Love Revenge Plan [BL]

Chapter 2 - His little paradise

”two burgers, one with cheese and one with no cheese, oh and two zero coke please, ” a pleasant voice was heard through the headphones. The customer care personnel working in the drive-through suddenly froze. She hurriedly gestured for her coworker to come close.

”I think its Ezra! ”

”oh my god, ” her coworker squealed.

”Hello? ” Ezras strong masculine voice reverberated in her headphones. The girl shivered slightly.

”Um… is that all, sir? ”

The young man who was sitting in his car paused. He glanced at the menu once again. ”Ill get some curly fires as well, ”

The young woman took a deep breath and calmed herself. ”The total will be 10.50, and your order will be done in a minute. Thank you for dining in Fishies, ” she smiled, holding her coworkers hand tightly.

Removing the headphones, they both squeaked out loud. ”oh my god Ezra talked to me! Who knows maybe I might be his next girlfriend… ”

”Girl he talked to a Fishies drive though girl, not you, ” her coworker poured cold water in her hopes and dreams.

Sighing, the woman helped pack his order. ”Do you think he is going on a date again? ”

”Probably, he brought curly fries. He only does that on dates. ”

The young womens head snapped her way in shock. ”r-really? ”

”Yeah, Ive worked here for almost a year now. Every time he goes on a date he would drop by and buy some curly fries. ” She shrugged, packing the delicious hot curly fried in the takeaway bag.

”Wonder who it is? Do you think its that Gina? Or maybe Priya? ”

”Who knows? Either way, he is not going to end up with them, ” the older girl said with a slight sigh.

”What do you mean? ”

The older girl moved closer to her. ”don you know, if Ezra starts dating a girl, Rio won let them be? He will swoop down like a nasty viper and steal them. I bet its going to happen this time as well. ” she scoffed.

A loud honk disrupted their chatter.

A young man dressed in a leather jacket put his head out and peered at them with an unknown look in his eyes. His soft brown hair was styled in a way that it was half swept to the side. His almond eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses that had slid down his nose. ”That was an interesting chat I overheard…. ” his pink pouty lips held a small smile but his eyes were cold as the tundra. ”My order? ”

The young woman struggled to get her bearing. ”h-here it is, ” she stuttered handing the bag over to him.

Ezra coldly scoffed and drove away.

The two girls let out a deep breath. ”I guess my chance of dating him is now screwed. He hates me, ”

”He doesn hate you; he hates Rio. ” The older woman said as she packed another order. ”Come on girl, snap out of it and pack the orders, ”

”Yeah… ”

Even after driving a distance, Ezra could still hear their conversation. it was all thanks to his werewolf hearing. His nose twitched as he growled loudly. ”Rio this, Rio that. that bastard… I really don want my name to be even uttered close to his, ” taking a deep breath, he hurriedly devoured his cheese-free burger.

Tasty food quenched his anger a bit.

”Why am I even angry? I have a date with the hottest girl in town and nothing can bring me down. Not even that Rio bastard, ” smirking he drove over to her street.

From the distance, he spotted her blond hair that was fluttering in the wind. Gina. That was his date for today. She had a smoking hot body and a character to go with it. Today she was wearing a sunny yellow tank top and ripped blue shorts. Her clothes clung to her form accentuating her curves.

Ezra licked his lips, just looking at her voluptuous hips. This is going to be fun….

”Ezra~ ” she glanced back and waved at him.

The car slowed down and came to stop right beside her.

Ezra rolled down his window with a smirk. ”Ready to be swept off your feet? ”

Gina grinned. ”You have already accomplished that handsome man, ”

Smirking he got down and opened the door for her.

”Thank you, ” she sat down awkwardly adjusting her short shorts.

Noticing this, he walked back to his trunk and came back with a blanket. he spread the blanket over her lap. ”If you are uncomfortable with these clothes don wear them, ” in a soft tone he whispered close to her ears. ”I like you either way, ”

Gina smiled. ”I know that. but I wanted to look pretty for the occasion. Come on, we are late for our date, ”

Ezra jumped onto his drivers seat in a great mood. This girl really made him happy. After a long time, he felt like he was finally falling in love.

The car started and slowly moved out of her driveway.

”So where are we going? ”

”I have something special planned, ” Ezra pulled out the take-out bag and handed it to her.

