Loved by a Yandere

The conversation

A few hours later after Dylan was sliding direct messages to Korean Girls. someone replied to Dylan saying ”Hello Im Yuna from Korea ” Dylan didn notice this notification came as he left his phone untouched as he was meeting his college friends as he was planning to tell them about his plan to departure to Korea

Dylan was on his way to the meeting place that his friends planned to go to when he realized that he left his phone at his house but he didn think about it because he told his friends that he was about to go.

As Dylan was walking heading to the meeting place he have a sudden thought ”What if there replies already ” as he was thinking about this he bumps into a man Dylan quickly apologized to the man ”Im sorry I was not aware you were in front of me ” the man quickly faced Dylan which surprised the man and said, ”Hey man what were you thinking you already arrived at the meeting place come let us go inside Harry is already there ordering the food. ” and Dylan was also surprised as he didn expect to bump on his friend back James without replying he followed James inside to the meeting place.


The meeting place was a fried chicken house that James family owns James, Harry, and Dylan were long time friends, they have been together in elementary school until they graduate high school and now they have different college courses as they were walking to Harrys tables Dylan glanced at the table and there were already fried chicken and beers as he sat down James said what happens at the entrance and they both laughed at Dylan.

”Hey bro, what were you thinking? ” Harry asked who was still laughing.

”Forget it, bro I have something to tell you guys, ” Dylan said in a serious voice.

Harry and James stop laughing at Dylan and Harry asked ”What is it bro are you getting married ”

Sound of laughter coming next to Harry ”HAHAHA are you serious bro Dylan getting married ahead of us is so impossible you know him man he has a weird taste in girls ”

Harry nodded because he also knew Dylans weird taste in girls.

Dylan sighed because his friends are always not taking him seriously so he just said it to them directly ”Im going to Korea about next week and Im gonna probably stay there for the summer break. ”

His friends were shocked by Dylans words because they didn know that he takes the words they said a few weeks ago.

Harry sighed and said ”Bro do you really take seriously what we said to you a few weeks ago that you should find a yandere on abroad? and why Korea of all places? ”

James nodded as well.

Dylan said ”My mom said it should be Korea so I have a place to live and her sister lives there which mean my aunt is there so I have a place to live in and you know I like Korean girls also and maybe Ill find my type of girl there ”

”Whatever man its your life anyway, ” Harry said.

James nodded and shouted ”Anyways man good luck to you, you are the only one who hasn been into a relationship ”

Dylan nods ”I know thats why I have been thinking about what you said to me a few weeks ago and I tried thinking of going abroad for a few months maybe Ill find a yandere there anyways let us have fun for tonight! ”


In Korea

”This guy what is he doing I replied to him 20minute ago yet hes still not responding ” Yuna looks at her phone with an annoyed face.

She leaves her phone on the bed and quickly got up and headed to the bathroom. She looks at her own reflection in the mirror and thought to herself ”If he just knew how beautiful I am sure he won let me wait for a reply ” confidently thought to herself. She looks at her own face which shows a natural black long hair with bangs, pairs it up with charming cat eyes with a straight nose.

She sighed inwardly and confidently said ”beautiful ”.

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