Chapter 4 — Inheritance, Combat Skills!

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“Also, why did I get his memories even though I killed him … Because it was in a dream?” Lu Sheng’s heart churned with many doubts.

Unfortunately there was no one who could answer these this questions, the answer to everything could only be found by himself.

Lu Sheng gathered his mood and started walking in the wilderness.

Soon, a few more wandering zombies appeared in front of Lu Sheng’s eyes.

These zombies were wearing dirty and tattered straps, one of them is wearing a yellow helmet on his head, this one looked swell compared to the previous jumpsuit zombie.

This time Lu Sheng was not afraid, and directly dashed up to the zombie wearing a yellow helmet.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.
Looking at the head of the zombie that rolled to his feet like a broken leather ball, Lu Sheng froze for a moment.

He looked at his hands, a little incredulous.

“When did I … Became so strong? ”

Lu Sheng recalled the series of movements he had just made.

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As if he had already used it countless times in real combat, it had almost become instinctive, and he used it subconsciously.

That kind of precision and coldness was a realm he didn’t even dare to think about before.

“Could it be that I absorbed the memories of the jumpsuit zombie …” Lu Sheng analyzed.

The jumpsuit zombie seemed to have been a combatant of a base named 1359 before he was reanimated.
Although his strength wasn’t strong, he had experienced many battles and was very experienced in actual combat.

Lu Sheng absorbed his memories and naturally inherited his skills.

“It’s simply unbelievable …”

Lu Sheng couldn’t help but sigh: “Easily gaining someone else’s lifetime experience, if only this wasn’t a dream … ”

Because it was a dream, whatever unimaginably incredulous events that occurred felt normal.

It’s strange to say that Lu Sheng has obviously realized that he was dreaming, but he just couldn’t wake up.

At this time, the zombie that he had just killed began to wind up, the same arrows emerged from a black line of smoke and seeped into Lu Sheng’s body.

Lu Sheng hurriedly absorbed this part of the memory.

This time the memory let Lu Sheng some disappointment.

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The helmet zombie was just an ordinary plumbing repairman before he was reanimated, the memories that interested him were very limited, almost nothing.

The only thing of value was probably from the memories of the helmet zombie that showed that he and the jumpsuit zombie had come from the same place—Base 1359.

“It looks like I need to find that Base 1359, maybe there I can about the truth behind this dream …” Lu Sheng said to himself.

He has now completely treated this dream as a puzzle plus upgrade type of game.

Hunting the zombies roaming around the wilderness would provide him with the experience to “upgrade” and the clues to proceed to the next step.

As for what the clues point to, Lu Sheng didn’t know and didn’t care.

He was simply killing time to make this nightmare interesting and make it not so torturous.

“If I want to upgrade a little faster, I still need to find combat class zombies to hunt, their memories are more helpful to me … As for how to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants, I’ll just look at their clothes …”

Lu Sheng cleared his mind after speeding up his pace and began to selectively pick the targets to be hunted.

Lu Sheng ran through the wilderness for a while and soon encountered similar combatant zombies as the first zombie he killed, wearing a jumpsuit similar to Super GUTS jumpsuit.

Because he didn’t care about getting hurt or dying, Lu Sheng didn’t have any worries and charged towards a zombie.

This zombie looked a little more advanced than the first, with an extra weapon in his hand.

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The weapon was a meter long rusty iron rod, the tip was fractured so he couldn’t really tell what kind of weapon it really was.


When the zombie noticed Lu Sheng it immediately issued a burst of unpleasant hiss, and then slowly manipulated the iron rod in his hand towards Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng short body nimbly dodge the iron bar attack, and then closed in the distance to the other party, he struck an elbow viciously to the throat of the other party.


The crisp crack of a breaking neck.

The head of the iron rod zombie lulled backwards at a weird angle, and Lu Sheng knocked it down with a single punch.
He then grabbed the iron rod in the other party’s hand and quickly bashed it on its head.

Once, twice …

The body of the iron rod zombie began to wind up, representing the end of the battle.

A black line of smoke burrowed into Lu Sheng’s body.

“The base …  Fallen … Death defended … Doomsday … Spark …”

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Lu Sheng slowly opened his eyes.

This time, the memory absorption had given him a large amount of skills and experience regarding lance weapons, but other than that the memories were very confusing.

Lu Sheng suspected that this guy had gone crazy before he died.

The readings flashed from time to time with all sorts of strange-looking beasts, and the memories were soaked with a strong air of despair and depression.

“Go on …”

Lu Sheng sorted out this memory, manipulated the weapon he just got, the iron rod (to be precise, it should be half a lance), and prepared to continue exploring.

But at this time, a dull sound came to his ears.

Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang! Bang–Bang-Bang-Bang!

Along with this sound, everything around Lu Sheng became unreal and unstable …

A violent smashing sound of the door woke up Lu Sheng.

He struggled to open his eyes and slowly sat up from his yoga mat.

Then he heard a clear and cold female voice come in through the door.

“Dinner is ready! How long are you going to nestle in your room …”

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