She pulled out the curly fries with a deep grin. ”Looks like Im an approved date. You have even brought your trademark curly fries. I have to say I am super flattered, ”

”Anything for you babe, ”

Hearing that she likes curly fries, he was even happier. Unlike those skinny girls, Gina liked to eat well. that is what he liked about her the most. With her, he was able to go to his favorite fast-food stops and eat all that delicious food without anyone whining about carbs and sugar.

Ezra drove them over to the nearby cliff that over-watched did city. From this distance all the houses and artificial lights looked like twinkling stars.

”Oh my god, I didn even know a place like this existed, ”

”I stumbled upon it only recently. ” He removed his coat and set it down on the wet grass for her.

With a grin Gina sat down on the coat. ”You are such a sweetie pie, ”

Ezra sat down on the grass holding her small hand gently.

Their date went smoothly and to be honest, he really enjoyed her company. with her, he completely forgot about a maggot that had been in his mind for a while.

A loud chime of her phone broke this pleasant environment. Ginas expression shifted as soon as she read the text.

”Is everything okay? ”

”Its… dad…its getting late…. ” Gina whispered with an awkward smile. ”Shall we head back? ”

”Sure, ” he helped her up, and they both drove away.

The car drove through the peaceful road that ran through the deep dark forest. There was not a single street light there. Only their cars headlight lit the road ahead of them.

As they neared their school, Ezra glanced at her.

”c-can we stop here… I don want the night to end so soon, ” Gina subtly rolled down the window a bit.

Ezra slammed the brakes. The car came to a stop on the side of the road. The lights of the football field behind her slightly distracted him. The thought of football reminded him so much of that maggot named Rio.

He really didn want to stop at this spot particularly but since she wanted to, he did.

Ginas beautiful blue eyes peered at him shyly.

This was his cue.

He hurriedly removed his seat belt and leaned over to take her delicious lips into his.

”mnnn… Ezra~ ” she let out a loud moan.

He felt his manhood throb. He lowered her seat and was on her in a second. His lips devoured her while his hands explored her curves.

”Ezra… yes… there… ” she let out another loud moan.

He frowned subtly. He wasn even touching her in any erogenous spots, though.

”yes… yes I like it so much, ” she moaned clinging to his back.

Ezra ignored her weird behavior and started to kiss down her neck. A loud growl exited his throat. He desperately wanted to chomp down on her delicate neck.


A loud sound startled him. he pulled himself away from her and sat up.

His deadly eyes fell upon the football that had embedded into the windshield of his car. shards of glass fell on his back. ”shit… what the hell… ” he swiped them away in fear she might get hurt.

”Oh shit…. ” Gina exclaimed.

”Which **er did that? ” he glanced out through the cracked window pane.

A pair of glowing green eyes peered back at him.

He knew exactly who that was.

Rio **ing Velveta!

”That bastard!!! I will kill him! ” he hurriedly sat up but Gina pulled him down.

”let… lets leave… please… ” she begged him with tears in her eyes.

”its my sisters car!! Fuck! I will tear his werewolf ass and hang him as a tapestry, I swear, ” he growled loudly.

As he reached for his door Gina once again pulled on his hands. ”I can deal with that ass, don worry. He still hasn faced my full fury, ” he glared at the green eyes that were peering at him through the trees.

His dark figure walked out. he raked a hand through his shiny black hair. The man was completely soaked in sweat. even from this distance, he could sniff his stench.

Rio Velveta came to a stop near his car. His grass green eyes peered at the ball with his brows raised. ”Oops so this is where my ball ended up. … ” he grinned condescendingly. ”I hope my all didn hurt anyone? ”

”I will **ing kill you! ” Ezra roared, pushing the door open.

”I slept with him! ”

Ezra froze. ”w-what? ” he glanced at the young girl who was now trembling.

”I slept with him…. I love him, Ezra… I want to be his mate… ” she whispered sniffling loudly. ”So please don hurt him… please… ”

She sobbed loudly wiping the tear and snot off her face.

Ezra felt numb. ”Get out, ” he softly whispered.

Gina froze. ”Ezra… I didn man to hurt you. ”

”You love him so you approached me to make him jealous… thats why you had me stop here right? so that your **ing moans can call out that man like a beast….… ” he chuckled dryly… ”get out Gina. I don want to deal with this bullshit. Your prince charming is waiting for you. go. ”

”I…. ” she looked apologetically.

”Get out! ”

He watched as a shudder passed through her body at his alpha voice. She scrambled out and ran to Rio.

That degenerate held her wait and grinned his way.

Without a glance back, he drove away.

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