Love Revenge Plan [BL]

Chapter 7 - My savior

Community service, as the name serves, they were made to pick up trash in the nearby park. That place was a **ing hub for family picnics in the end no one picks up the trash after them and litter the grass with a lot of stuff.

So, every week a few of the volunteers clean up after those annoying asses.

Today it was his turn.

Ezra held the trash picker. It was just a stick with a fork-like end. He speared a plastic bottle and tossed it in the trash bag in his hand.

”Catch, ” Mateo playfully tossed an empty beer can at him.

Ezra caught it precisely and dropped it in the bag.

”What is your revenge plan? Come on enlighten me. ” Mateo excitedly jumped around.

”Well. this is my plan. ” he held up his trash bag.

Mateo blinked. ”Picking trash? ”

”No, the trash. Look there, ” he pointed at Rio. The maggot was picking up trash very dedicatedly for a change. A few young teenage girls swarmed around him with sweet grins on their faces.

Rio Velveta grinned their way as he cleaned up the spot.

His eyes narrowed. ”Im going to trash his spot. he is going to be picking trash all day. by the end of the day, he will have a backache that can even be cracked by even a chiropractor. buhhaaaaa.. ” he laughed evilly.

Mateo just gave him a dull look. ”Are you a grade-schooler? ”

Ezra rolled his eyes. ”I don want to cause bloodshed here. its a family gathering spot man. ” He pointed to the children who were playing in the corner. ”can influence them to violence at such a ripe age, ”

Mateo sighed and plopped down on the grass. ”Boring, I was expecting more. ”

”What more do you need? ” shaking his head Ezra continued picking up trash with gusto.

Mateo was looking at the nearby tress with interest. ”EZ, my man! Look! ” he grabbed his shorts and tugged at it.

Ezra hurriedly garbed the waistband in fear he might pull it down. ”Stop tugging at my shorts! ”

”Look there, ” Mateo jumped up and excitedly pointed at something.

Frowning, he looked that way. On a huge cypress tree, he spotted a honeycomb. ”You don , mean…. ”

”Yeah, I exactly mean that. lets make that mans life living hell, ” he grinned villainously..

Ezra remained silent. he actually did not like that idea. Somehow it felt wrong. ”don disturb the bees for our revenge. Lets just go with the trash dumping strategy ”

when his trash bag was full, he walked over to Rios spot.

Rio peered at him with that same condescending gaze. ”Ezra, coming here to see if you had a chance. Sorry to inform but they were already charmed by my face, ”

Without a word, Ezra emptied the trash close to him. ”Enjoy the attention. Trash. ”

A weird sense of fulfillment filled his chest. Revenge is the best!! God, why didn I do this long back! as he walked back happily, he noticed that his friend was gone.

A subtle sound of a branch hitting something was heard close to him.

Eyes wide open, he looked towards the trees in shock. That stupid Mateo hit the bees nest and **ing ran.

”That boozo! ”

He watched as the bees swarm around.

”Everyone, move away! ” he gestured for the girls to leave. To his surprise he spotted Rio having a weird look in his face. ”What the heck are you standing for? Do you want to get stung? Get going, ” he pushed him.

Rio ran. He did not wait for anyone. He was the first person to run to the nearby lake and he anxiously glanced at him.

Ezra then went to his stupid friend. Mateo was currently hiding behind a trash bin. but can a trash bin stop the angry bees?

The answer was no.

The stupid guy was being stung all over.

”Fuck I told you not to do that, you idiot! ” he removed his sweatshirt and started to swat away the bees around him.

”I was expecting a different situation, ” Mateo sheepishly grinned.

The bees finally flew away from the idiot. He pulled him up and checked on him. It was not that bad. He had a few strings on his legs and his neck. Nothing much.

He patted his face forcefully. ”You should be thankful that the bees didn gnaw on your face, ”

Mato touched his face softly. ”Thank god Im not disfigured…. ”

Laughing, Ezra patted his back.

Suddenly he heard a loud shout behind him.

Ezra glanced back. To his surprise, there was a group of young girls standing around shouting.

”Call 911!! Call them! ” a young girl sobbed loudly.

Ezra rushed to them. ”What happened? ”

”He is having an allergic reaction, ” she sobbed, pointing to the guy on the ground.

It was **ing Rio Velveta.

He froze for a second. ”Fuck, ” he ran to him and pulled him up. the man was struggling to breathe and his face was blue and bloodless.

He pried open his mouth. his whole throat was swollen and red.

”Shit, shit… anyone have an epi pen? Anyone… ” he looked around at everyone desperately.

”I have one! ” a young mum ran back to her picnic blanket and started to search through her bags.

He watched her desperately.

A trembling hand gently grabbed his neck.

He glanced down at Rio to see him looking at him, eyes wide. ”You can try to kill me after you survive this okay? Just stay put. Don panic. ” He pulled away his hand.

”Here! ” the lady ran to them.

He swiftly pulled the cap off and stabbed Rios thigh.

”hmmmmm… ” he let out a loud groan and rolled to his side.

Ezra carefully checked the inside of his mouth. The swelling had gone down a bit. He was finally breathing. ”Has anyone called 911? ” he looked around.

”We have. They are on the way, ” a young girl informed him.

”Good. Good… ” he stood up with the epi-pen in hand. ”Who is going with him on the ambulance? ” he looked around.

”Me! me! ” a few young girls held up their hands.

They barely looked reliable.

Sighing, he decided to reluctantly accompany the maggot to the hospital.

Ezra pulled the trash bag open to put the epi-pen in.

”Wait! don throw that away ” the lady who lent him that pen shouted.

”Why not? ”

”They need to know how much epinephrin you have injected in him. just carry it with you to the hospital, okay? ”

Ezra picked up the pen and carefully rolled it up in his sweatshirt. As he did this, he noticed a pair of green eyes watching form from the ground. You have to be thankful Im kind to my enemies. If not, I would have let you die right here.

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