Loved by a Yandere

The girl from random chat.

Dylan stared at his reflection in the mirror and looks around his face. he has black hair and brown eyes with long eyelashes and slight thick brows as for his nose it is straight. and pair it up with perfectly shaped lips.

Looking around in his reflection for a minute or so he took a deep breath and he said something on his mind.

”I should start working out ” as he said that he stared at his body which is not too skinny or masculine.

As he was almost finished with his daily routine there was a young female voice outside the door yelling.

”Brother Dylan can you finish up what you are doing I need to go to the bathroom quickly!! ” she yelled so loud that all people in the house can hear it.

Then there was another voice coming from an old man ” Dylan open the door quickly your sister Stacy is almost on the verge of crying ” and he laughed. As Stacy heard this she slapped her father back very hard that Dylan heard it from the bathroom. ”Baam! ” After the slap landed on their fathers back the door from the bathroom opened and then Dylan saw his father who got slapped by his sister and then his sister Stacy push Dylan away from the door and slam the door to close.

As Stacy goes inside the bathroom Dylan sighed and took a breath and said to Odilon ”Hey dad don make jokes with Stacy you know she is a volleyball athlete she slaps very hard you know ”

”I know how you guys quickly grow up in the past Stacy was still a cute little girl now she dares slap his father ”, Odilon cried inwardly as he was remembering the old days.

As they were talking they reached the dining table in their house when they sat down there was food already on the dining table prepared by Lucy and an angelic voice came behind Dylan ”Good morning Dylan how are you? ” ”Good morning Mom Im still a bit sleepy, ” said Dylan in a sleepy voice.

As they were about to start eating Stacy have finished doing her business from the bathroom and sat down from a chair which is next to Dylan. She stared at Dylan for quite a while and she took deep breaths for God knows how long before dropping a bomb that almost ripped everyones ears on the dining table ”Brother I saw on your table that your planning on going abroad when are you going? ”

Dylan sighed inwardly for his cheeky little sister he was planning to tell about his future going abroad to his parent now but his little sister drop the bomb before he had to tell about it on his parents. Dylan felt powerful stares coming from Lucy and Odilon as they heard Stacy.

”Mom, Dad I was going to tell you about this when the time is right ” Dylan stares angrily at Stacys face grinning.

”Where, ” her mother asked.

”Japan ” Dylan answered quickly.

”No if you want to go abroad then go to Korea I will be much calmer when you live there with your aunt, ” said Lucy.

”Alright mom I won stay that long abroad anyways Im gonna continue my college here in the Philippines Im gonna be back after school starts again. Dylan said,

After they were done eating Dylan quickly goes to his room to download Korean dating apps so that he can familiarize himself with Korean culture, of course, he only picks Korean girls who know how to speak English.

He was scrolling for hours and sending messages to Korean girls and yet only a few people replied to him.

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