Chapter 2 – Super GUTS Zombie?

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Lu Sheng closed the door to his room and breathed a sigh of relief.

Only when he stayed in this small room that belonged to him alone did he have a chance to relax.

The room was not large, with a single bed and desk in the corner.

In the middle was a 2×1.5 m  black yoga mat, which was surrounded by dumbbells, grippers, sandbags, and other exercise equipment.

This could also be considered Lu Sheng’s martial arts exercise room and break room.

Lu Sheng put down his school bag, took off his coat and pants, and then sat down on the yoga mat.

The reason he came back immediately after school was, in fact, because he wanted to exercise more and more.
He wanted to make up for the loss in his Blood-Qi Value due to the recurrent nightmares he’d been having for the past 3 days.

The actual fact was that he was at the age where his body was developing rapidly in all aspects.
And it should be at a stage where the Blood-Qi Value should be soaring.

Unless you are injured or were seriously ill, it was almost impossible to have a decline in Blood-Qi Value at this age.

So Lu Sheng’s situation could be considered very grave, and was to be treated and corrected in time.

After calming down a bit, Lu Sheng took a deep breath and silently recited in his heart, “Thirteenth Set of Radio Gymnastics, start!”

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Subsequently, Lu Sheng’s body began to pose one movement after another.

These movements were somewhat similar to yoga, but they were very different from yoga, and it was quite apt to use gymnastics to describe them.

“… The World Martial Alliance’s 24 forms of martial refinement, said to be created by the masters of the Alliance based on ancient yoga, ancient martial arts, ancient jujitsu, etc.
They are most suitable for giving beginners in martial arts a foundation.

“The version I am practicing now is the thirteenth version after revision and correction, and the effect is several times better than the first version of the first generation …”

Ever since the world changed drastically more than three hundred years ago, when a rift appeared in the heaven and earth.
And numerous strange and horrible monsters emerged from the sundered earth, the trajectory of the world’s development changed completely.

After most of the thermal weapons lost their effectiveness in fighting the monsters, human beings began to look for new ways and means to defend themselves.

Perhaps because of the emergence of monsters, facing the enormous pressure of genocide, a certain genetic lock in the human body was broken.
Individual strength rose to peaks that were never-before thought possible.

Hence, martial arts began to shine.

Martial arts developed at a rapid pace, changing day by day.

Everyone began to practice martial arts and strove to cultivate.
This has become the current trend.

But even so, in the battlefield, fighting against the monsters that encroached and swallowed up human territory, humans were still at an absolute disadvantage.
And every day another town or city fell in the hands of these monsters, and human population continues to dwindle.

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This is what the class teacher told Lu Sheng and the others from time to time.

“You were born in an era of turmoil and must shoulder the responsibility of this era.
You are to practice martial arts for the rise of humanity.
Each of you, is the spark of the martial path …”


Lu Sheng stopped practicing those body movement exercises and sat on his yoga mat slowly adjusting his breathing.

He did the twenty-four sets of body movements of the Body Refining Technique three times in one breath.
A thin layer of sweat perspiration out of his body, and his originally pale face had a few more patches of redness.

“If I have no more nightmares, a week should be enough for me to make up for the deficit of Blood-Qi Value …” Lu Sheng thought silently in his heart.

So far, Lu Sheng hadn’t found the reason for his nightmares.
He used his phone to look up information on the internet, the causes of nightmares were generally these four: sleeping position, diet, disease, and psyche.

The first three factors could be ruled out, but not the psychological stress caused by the approaching college entrance exams.
Was that it? Lu Sheng could not confirm.

It was reasonable to say that people like him who had experienced two lifetimes of college entrance exams should have a much better psychological capacity than normal people.

It wasn’t necessarily so.

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Lu Sheng rested while having nonsensical thoughts.

While he was thinking, sleep came to him in tides and waves.

Lu Sheng unconsciously yawned, his eyelids drooped, his body slowly lay down, and gradually drifted off to sleep …

The leaden gray sky, black earth, everywhere filled with a trace of gray fog.

Depression, despair, desolation …

The first thing that Lu Sheng saw when he woke up was this scene in front of him.

“It’s this nightmare again …”

Lu Sheng was completely helpless.

“Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.

Lu Sheng vigorously grabbed the flesh on his arms and face, trying to wake himself up from the dream, but to no avail.
Unless a specific point in time did not meet, he would remain here, stuck in this nightmare.

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A strange sound fell on his ears, it sounded as if it had something stuck in its throat, accompanied by a rustling and dragging sound.

“Here it comes …”

A wail went through Lu Sheng’s mind.

Very quickly, the gray mist not far to his left dispersed, and a tall, stiff human form appeared in front of him.

The figure’s complexion was gray, the eye sockets had sunken deep inside.
It had no eyes, only a pair of hollow sockets staring out.

There is a long gash on its face.
One could clearly see the gray facial bones, blackened flesh and blood.

The humanoid was stiff and slow, wearing a jumpsuit similar to the Super GUTS team*, but it was already very dirty.
Mud and muck caked everywhere.

It looked almost exactly the same as the zombies that Lu Sheng had seen in the movies of his previous life.

[*Super GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Force) from Ultraman.]

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