refusing my mom to attending to my wounds I started seeing life in another dimension and my hatred for men just began.

My dad friends male will come for gathering in our house most evening Ill be molested by them most times,Ill cry and have to put up with it my dad always accuse me of trying to tarnish is image .my mom herself would watch form sidelines with no hope for herself not to talk of me my rest brothers always to their worst at taunting me except my twin Ben who always comforted me .

I started developing quickly as a female it drawed a lot of ill attention to me

Even my senior brother Nathan was having sexual desire for me well he raped me,I bled and cried as we were the only one at home my grandma was in her room but never bothered to check why I was crying as she labelled me the problem child. Oh men how I hate you all.

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