Love on Beast Land

Moon Worshipping Night

In the morning, Ren feels sick. Her tummy feels weird. Its kind of hard for her to stand up. She thought it must because of the wine last night. But then felt something hot and wet on her undies.

”Goodness, I have my period today. What am I going to do now? ” She reached for her old clothes and then cut a piece to make a cloth napkin pad.

Mar smells the blood from inside the hut so he quickly enters and see Ren. ”What happen? I smell blood. Are you hurt? ” He asked worriedly.

”Its nothing, I just have my period today. This is normal. ”

He hugs her tightly. Ren is confused. He thought that Ren is hurt. He doesn want to lose her.

”I am okay, there is nothing to worry. ”

”I really thought that you are hurt. What is a period? Why do you smell of blood? ”

”A period is just a womans bleeding monthly. It happens normally. ”

”I see, you are in heat. You should have just told me. And every month too? Wow, thats great Ren. ”

”What am I? A dog? Haha… No, I am not in heat. Female from where I came from, only are able to have kids when we don have our period. Meaning we can have a baby seven days before and seven days after our period. ”

”Its very different from the females in our tribe. As far as I know, females here can only get pregnant if they are in heat. That took months to happen, sometimes a year. ”

”Oh, lucky them. ” Ren replied.

”Not really, if females can get pregnant, people think that, that female is incompetent. Also, we only have a small population in our tribe. Having more kids will be good in the future. ”

”Oh, okay. A little harsh, isn it? Well, I just hope I am not a barren, then. ”

”I don think you are. As you said you bleed every month. It only means good thing. And even if you are, I will still love you no matter what. ” Kissing little Ren on the lips.

She feels very delighted with what Mar said. Maybe she is meant to be in this place. She has been dreaming about this since she was a kid. And now, here she is, having her own mate, and thinking about kids and the future. She now has a family.

”Lay down love, I will make a breakfast for you. Would you like some eggs or meat? We still have the fish stew from last night too. ”

”Eggs would be great. Thank you Mar. ”

”No worries, just stay in the bed, okay. ”

After cooking the eggs, he then prepared the food and table and help Ren to sit down on the chair.

”This egg is yummy. I wonder what kind of eggs this is. ”

”It is a big bird egg. You can only find it in the Green Valley forest. It is very delicious, so I take some with me every time I went for a hunt. Since you like it, I will definitely find more for you. ”

”Thanks Mar, and thank you for cooking the breakfast. I feel so spoiled because of you. ”

”It is usually the mans job to take care of his mate. Thats why most female gets more mates than others. ”

”I understand. But I am not used to being spoiled. I love doing chores too. Its mostly what I do since I was a kid, until before I got here. ”

”Then you need to get used to it. Because I will spoil you more and more. ” Mar said while touching Rens face.

”Thank you and I love you Mar. ”

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